Traveling abroad alone is always a feeling of excitement and tension, you want to take advantage when you are young to have a good look at this vast world, get rid of the restrictions and baggage that are everywhere with the tour, can visit the exotic villages and towns, enjoy the life inspiration brought by the deep tourism, and all this only needs a ticket, backpack carrying a card suitcase, so I write an article about 9 Thing to do Before You Travel . There is also an adventurous heart, let’s go!

Embark on a journey of your own. Wait, come back! The above paragraph sounds very driven, very beautiful, but the reality is not as simple as imagined, from the moment you leave home to the airport, every minute of the journey may encounter problems and troubles that have never been encountered before, and to reduce the occurrence of unexpected or special conditions, or when you come across and know how to deal with being unflappable, the preparation of your lessons before that line becomes quite important.

Here’s how to make a pre-trip plan for self-service travel to reduce the hassle you might encounter.

Step 1: Confirm where the travel destination is:

Confirm where the travel destination is

There is no doubt that if you want to travel, you will certainly have a country you want to visit, so confirming your destination is the first step in your itinerary planning. After confirming your destination, don’t rush to start looking for a variety of local travel articles on the Web. Detailed itinerary planning can be done again at one o’clock in the evening. What should be done now is to find important information about that country, including weather temperatures upon arrival, currency use, plug specifications, traffic information, and passes, or other information that can be used in the future. This important news allows you to have a rudimentary understanding of the local environment and a better clue to the follow-up preparations.

Step 2: Prepare passports and visas (depending on the country)

Prepare passports and visas (depending on the country)

 Each country has its own passport, which acts as a pass for its nationals to travel abroad, so if the passport is lost or the passport expires, it will be stopped and the customs cannot be heard to fly. Visas, on the other hand, are similar to tickets used to see games, and in some countries, you need to apply for a visa to allow entry. Before leaving the country, priority is given to check whether the passport period has not exceeded the terms of use and whether a visa is required in the countries to which it is expected to travel. Visas are generally divided into visa-free, visa-on-arrival and E-Visa three, the following is the difference between three types of visas, the number of days of stay will vary according to national regulations.

  1. Visa Waiver: Entry into the country for tourism purposes, no visa processing fees are charged and a stay of 30-90 days is allowed.
  2. Visa on arrival: Visa processing fees will be charged, allowing a shorter stay of about 15 days, suitable for passengers with short stay times and no time to apply for a visa in advance.
  3. E-Visa: Visa processing fee is charged, the stay time is about 60 days, the visa application must be completed before departure, the stay time is longer.

Step 3: Ticket price comparison and purchase

Ticket price comparison and purchase

 If you want to travel alone, learn to buy your own ticket is a very important ability, the following will introduce three common booking channels:

  1. Airlines: The most traditional way is to access each airline website, enter the travel date, number, and cabin, and so on, if the search results show that there are flights and seats, the optional start-up time, seat and corresponding price will be listed, and then fill in the personal basic data, passport number and credit card number, you can complete the purchase process.
  2. Travel agency: Another way is to buy air tickets through travel agencies, in addition to the group to buy a full tour will deal with travel agencies, in fact, with travel agencies to buy tickets are still there is, at some point the travel agency issued the ticket price is more beautiful than the airline official website. But usually go to travel agency to buy is generally directly buy Tickets hotel package combination is mostly, there is another situation is foreign travel or foreign academic publication, travel abroad needs the pay of the request, so you must open an invoice with a unified number, this time in the travel agency to buy tickets is the best choice.
  3. Ticket price comparison website: The last and most recommended way is to find the desired flight through the online ticket comparison search site, as long as the number of excursions, travel dates, and trips to and from the airport, the system will help you from many airlines to match the eligible flights, and then click to enter the airline official website booking. The advantage is to a family to find the time, price comparison site will directly tell you the prices and transfer times directly so that you can take the time to do other pre-line preparation.

When should I start booking a ticket?

Booking time varies by person, but if you take money as your starting point, buying your ticket in advance and avoiding a fake getaway is sure to save you a fee. However, some people travel abroad like to say go, then when to book a ticket is not their main focus; some people like to plan early, and it would be a good choice to book a ticket 3 months before departure. But after all, the plan should not be changed, so when to book a ticket?It needs to be measured according to the actual situation.

Step 4: Book hotel accommodation

Book hotel accommodation

It is usually around the convenience and money to save two considerations, but basically, according to the tourist route to book the most convenient accommodation location, usually the closest to the metro station the hotel is more expensive, of course, do not choose the station near the reelection route transfer stations. Accommodation is generally classified by type, from the cheapest youth hostel (Hostel) to the homestay to the star hotel, depending on the travel budget and personal preferences. It is usually recommended to book an early booking of the expected hotel, you not only can choose more room types, and early booking can also want to have discounts, usually the closer to the day of stay it is more expensive, and now the booking site almost all with the partner hotel to reach an agreement, to provide first credit card booking, as long as the intention to cancel the reservation, You can unconditionally refund the deposit that was paid in advance with your credit card, so if you can’t decide for a while, you can first book the ideal hotel first, and then make sure you don’t need to cancel.

