Have you ever thought about turning the experience you encounter when you travel into a passage or an article? Do it right away! Through the written record of each departure to the distance travel experience, travel articles become your lifelong memories, at the same time you can also share it on the Internet, so that other travelers can also read your story, this is to find the relevant information and arrange their itinerary, so why not start the next trip recording it? But writing travel articles is not as easy as you might think, and you’ll need to know some tips on writing, and this article will teach you how to write an attractive travel article I recently write an article about best waterfalls in Ireland

1. A well structured story with clear thinking is the first step on our writing tips


Travel itself is not a story, but a series of events that occur during the journey. Some of these activities may be interesting, while others are quite bland. As a fledgling travel writer, the first thing to do is to decide which particular story you want to tell, and that the story contains the events that took place.If you don’t know how to write, you can refer to how the authors of travel magazines draw their main titles and subtitles, and imitate their architecture to write down their own content.

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2. Clear destination and tourism goals

Giving travel a specific goal may be to arrive in Cambodia to see Angkor Wat and enjoy sunset views on the highest mountain peak on the ground, and content like this will define a clear direction and purpose for your article. Readers will want to see something like this and wonder if you have finally achieved your stated goals, but a lot of times travel doesn’t necessarily have a clear goal, and it may be more about discovering a place or area, like learning about the local human history or chatting with local people. In this case, a personal goal can make the reader aware of the purpose of your trip. You can write in the article, “I want to know the local …”, such a sentence can let the reader know what is going to happen, and let them into it.

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3.Tell a personal travel experience that fits the content of the story


A wonderful story must have characters, conversations, situations, suspense, and dramatic tension, and the content of the story needs to be shaped to attract the reader’s attention. Once you understand your story structure and event snippets, you can condense them into the essence and discard the rest of the trivial parts. Most travel articles are between 1,000 and 2,000 words, so don’t waste your space on non wonderful travel events.

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4. Write a fascinating hook at the beginning



You can use any way you like to start a travel article, as long as it gets the reader’s attention.You can start with humor or the way you talk, but the first sentence must be able to attract the cat’s attention like a woolly ball.

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5. That article contains a character’s conversation

Then my friend said to me, “Look! There! A brown bear was catching salmon by the river, “and a brown bear was catching salmon by the river”. Comparing the above two sentences, it is obvious that which sentence is more likely to be a wonderful s



tory to the reader. The conversation allows the reader to create a picture in his mind that gives individuality to the characters in the story, allowing the reader to imagine the moment when that story takes place through the text and the picture in the brain. So whenever and wherever you travel, try to keep track of what people are saying around you and sort them out as an important part of the story.

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6. The purpose of the article is to entertain, not to write a prose


A novice writer often writes a travel article in prose and tries to write it in a very hipster way. Good travel writers are more likely to express all the feelings of travel in the simplest way possible, but that’s not to say you can only talk about the main point and not be humorous and joking in the article.

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7. This is one of our best writing tips Use vivid language


Many travel articles are full of meaningless words, such as the adjectives “amazing”, “incredible”, “breathtaking”, which you can write on any tourist attraction in any country. So try to use a description that belongs to your style and allow the reader to draw a local image in their mind.

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8.Leave a mark on each of your journeys



If you hang out in an unfamiliar country, you will certainly do one thing, which is to look for signposts. That’s pretty much the case with the readers reading your story. So you should write an article that tells them where to go next and remind them of your final destination. Like, you can write, “on the third day, we fly from Singapore to an airport in Malaysia.””or” Taiwan’s Night market snacks are tempting, but in order to get to Taitung early to see the sunrise, I have to leave early to take the train to the local.”, these are a way to leave a mark and tell the reader where you want to turn around or where you expect to go the next day, and don’t let the reader in mind, wondering what kind of itinerary this is.

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9. There are many writing tips that you could forget, but this one must not me one of them: Give the article a good finish



Travel articles may allow readers to have a high tide during the reading process, but there are moments when great articles are over, so a good finish can help the article end perfectly. You need to write the ending to give satisfaction to the reader.

These are some of the key points that travel writers should pay attention to, clearly expound the wonderful stories encountered on the trip, from the starting point to the thought journey, and then to the final summary of the journey experience, write these into their own unique and unforgettable memories. for more article, you can visit our website trip university


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