Are you ready for a self-driving road trip?

Ready to take a self-driving road trip? A drive-by tour allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the road and reach places where general traffic routes do not go. Spend a good time with family and friends. However, before you leave, be sure to think carefully about the recommendations related to driving safety. Reducing the incidence of accidents makes this trip safer and more enjoyable.

1. Vehicle condition adjustment:

Before you are ready to embark on a long journey, arrange for the vehicle to be inspected by a trusted maintenance plant to avoid problems that need to be repaired when you break down in route. Ask a qualified mechanic to inspect the vehicle’s air conditioning, tires, batteries, belts and liquids or lubricants that need to be replenished. If the vehicle needs to travel in a very hot environment, check with the mechanic to see if it is necessary to replace the larger, viscous lubricant to prevent the car engine from shrinking due to insufficient lubrication (the oil will become thinner when it encounters heat, thereby reducing lubrication and cooling capacity). In addition, the brake to make the thickness of the film is sufficient, as well as the braking tubing is normal, to avoid the problem of braking failure.These are important items that will affect driving safety.

2. Emergency Repair kit in the vehicle

Placement Emergency kit is necessary and it should include the following items:

  • Spare tire
  • Simple Jack Easy tool
  • Group for punching the air (including a screwdriver, wrench, flashlight, etc.)
  • Fault warning rack
  • Water
  • Medical first aid box
  • Blanket (if broken down in sparsely populated snow, blankets can keep warm to avoid temperature loss) long period of emergency food backup action power supply.

3. Child’s safety seat:

Have a child-only safety seat if you are traveling with your child, you must install a child-specific safety seat to keep your child safe in the event of a car accident. General vehicles are equipped with child safety locks, usually open doors can be set, please start this function, to avoid children because of random open doors and fall out of the car.

4. Adequate sleep keeps the spirit in the best possible condition:

The best option is to take turns driving, but if you are the only driver in the car, be sure to get enough sleep, driving is a very tired thing. Research data show that there are up to 100,000 car accidents each year due to poor tiredness. When you start to feel lethargic, please find the nearest lounge area to sleep as soon as possible.

5. Do a good job wearing UV ray prevention equipment and avoid leaving children alone in the car:

Whether driving or cycling, applying sunscreen in sunny weather is the right decision, or wearing sunglasses and hats to provide extra protection for your skin, and when you leave the vehicle, cover the insulation cloth so that when you come back, the car won’t become like an oven. Also, please do not leave the child or pet alone in the car, if you have to stay in the car, please do not stall and turn on the air conditioner, to avoid heat stroke or heart failure.

6. Don’t drive too fast:

There are 9 car accidents per 10 car accidents are because of greed and trouble, slow down and maintain a safe distance from the car on the front, enjoy the scenery along the road to enjoy this highway holiday.

The above information is the driving travel advice that you should pay attention to, please make sure that the above items are ready to complete and do comply with the day before the trip, the rest is to step down the throttle!