Do you like traveling outside of the country? Have you ever been in a situation where you lost your passport, a credit card, your baggage and missing a flight? In any journey, believe that unexpected conditions will always emerge, how to deal with that emergency involves life experience, but I believe that you don’t always want to rely on your mistakes to improve and learn, because some accidents may have your heart hanging there. There is no way to be happy if you leave the journey behind and suffer a loss of money and even risking your life.

Here are a few emergency suggestions that can help you avoid and solve these problems!

1. Passport and Visa lost:

Losing your passport is the biggest headache of your trip, because it means that you can’t leave the country until you find your passport or rebid it to get it, and if your trip is about traveling across several countries, the follow-up will be all ruined. If your country does not have an office in a foreign country, you can only send the relevant data to a neighboring country with an office in the form of a shipment.

The first step after confirming that your passport is lost, please go to the nearest local police station and ask them to open a Passport loss certificate.

2. Losing your luggage:

Can’t find your suitcase on the baggage turntable after arriving at the destination airport by plane? Is the luggage still lying at the original airport or the transit airport? No one laughs when it comes to this kind of thing, because it means that all your groceries have to be repurchased, not to mention the clothes you’re going to wear until you find clothes vending shop. If you lose your luggage when you return to the country, you will probably want to whack your heart, because what you lost are not only the things that you bought, but also the things other people told you to buy, just think of what to say if your friends asked you where those things are, it is troublesome, right?

Losing your luggage is a nightmare for everyone traveling abroad. If you are unlucky and lost your luggage, here are a few steps to help you get your luggage back as soon as possible:

  • Immediately go to the airline counter
  • When checking your baggage at the airport of your country, if you have to open a document, remember to put it away if you are using as a voucher.
  • Luggage must be cleaned up, you need to remember the appearance and content of it clearly.
  • Network Check the baggage status.Luggage lost

3. Lost credit card:

Almost all people in modern society have a credit card, which is closely combined with our spending habits in everyday life, because credit card consumption is very convenient and fast, and you can continue to use credit card services by paying off your credit card fee next month. If the credit card is lost during the trip, it will become very inconvenient, and the credit card may also be stolen instead.

When The credit card is lost, quickly notify the credit card issuing company, please stop the credit card consumption function. Immediately to the local police station to report the loss of credit card, if lucky by well-wishers to pick up there’s still a chance to retrieve. If unfortunate cannot find back, there is no excess cash on the body, you may ask a fellow friend to assist you first, return home to him/her the money back.

Or if you travel alone, you can ask your local embassy for help, or try to find a store that allows electronic payment methods to spend as much as possible, all of which allows you to still spend your credit on the local consumer travel.

4. Missed flight:

I believe that people who travel a lot must have touched the situation of missing planes, trains, and buses in the station.

Sometimes, we may delay the departure of the vehicle for some reasons, which may only take a few minutes to catch up, but in the end, it is still slowly leaving in front of your eyes. What if I don’t get on the flight? Buying a refundable ticket in advance would be a good choice, and while it would be a bit more expensive than a regular ticket, it would still be a good choice compared to missing a total loss on a flight. Especially if there were more temporary conditions with elderly or children traveling, this type of ticket would be the best choice. Of course, some airlines will help passengers who miss flights to arrange other flights for free, but usually the flight time is not too good.

Furthermore, if you have not missed the flight, but see the time is very close to the customs clearance deadline, go to the emergency counter for help, or with a sincere attitude go to ask the passengers in front of the queue to give you priority through security, I believe that polite people will help you.

5. Sudden illness:

When traveling, there may be sudden illness or discomfort, may be a chronic disease, or a local influenza infectious disease, if it occurs, to avoid the expansion of harm, learning basic medical emergency treatment knowledge, can help you or others to alleviate the symptoms of the onset of the disease.

In addition, unclean water or food should also try to avoid consumption, diarrhea is the most common and difficult problem when traveling, because serious words may be sent to the hospital to treat drip, and the next week must eat lightfoot, cannot taste good food. So what can be prevented in advance?

Some, travel with simple medical boxes in case of emergency, he should include Cotton, shab, ok jumping, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, cold medicine, and diarrhea medicine, and so on, once the body feels a little uncomfortable to be alert, carry-on emergency drugs may be in the situation is not serious to suppress him, of course,still feel unwell please seek medical attention as soon as possible.

6. Natural disasters:

Common natural disasters include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, earth-rock streams, tsunamis, typhoons, tornadoes, floods, droughts, etc. when tourism encounters disasters, the first thing is not to panic, according to the situation to make the right quick.

Near the equator coastal countries, in the summer there may be typhoons formed, early confirmation of whether the country has a typhoon approaching, avoid typhoon date excursions, such as when the local tour happens to come, please according to the television weather report, with the local government to tell whether to still go out. When Traveling to countries with frequent earthquakes, it is important to understand the basic escape skills of earthquakes. Do not panic when you encounter an earthquake, approach to the door quickly, when trapped in the building, search for solid objects, to avoid the collapse in the building caused pressure damage, and open the phone for help waiting for rescue personnel to arrive.

In addition, if the epicenter needs to beware of tsunamis near the coast, when the earthquake intensity is intense, please leave the seaside to move to the Highlands in the first place.

Dramatic resuscitation during storm

7. Theft robbery:

Theft in any country has the opportunity to happen, nothing to show money and wear plain, and once found the property is not missing, please call the police immediately. What is the motive for observing a gangster when he is robbed with a knife or at gunpoint? If you are just trying to rob a fortune, give him the money to avoid direct conflict, so carry 1 of notes with you, which is useful at the necessary time.

If you unfortunately run into a terrorist like ISIS, get out of your way and escape! You may lose your life when they catch you. If you lose your passport, visa and other important documents in the event of a theft, call the police to open a lost certificate and prepare the relevant data to the local embassy to complete the documents.

Now driving is very convenient, before departure, take photos of important documents scanned upload, perhaps in the event of an accident to come in handy!

8. There was a car accident or a man-made accident:

Self-driving cars abroad may encounter a collision or casualty accident, or be hit by a collapsed or falling object. Accidents Must be called first, if there is injury as soon as possible to send medicine. Please remember that when the car accident, take pictures around the vehicle, and put the wheel and head direction on the ground with a pen mark, in order to facilitate the subsequent police and the court to judge the decision to deal with, and then remove the vehicle to avoid the impact of the rear to the car to eat tickets. The relevant evidence remembers to put it away and return home before you can request a claim with the insurance company. If the injury is serious, you need to wait for the treatment hospital to open a health certificate suitable for flying, in order to contact the airline to buy the ticket back to the country. Adda few tips on your own advantage in the event of a car accident, whether the police ask any questions about the behavior of the vehicle in the event of an accident, remember to always answer the green light when driving, my vehicle is going straight, I don’t know the speed of the car accident, but I drive very slowly.

According to this answer can be reduced to their own adverse testimony, reduce the liability of the result of the penalty.

Additional matters to be prepared:

1. Let your family and good friends know the details of your travel itinerary

Each excursion should carefully draw a travel detail table, and indeed follow this itinerary to travel.

In the event of an accident, your family can provide this data to the embassy, through their help to investigate and find your whereabouts, such as the tragic death of the family can also get you back for burial.

Good Friends Great Adventure Recreation Park Concept

2. Purchase of Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance can provide financial benefits and claims in the eight situations mentioned above, helping you to address the huge costs incurred as a result of an accident, so it is important to insure against travel insurance before you travel.