Today I am going to share Travel Photography Tips For Beginners So read the full article if you want to learn.

Photography traveling is an exciting travel plan where you can record all the beautiful landscapes that go through your journey, while photos can also be sold to the gallery platform for commercial sales. In this article, we will teach you how to plan your trip well so that you can go home with beautiful and practical photos and save the beautiful unforgettable memories.

Planning photography travel

Collecting data and study sites to make a rough trip is the first job of photography travel, and photography tours are very different from travel arrangements in general, and no one usually shares this information on the web, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be prepared in advance.

How much do you know about the places you are going to visit?

1) Choosing a travel guide book:

After deciding where to travel, the first step is to come up with a guidebook and, of course, to find a lot of information on the Internet, but I still prefer the Guidebook book. The web is so full of messages that you don’t know how to choose, and the number of pages in the guide book is limited, so the book must choose important attractions with careful explanations. When you find what you need in your book, remember to record them, whether it’s on paper or a computer. Next, you can further study and build a complete list of locations over the network, and later converge the overly divergent information and narrow the overall itinerary. One thing to note when using the Guidebook is to confirm the publication date of the book first. Be sure to buy the latest guide book, and if you can’t find the newest version, please find at least two years to avoid the information drop due to the age. Generally speaking, I use Lonely Planet’s travel guide book myself, and of course, I would recommend it to a friend or traveler in general. But for photographers, Lonely Planet’s photo references are often inadequate, after all, good photo thinking is the most important factor for photographers to choose a place to visit, so it’s hard to decide without a picture.

2) Use Google Photos to search for previous works

Using the picture search option in Google search can help you quickly understand your target location. For example, I read the Nordic Aurora on the Lonely Planet travel book, and later I will use Google to search for aurora-related photos as a reference, and I can add it to my tour itinerary after I have determined that it is the location I want. Another benefit of using Google Pictures is that you can easily view the items you want to shoot. For example, you like to shoot landscapes, buildings or famous landmarks, so if the photographer’s work is my favorite photography angle, I would be able to add it to my itinerary list and mark the photo next to mine for reference when I took it.

 3) Use Google Maps to plan your shooting route

Once you get a general idea of where you want to go, you can use Google Maps to make itineraries for your travel destinations and confirm how long you are expected to stay at each location. In addition, about the traffic time please be sure to grasp the buffer, you may encounter traffic jams or road collapse and other unexpected conditions, the looser the itinerary is the better the quality of photography.

4) Use the attraction reviews website Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is the most recommended attraction site for individuals, you can find any tourist attraction in any country, and each attraction has an evaluation of online voting that can provide you with reference information for your planning. But there is a problem with other people’s standards of interest and preference and may be completely different from your hobbies. You certainly do not want to do it because others do not recommend it. Therefore, please read the comments below the attractions as a basis for judgment. If more than 90% of the netizens leave a comment saying that it is not interesting, then the appeal may not be worth a visit.

5) Traveling by transport

You can find out about local transportation by querying, choose a method that combines efficiency and money to reach your destination, and of course, you can take a taxi directly from the airport to the hotel, but you will have less fun to explore. Most countries have traffic packages that are sold on a daily basis, so moving traffic packages within the city can help you save your next fee. Please make sure that the last bus of the local transportation is a few departures, so as to avoid the trouble of not taking the last bus at night.

6) Accommodations options

When arranging a route, moving in the same direction instead of moving back and forth can reduce the amount of traffic time and increase the number of visits to attractions on the road, and it is relatively easy to book a hotel along the road. However, if the place you want to visit is scattered around an area, you can only choose to book a hotel near the average center point of the attraction, so it will be more convenient to travel to various attractions.

The type of accommodation is also a factor to consider, and if you go out in the morning and come back at night, a small hotel with breakfast will be the perfect choice. However, if you plan to start early in the morning and come back at midnight (possibly to shoot sunrise or starry skies), such entry and exit times can easily disturb other travelers. It might be a better choice to stay in a large hotel, a single apartment or a chalet.

Get ready to go

1) Streamlined equipment

If you’re planning a local car rental trip, there’s no need to worry about starting with more gear. But if not, you should measure whether you really need to carry each lens or accessory of the camera. Even if you choose to travel by car, many times you still have to walk to the shooting location, so do not think that making your bag heavier is a problem, otherwise, you’ll be traveling a few days and this photographic equipment will make you feel tired.

In addition, it is important to choose the right camera bag, to add more protection to the equipment, good camera bags can also help you to share the weight of the average on the body, it is recommended to choose the backpack, it will be more comfortable than the choice of a side shoulder bag.

Will you bring a tripod? Sentinel shooting often requires a tripod, but traveling with a tripod is really troublesome and can easily be stopped as a large item. When considering using a sturdy folding tripod, it would be a good alternative, it can be placed in the trunk and easier to carry with you.

2) Spare parts preparation

Camera charger, spare battery and spare memory card are also indispensable items, you don’t want to miss a wonderful picture because your battery is low, malfunctions or your memory card capacity ran out, so carry more spare parts, this can solve the problem when encountered.

Smart traveling

1) Protecting yourself

Try not to hang around with expensive photographic equipment, put the personal finance and life safety as the first priority. When you visit a new attraction, you can take some amazing photos, but don’t forget that you also need precautions, do not to take unnecessary risks for yourself. Let your fellow friends know where you are and meet them at the appointed time. Put the camera in the seemingly unremarkable camera bag, only take it out when you need to shoot, instead of always hanging the camera around your neck or holding it with your hands, keep an eye on your surroundings and avoid the opportunity for thieves to take advantage of it.

2) While taking pictures

There are some places you are not allowed to visit, or can visit but can’t take pictures. Before taking pictures, please ask the scene staff, if you can’t speak the local language, you can point to the camera, basically understand these body languages, the staff will tell you whether this place is allowed to take pictures. If you want to take pictures to a very famous local landmark, such as the Statue of Liberty of the Tokyo Tower. Before you travel, you can study how previous photographs are filmed. Soon you will notice which angles are particularly popular, and then you can begin to conceive your own composition practices. Of course, popular attractions may be affected by the number of visitors, so time will also affect the results of the photo shoot. It is recommended to use the Suncalc website, which helps photographers adjust the light source, which shows the time of sunrise and sunset, allowing photographers to choose the best time to go to the shooting attraction, depending on their needs.

3) Talk to the locals

When trying to talk to locals you may have language barriers, but translating software and body language can overcome these problems. Talking to locals not only allows you to learn more about where you are, but locals may also know some of the best places to take photos. Because it is their hometown, no one knows the land better than the locals, so put in some time to talk to people, often there will be unexpected gains. There are many good memories in the photos, and these wonderful stories are related to the friends you meet on the journey.

4) Don’t forget to take pictures of yourself

This usually happens to photographers because we are too keen on filming and forget to take pictures of ourselves. So on every trip, I would make a sightseeing short film with my partner, although none of us are professional tour presenters and often look silly. But this approach also allows travel shooting, adding a lot of fun memories, and when you share your excursions with friends, they will definitely like it, too.

These are some of the problems that you often encounter when you travel, and through this article we want to share with you how to plan a good picture shooting trip for a friend who is ready to start or is still brewing planning can have a direction to follow, and finally wish you all can take a picture of their favorite.  


Now I hope that you enjoy this article and now you understand the Travel Photography Tips For Beginners but still if you have a question make sure you comment n this article also if you want to read more articles you can check Trip University.