Today I am going to share my best 5 Tips For Running A Successful Travel Blog After reading this article you will know each and everything about travel blog writing.

Planning a trip is always very exciting, especially when you work hard for a while and are especially looking forward to relaxing through your trip. Even if you leave for a short few days, it will be enough to fill the energy and get back to the workplace and start again. According to the studies, people are increasingly fond of conducting itinerary surveys prior to travel, and 95% of respondents will collect information and arrange itineraries for travel countries through the Internet before departure.

Tips For Running A Successful Travel Blog
Tips For Running A Successful Travel Blog

If your business intuition is sharp, you may have smelled some business opportunities from the above results, creating a user-friendly and trustworthy website that will provide the service of booking rooms, booking cars, booking tickets or comparing prices when travelers search for data, although the cost of the program is extremely expensive and therefore not so easy to start.

But on the other hand, if you just want to have a travel blog, record everything on your journey, and share your travel information with travelers who want to travel to the local area in the future, while making some extra money through affiliate marketing or brand endorsements and helping yourself increase your salary, it’s not a difficult task.

Below we will share some ways and suggestions to help you achieve your goals so that you can start building your own platform.

1. Provide valuable content to arouse the reader’s interest:

The key to increasing the user experience is to provide valuable content, and every trip must have an itinerary, which is the most frequently sought by users because they want to know where to go in an unknown place, where is the fun? And people will be through other people’s assessment of things, and according to their preferences to adjust the tour itinerary, so, list the full itinerary and then introduce and comment one by one, the reader will certainly be particularly interested in it. You can rate attractions or restaurants, and explain why you choose it, these are the reference information, and readers especially love these messages, because these are other people’s personal experience, and readers will be aware of the situation and experience, in the mind to imagine and apply to their own, thus get the assumption that you should do the same.

Tips For Running A Successful Travel Blog
Tips For Running A Successful Travel Blog

2. Travel articles often make mistakes: 

When visitors point from search engines into your site, they want to quickly find the answers they want to know, so providing relevant content that matches the title is definitely the most important thing to build a website. Therefore, writing the content of tourism articles is the first topic to start, and good writing and personal style articles can give your site a higher level of recognition than other travel blogs, and inspire readers ‘ desire to learn more about it. Of course, writing is not to say that there must be a very high degree of language attainments, but at least the sentence needs to be smooth and let others understand, this is really very important, there are too many blog articles really difficult to understand, completely unintelligible or no focus, believe that is an article I don’t want to see, and these are the mistakes that novice bloggers often make, and hopefully you’ll avoid doing the same thing after reading this article.

3. Encourage users to subscribe to the site

If you want to pick a key point from this article, it’s definitely this one. I know you really want to see the first income into the bag, but being too fast will also backfire, please do not force users to buy anything or book any travel products, no one like to be marketed, just put the recommended products in a prominent place, and then the user according to their own needs will decide whether to buy or not. Operating a website is to take the long-term business as the starting point, of course, letting new users find your site is important, but some users will visit regularly, and may eventually become lifelong visitors or loyal fans.To do this, you should add a one-page contact form to the website and place a mailbox subscription box to encourage users to receive regular information that is valuable to them after subscribing, and to send the recommended product together for their reference in the letter. Of course, if you are running a homestay, you can also leave your hotel contact on the site, then as long as you have seen the people who run the site with your heart, if you are considering traveling to the local area, your hotel is likely to be their top priority option.

4. Beautiful photos are essential:

Whether you are positioning your theme as a family getaway, an Instagram network red man or an exquisite luxury tour, the content of the site must match your brand image, and now taking a beautiful photo has become one of the essential capabilities of travel bloggers, through photo shooting, post-system, article typesetting to make the site look more professional, but also to allow hesitant readers to see your travel strategy, it can make up their minds to travel. But back to nature, every design and content decision made on a website should fit in with the core values of your brand, so that when it comes to ensuring that you attract a target readership, you don’t feel like you’re having a big gap.

5. It is not about how good you are at it. The key is growth:

A lot of people will have a problem, some topics on the network have been written by many people, do I need to write another article? The answer is: yes. Someone else has written that someone else has written something that has nothing to do with you, and your long-term reader will want to know what you think about it, whether your views are the same or different from other things on the web. Another very often encountered problem is that I am not professional, not strong, and inexperienced, am I suitable to start running blogs? Rest assured that no one is an expert in the first place, you can go to those successful blog sites to see, the earliest previous articles turned out to compare with the present, you will find that it is completely different, but what is the difference? Two words, the growth. Readers don’t care how bad you were in the first place, because they never cared, and as you try and make mistakes and fix them, your site is sure to get better. So don’t be afraid to hesitate, do what is right for you!

The above is about the proposal to establish a travel blog, I believe that as long as you are developing through these recommendations, you can also become a very good tourist blogger, as for the site to build the proposal this article does not has it, but for beginners, WordPress is recommended as a blog building platform. In the future WordPress will increase teaching articles, wait and see.


I hope that now you can write your own travel blog but this is not enough you have to work hard and spend time with writing also understand the basic SEO then you can able you achieve our goal. Also, you can check your travel blog on Trip University Official website.