Step 5: Schedule a trip

Schedule a trip

Clam!? Row trip actually to the fifth step to start to do, I believe you will have this question, and the reason is that after you check the ticket and restaurant, perhaps you will change your mind to other countries! So in the beginning of planning as long as there is a general direction in the heart, such as which country will go, which areas will go?, such as “Live” and “line” two have clapped the final, and then to row the details of the trip is not too late, of course, the downside is that if you in the row to change the flight is not the same airport in and out, you may have to re-inquire. Of course, there are benefits. You can know what time the most cost-effective flight will be there, where you can go before you land off.

Step 6: Foreign Internet function

Foreign Internet function

 Internet access is very important for modern people, a day without the internet is similar to cutting food and water. So how do you go abroad to solve the problem of surfing the Internet? Here are three of the most common methods available to you.

  1. International roaming: The most expensive internet solution, but it is the most convenient method inside. Because as long as you carry the phone you are using now, no other device is required to bring. Telecom operators often have preferential activities, if not lazy to buy a SIM card abroad or rent WiFi equipment, it will be the ideal choice.
  2. Rental WiFi Equipment: The most cost-effective foreign internet choice, can be used with friends, now the rental return process is also very convenient, the disadvantage is to take the rental WiFi equipment around and remember to charge (or plug in the active power).
  3. Buy a SIM card: the choice between roaming and renting a WiFi device is that you don’t have to carry a WiFi machine and don’t need to remember to recharge it. The cost may be about the same or slightly more expensive as a WiFi machine. More worried about the SIM card if it can not be opened will be very inconvenient, need to go to the local to make a purchase, and the replacement of the SIM card may take a little time.

Step 7: Exchange foreign currency

Exchange foreign currency

 How much foreign currency to exchange for travel abroad is mainly based on their own consumption habits, you can change a lot of cash, or only change some cash, and then other expenses are paid by credit card, but please note that some foreign countries or shops do not accept credit cards, So please investigate whether most of the tourist countries accept credit card consumption, and certainly do not forget to leave some national currency for the time to return to pay for the journey home. Here are some common ways to exchange foreign currency. The general exchange rate price will have four digits-spot purchase price, spot selling price, cash purchase price and cash sale price, the bank in the exchange rate is mainly to do low buy high sales business, so the purchase price is the exchange rate you sell foreign currency to the bank, and the selling price is you and the bank to buy foreign currency exchange rate, so the overseas exchange is the main.

Pro Cabinet Redemption:

 According to the bank’s cash sale rate, the simplest way to exchange, as long as with documents and cash to the bank can be redeemed.

Foreign currency Account:

 If you open a bank account to open a foreign currency account, you can do the exchange action according to the spot exchange rate through the online transaction, do not need to go out at all. Spot rates are usually better than cash exchange rates, so it is recommended to use the online exchange as much as possible to be more cost-effective.

Airport Redemption:

 The exchange rate is usually the worst of all ways, as an additional Exchange fee will be charged, and if you can exchange money early, do not use airport exchange.

Local redemption:

Some countries with the dollar in the past to change the local foreign currency, but then in their own countries the direct exchange is also more cost-effective, but remember to find a good credit exchange merchants to exchange. The cash limit and declaration of the exchange rate difference between airports.

Step 8: Insured overseas travel

Insured overseas travel

The safety of the journey is very important, but you never know when there will be an accident, so before traveling abroad to insure against accident insurance, you can make your excursions guaranteed. Overall, there is usually no health care system abroad, so when there is illness or accidental injury, medical expenses will often be expensive to the extent that people are astonishing! Usually, use a credit card to buy a ticket, the bank may send travel safety insurance, but the general protection is not purchased, the protection content is very yangchun. Therefore, the insurance company to provide tourism insurance goods have its necessary, sign the insurance contract to remember a clear understanding of their own access to those protections. Tourism insurance is generally divided into the following three types:

Travel Safety Insurance:

If there is a sudden illness or accidental injury during the journey, the insurance company will settle the medical expenses, reduce the financial cost of receiving treatment.

Travel inconvenience insurance:

Flight delays, loss of baggage, loss of passports and other circumstances, you can get a moderate settlement to reduce property losses.

Tourism Production Insurance:

if in foreign countries such as car accidents such as the destruction of other people’s belongings, insurance companies will accept and pay the relevant compensation losses.

Step 9: Packing


Packing your luggage may be the most troublesome problem before you are ready to go abroad, especially if you are most afraid that the clothes will take too much to go and not finish, it will only increase the weight of the luggage and occupy the valuable space in the trunk. Each airline carries a weight limit on baggage check-in, usually in terms of economy class, which can be between 20~30 kg. If you exceed the weight, you must add money to buy additional weight quotas so you can consider using a special baggage scale to pinch the overall weight of your baggage.


So I hope that know about 9 Thing to do Before You Travel and your travel to any foreign trip will go happy but still if you confuse about anything regarding travel guide make sure you read all articles are I write on Trip University website and don’t forget you share this article with your friends and family.