Planning to attend a foreign business meeting or travel abroad for a holiday? When you are going through check-in in the airport to get ready to board the plane, I wonder if you have ever paid attention to the relevant regulations regarding airlines and countries you are traveling. These rules are not optional or recommended to do, they are legal requirements that must be carried out, so if there is a failure to comply with these relevant rules, then it will cause trouble.

Aviation regulation is applied to all international airports around the world, so it is recommended to familiarize yourself with these common regulations first. In particular, the provisions should pay special attention to the list of contrabands, the basics are the category of guns, ammunition or flammable materials, these should not be brought on board or in luggage consignment.

The first thing you need to do when you arrive at the airport is check-in, go to the counter and get your identification and baggage checked, there are a few key points to pay attention when checking your baggage, that is, the liquid must be loaded into your luggage, it cannot be stuffed into your handbag or carried by your hand. In particular, the most common encounter is that you are holding your water bottle by hand, the officers will ask you to drink it or throw it away directly. In addition, the technology devices cannot be placed in your baggage, but must be placed into your backpack as you board the plane. These two points are really important provisions, do not make any mistakes.

Contrabands And Entry Requirements

In regard to entry restrictions, some countries may restrict the entry of egg and meat products, same goes with animals and plants, so please know the local regulations before the departure, avoid buying gifts to friends that can be taken away when you enter your country, because you have to pay for getting confiscated.

Below is a common list of national restrictions on contraband, it may have small changes depending on the country:

  1. It is prohibited to carry any eggs, meat and tehri by-products.
  2. It is prohibited to carry plants, vegetables and fruits.
  3. Adults are allowed in the category of alcohol if they bring bottles less than 1 liter, more is not accepted.
  4. It is prohibited to carry any pirated books, CDs or related items.
  5. Pets like cat and dog are not allowed.

travel bag and dog

Cash Limit

Next, with regard to the amount of cash you can carry by the immigration restrictions, I believe that every country will see the amount of cash you carried and its restrictions, it needs to be declared, if it is not declared then you’ll be confiscated more than the legal amount of cash you can have, the following is the declared amount of cash allowed by countries:

AreaCash limit
United States10,000 dollars
Canada10,000 Canadian dollars
Europe10,000 euros
Japan1,000,000 yen
Taiwan100,000 New Taiwan Dollar
Korea10,000 dollars
China20,00 RMB
Thailand20,000 TBH
The United Arab Emirates10,00 dollars
Australia10,000 dollars



Whether you are intentionally or unintentionally violating international airport security rules, you are likely to be stopped. Depending on the severity of the violation, you may have a warning, a fine or a ban re.entry into the country may be granted for a number of years. If illegal acts such as carrying guns, ammunition or drugs, the person will be arrested by the police for arraignment, and will most definitely go to prison.

In addition, remember not to accept any stranger’s commission, if you help him with his luggage while entering another country’s check-in, it could be contraband and it may affect you really badly, so if you come across this kind of thing remember to say no, do not let trouble find themselves.