Traveling and writing around the world by carrying a computer is believed to be the work that
many people dream of, but for writers, this job is not easy as you might think, people, ask How to become a Travel writer?

So I decided to create a simple article that describes how you can become a travel writer.

Many people think that it is an easy job whether it’s in cars, planes,
trains, buses, bars, cafes, hotels, parks or somewhere else if the inspiration passes through
your head, you need to take out that computer and start writing.

When you travel around and need to work anywhere immediately, many of the advice people
give you that improves productivity will fail. Of course, in theory, it is best to work in the same
time period every day because our body gets used to the routine, but traveling requires the
moving between countries. Time differences are often really annoying, especially for work.

Since you can’t have an office, a dedicated studio, you have to learn to adapt so that you can
put productivity at its best in any situation. Travel writers are not always as bright as they seem,
and when you travel, certain things can’t be perfect and you have to compromise, for example,
your boss or client doesn’t care if you’re tired, they just care if you can make it within the

So let’s analyze the current situation since the deadline can’t be changed, then the only thing
we can do is to improve work efficiency. Here are some of the efficiency enhancement
strategies used by individuals after a personal experience that are good at helping me focus on
serious work anywhere in the world, not related to the work environment.

Although this article is mainly for travel writers, travel bloggers and often out of office
commuters, but in fact, as long as you need to find a place outside to calm down to do
something, they believe that the following content will be helpful to you.

1. Choosing the right place

Travel writer, right place to work

If you want to work efficiently anywhere, first you need to pick a good place. If you are waiting
for a plane at the airport, there are two places to choose from, airport lounge and airport

consumer floor, which one would you choose? The lounge will definitely be a better option.

What if you want to work efficiently anywhere, what if you don’t have an ideal location around
you at the moment but you have to work at that point? This is a bit general, to give a concrete
example, what would you choose if you chose between a noisy bar and a cold outdoor park?
Actually, neither is ideal for working, sometimes choosing depending on which place is the best
for working is not the best way. Choose the option based on timing, can these places at
least let me work for a limited amount of time?

When choosing the place, I suggest to writers consider these 4 main things: Internet speed, conformism,
time constraints, and distractions.

1) Internet speed

Travel writer, internet

While writers are working, the most important resource we need is the internet. We need
to investigate and add the most essential information to our work If the internet
speed is slow, you can still work to an extent. But if the network is not stable,
then our work can end really bad. Sometimes we need additional resources to
work, but if there is no internet, then we can’t work at all.

2) Conformism

Writer, confortable sitting

If you feel uncomfortable, it’s almost impossible to focus on your work; if you
travel around a lot, try lowering your standard of comfort threshold. The best
thing at work it’s a table and a chair, and you don’t need anything else.

3) Time Constraints

Coffee shops are one of the most common workplaces, but most of them will
have time limits, and time limits are hard to avoid when you’re trying to work on a
trip. You need to immerse yourself completely in the atmosphere of thinking and
writing so that inspiration is free to collide in your mind during this time to create
sparks and eventually complete all the details and artwork. When you have to
worry about having to leave the store within 15 minutes, a lot of things can get
complicated and your thoughts can be disrupted and distracted. Although
sometimes time limits can increase your productivity, when you’re traveling, time
limits tend to be just a problem, not helpful to you at all. So don’t choose to work
where you have to leave in less than one hour.

4) Distractions

Interference is the bane of inefficiency, and distractions can make the work you
could have done in 15 minutes, and the actual completion time is several times
more. Unless you travel with other people who also need to work, meet people
who are idler than you. They don’t understand why you’re sitting in a bar, but
you’re still working. So don’t choose to sit in a position where you might be
disturbed, or people will come to you for a chat because of their curiosity.

2. The best writers overcome the physical environment

According to the above, now you should have found a place to work, then it is time to control it
to make it more suitable.

