Today I am Writing this article on Best Places to visit in Pakistan.

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful places in the world for visitors. Especially northern areas of Pakistan here is lots of glorious mountains, thundering waterfalls, beautiful lakes, lush greenery of nature, mighty rivers and many delightful adventurous places that are attracting the travelers to travel the beautiful places and enjoy the ride of them.

In Pakistan speaking many languages and the national language is Urdu. Pakistan is also very famous for its delicious food. There is some places are heaven on earth, Swat valley, Mini Switzerland, Hunza valley and Neelum valley are the best tourist spot in Pakistan. These are places are amazingly natural beauty in the world.

Best Places to visit in Pakistan
Best Places to visit in Pakistan

Best Places to visit in Pakistan

So Now I am sharing 24 best places in Pakistan that every tourist must you if you are planning to visit Pakistan. No doubt Pakistan is born in 1947 and its always be part of every visitor. God Gifts amazing places to Pakistan. Don’t believe me? now check that first.

Swat valley

Swat valley is in one of the beautiful places in Pakistan and the major attractions spot for tourists and also call it Mini Switzerland. It is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. The climate of Swat valley is very amazing, from March till October season is the best time for visitors to visit the lush green forest, marvelous snow-capped mountains, natural beauty sites.

Swat valley

Hunza valley

The Hunza valley is the valley of marvelous mountains and situated all around the Hunza River. It is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region. Most of the tourists come here to take a wonderful picture of the delightful mountains and perspective the mountain valley. This is one of the Best Places to visit in Pakistan

Hunza valley

Neelum Valley

Neelum valley is the valley lush of greenery and all covered wildlife nature. The valley is located in Azad Kashmir region. The Neelum River also makes the valley is more beautiful and exploring the excellent natural beauty, lush greenery, hilly and sloppy mountains, streams lakes that attract the visitor.


Kalash Valley

Kalash valley is a historical place for the visitors but its history has a controversy. It is located in Chitral district of Pakistan. Their peoples have their own religion and culture that is belonging to his old tribes. Kalash is actually a very old Greek civilization. The people of Kalash celebrates the many festival Photo festival, Uchal festival, Chomos festival. Also in Kalash valley are many attractive sites for the tourists.


Kaghan Valley

Kaghan valley is the beauty of northeast in Mansehra district of Pakistan. The valley is not attracting only Pakistani tourist, it also attracts people all over the world. There are many beautiful places for the visitors are Lake Saiful Maluk, Lake Lulu Sar, Lake Dudipat Sar, Shogran, Jared Naran, Babusar Pass and many more attractive sites for the tourists.


Murree Hills

As we all know that Murree is the most famous tourists in summer. Murree is a subdivision of Rawalpindi district. Many people go come here to enjoy the summer holidays and also in winter season for experiencing the beautiful snowfall. One is the most famous tourist spot in Murree is Galliat. There are many picnic points are Muskpuri hill, Nathia Gali, Murree Hills, Dunga Gali and many more attractive places to make the tourist’s tour more beautiful.


Jhelum valley

The Jhelum valley is the Iconic valley of Azad Kashmir between the high lush green mountains. And The valley has a Leepa Valley and the valley is also connecting with Neelum River. There are typical wooden houses that are present a wonderful view for the visitors. There is a many visiting sites are, Leepa, Chinary, Chikar, Peerchanasi, Zalzal lake, Chakhoti, Ghari Dopita, Chokhoti Cham Fall and many more.

Jhelum valley
Jhelum valley

Shander Pas

Shandar is the wonderful and highest polo ground on the earth. It is situated between Chitral district and Ghizer district of Gilgit Baltistan. Here are a big natural attraction and each summer a huge event of is organized here that is called Shandar polo festival. There is the polo match playing between teams, Team Chitral District and the Districts Gilgit Baltistan. The festival attracts many tourists to see the highest polo ground festival match. The Shandar pass is one of the famous mountain passes in Pakistan. Snow covered the mountain in winter and make the place more adventurous for the tourists.



Rawalakat is a beautiful summer visiting point. It is a town in Azad is delightful and lush green valley surrounding the hills. In the winter season is cold and chilly. There is much lush green attraction for visitors like Toli Pir, Poonch River, Tatta Pani, Banjosa, Shudhngalli, Bonjaso Lake and many more.


Naltar Valley

Naltar valley is very famous to his colorful lake and it is situated near to Gilgit district. Here are the world’s most tasty potatoes grow. The valley is the paradise on earth and it seems not to be a part of the earth. If you really want to experience a marvelous place on earth, you should visit there at once. You are loving this place.

