When you are traveling alone, I believe it will be an excellent experience; you will gain new knowledge from it. But some things need to be avoided. Below are mistakes that usually happens when traveling alone.

1. No enough preparation beforehand

The main reason why you may run into big trouble when arranging a solo trip is that you do not have enough data collection and precautions for your itinerary details before you travel. Think carefully about the difficulties you may encounter during your trip. Such as whether you should bring a simple medical first aid kit in advance, if you get injured during your trip, book your stay in advance, instead of getting bothered to live on that side, or some parts of the city are so-called slums that are prone to robberies, thefts, and even murders.

Do you have to go over there? You need to think seriously for all these possibilities, first assume and come up with preventive and settlement mechanisms.

2. Regarding when to arrive at the airport 

About the choice of when flights arrive at their destination, people seem to be more inclined to be able to reach in the most comfortable time. If possible, try to choose to fly at night and arrive at your destination during the day instead of flying during the day and entering at night, this has two benefits. First, you won’t waste the first day of arrival; you don’t want to travel to the country, put luggage to eat a meal and then get ready to sleep. Second, arrive in the morning after leaving your luggage to familiarize yourself with the surrounding environment, so that you can adapt more quickly to the national conditions of the different culture in the country.

Regarding to when to arrive to the airport

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3. The frequent changes of hotels

Try to avoid changing hotels all the time, and if you expect to travel in the area, try to choose a hotel close to the center of the itinerary, especially in your first time traveling alone, but also avoiding frequent replacements, because every check-in or leave settlement will take you a lot of time, nearly 1-3 hours or more.

Also, you must re-familiarize yourself with the surroundings of the hotel and look for a nearby dining or convenience store.

4. Adjust to the time difference

When talking about jet lag across a large number of countries trips, you will undoubtedly encounter the problem of jet lag dissatisfaction. Please first confirm that the destination and the home time difference is a few hours, and then start the week before the beginning of the daily increase in advance or delay bedtime as much as possible to adjust to the local time. So that the local travel discomfort caused by jet lag will reduce.

5. Don’t get drunk when traveling alone

It’s human nature to relax and have two drinks while you are on holiday. But when you travel alone, you need to be vigilant not to drink too much, and not to drink casually that others offer you. Traveling alone is more likely to be dangerous than traveling in groups in this case.

Don’t get drunk

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6. Your safety is more critical than other feelings

If you meet someone or be in a situation that will make you feel uncomfortable, please leave immediately and seek the help of a friendly resident or police officer. Do not be afraid that the request may be rejected, and please prepare for the worst, letting all things be lost is the best option as long you return home safely, it is still the great luck of misfortune.

7. Not aware of the local culture

Another mistake that people often make when they travel alone is not to learn or to be familiar with the culture and customs of the country they’re going. When planning a holiday to any country, keep in mind that you are a visitor to the local population and that you are obliged to change your behavior.

Traveling alone is a great life experience, avoiding these common mistakes and minimizing the chance of unnecessary problems will make you not afraid to make mistakes, we learn lessons since middle school, and we improve them, it will be a fundamental issue in life.

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