It is recommended to invest in the purchase of noise-canceling headphones, it is priced from
dozens of to hundreds of dollars, it can help you fight any noisy environment. Some people like
to listen to music while they work, including me, of course. Spotify is a great music playback
platform when I want to work hard, I just choose a type of song list and start working. In
addition to the sound of music, noise-canceling headphones completely block the rest of the
sound around them. Even if someone called my name a meter away, I wouldn’t hear them.

If you don’t like listening to music at work, you can try myNoise instead. This is an
environmental sound simulator, you can choose the sound of wind, rain, cafes and other
environmental sounds. Wear anti-noise headphones, play some non-disruptive background
noise, and then start working.

When you travel, it is important to wear clothes that are suitable for ambient temperature. It’s
hard to execute smoothly when you’re too hot or too cold, but the problem is usually that you
find it too hot in a cold environment, and vice versa. In Southeast Asian countries, the average
temperature outside is about 30 degrees Celsius, so each cafe and hotel is air-conditioned,
while the indoor temperature continues to operate with air conditioning, often with an internal
and external temperature of nearly 10 degrees. If you wear clothes depending on the outside
temperature, once you’re sitting indoors, the air conditioner will definitely make you shiver. In
cold places, you can often encounter the opposite problem, outside is below 0 degrees, but
each restaurant has heating, so it will make you sweat a lot.

3. Custom computer settings

When all writers are working anywhere, the key factor in how to be more productive is about your familiarity
with your computer. When I sit down and work, I always use the most skilled and customary way
of doing things, which may be interfaces, software, assistive tools, or all the computer resources
that need to be used at work, and these long-used ways of working allow you to focus only on
what you need, without having to adapt to those new interfaces. Even if you can’t work in the
same place every day, one thing you can do is unify the workflow for operating your computer.

4. The best writers always know what to do

Writer, planning

Before you start working, you should think about what you should do in your head, and you
already have a preliminary plan to know what you need to do to achieve it, no matter what work
you do, it certainly applies. A day before I turned off my computer, I would always look at the list
of things and find out the topic of the article I needed to write the next day. Then, turn on the text
editing software before you close the computer after you write the title in the first line. The next
morning, when I sat down to work, I could turn on my computer and get back to what I have
started. As you read my post on Best waterfalls in Ireland in which I personally write my traveler article take an idea from this.

5. Writers should turn off all notifications

Writer blog, working

When you’re working hard, you really don’t need or have time to look at every Facebook
message, email, and tweet, because it can distract you and slow down your work. You can
choose to check notifications regularly, have a quick browsing notification every hour, and then
turn the message off again. Also, remember to turn off your phone and computer notification
status and sound prompts, and then focus on your work with all your heart. No matter where
you work, it’s something you should do.

6. Build a specific writing habit

Writers on the hotel

While you can’t write as strictly as you do at home while traveling, it’s best to try writing habits
at regular intervals every day. For example, if I like to wake up to work, then no matter what
happens, as soon as I get up the next morning, I will turn on the computer to work for two hours
before doing anything.

Another example is that whenever I am at an airport or on a plane, I will definitely start working
and, as far as possible, complete the contents of my reservation during the flight, because I am
particularly able to work with all my effort on the plane. On a shorter flight, you may first make a
draft. On a long flight, you will choose to complete a piece of content. In short, find the right
work habits for you, and put it properly on the journey.

7. Writers should not work when the environment is bad

Writers frustration

I would never write on a bus unless I have to. Because the bus is particularly rocking, stuffy and
smells bad. When you travel, sometimes it happens, but fortunately, these things are not
common, and maybe only a few times in a year. When this happens, I’ll put the computer away
and listen to a song to relax. Even if the deadline is near, I will send an email to the customer
explaining the current situation.

I was able to do that because I could finish the work on time. If you have a good relationship
with your customers and are unable to work in very few cases, most of them will understand.
If you actually use this article, in reality, believe that no matter where you work in the world, you
can work more efficiently and get the job done before the deadline.


So if you are still finding an answer of How to become a Travel writer then you should read this post again because i try my best and give all of my information and give my best tips that really for in 2019 and make sure you visit our site Trip University.