Gojal Valley

Gojal valley is one of the coldest valleys in the world. There is snow all over the year. The valley is situated China’s and Afghanistan’s borders. Karakoram Highway is connected China and Pakistan to passes through Gojal valley. Gojal really is connected with three countries borders Pakistan, China, Afghanistan. The viewpoint of the Gojal valley is heart-stopping. These are adventurous sites that are attracting tourists.


Shangrila Resort, Skardu

Skardu is an extremely beautiful place of peace and wilderness. Skardu is the central valley of Gilgit. It is connecting with the Karakoram high way. Shangrila resort paradise for the tourists to observing the beauty Shangrila. It is a very famous tourist spot in Skardu that is attracting tourists all over the world.


Rama Meadow

Rama Meadow is a dreamland like a milky way. If you feeling ice-cold, pine trees, white water flowing in streams, ice covered trees background, and Nanga Parbat’s Southern raised is in the view it’s mean you are in Rama Meadow. It is a very peaceful place in the world to relaxing yourself and enjoy the view site with your family, or friends, or a life partner.


Ayun Village

There is no word to describe the beauty of the mountains surrounding the Ayun village. It is located in Chitral. Ayun village is beautifully covered by the mountains and lush greenery in the village express nature.


Bamburet valley

Bamburet valley is the valley of huge mountains and lush greenery near to Chitral. The valley showing the cinematic view to attract the tourist all over the worlds.


White Place Swat

White Place Swat is a very beautiful place for tourists surrounding wildlife. It’s a breathtaking place in Swat. There is tourist come all over the year because the place is not only beautiful in summer even it is beautiful too in winter during the snowfall and more adventurous.


Kershaw Area

Kerther Area is a historical and idle place for the tourists. The area of Karther is stretching from Sindh to Balochistan. Here are the several streams and historical places and huge iconic beauty of mountains that you never saw before. The local population of people is to encourage people to visit there and make it a better place.


Mubarak Village Karachi

Mubarak village Karachi is one of the biggest villages of a fisherman in Karachi. It is located on near to Balochistan Bordering and covered with the water. There are people warm welcome tourists. There is clear water, boating, park, and huge blue sky view, make your vacation more beautiful.


Rural Area near Punjab

The rural area of Punjab is very beautiful with the lush green nature. Punjab have a gift by nature to enjoy all the season in the year. Tourist comes in Punjab to see the culture of the people and enjoy the foods. In Punjab are many historical places to visit, Badshahi Masjid, Shahi Qeela, Museum and many more sites that is attracting the tourists.

Rural Area near Punjab

Ranikot fort

Ranikort fort is the largest fort in the World. The fort is easily accessible from Karachi national highway. The Journey of the fort is very interesting and adventurous for the visitors. It is a Mysterious place all over the world that is attracting tourists.



Bahawalpur is the historical place there is lots of historical building, and also called princely state and lush the garden because there was prince lived. It is located on left of Sutlej River. There is lots of tourist site that definitely impresses you.


Gorak Hill

Gorakh is the beautiful snowy mountain that is very beautiful in winter. It is located in Sindh and it is part of either Mountain rage. The mountains are covered the whole borders and make the place more beautiful and adventurous for the tourists.


Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque is one of the biggest mosques in the worlds. It is considered a national mosque in Pakistan. The height of the mosque the so high that’s why people recognize the mosque so far. It is located near to Margalla Hills in Islamabad.  Faisal Mosque is named late Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz who’s suggested to build a mosque when he was visited Islamabad. The design made by Turkish architecture. Tourists come far from the country to see the mosque. The mosque attracts tourists all over the world.


Deosai Plains

Deosai is the most delightful place located on boundaries of Karakoram and Himalayas. It is all covered with the snow-capped mountains for 8 months. The rest of the year, grooming a beautiful nature with greenery that is attracting the tourist.



Paye is the heaven on earth its strong attraction for tourists. Here you see a beautiful lake with the fresh water, horses riding, yellow blooming flowers that give us great attraction.


So I hope you all Gyz like our article in  Best Places to visit in Pakistan So Its a time to wrap up this post, basically, I write this post for the people who are asking for write article on best places in Pakistan for visiting Now you will clearly know about these 24 places so don’t share your thought and experience in comments section and read each comment so comment your experience I also try to reply to all of them and if you like to read more same article then I suggest you visit our site trip University.