Carrying a backpack by oneself and self-servicing has become an increasingly common option for travelers, the traditional way of travel where you can only choose travel agencies to arrange a trip, but now it is no longer like that. In line with the Times development, booking sites and ticket price comparison sites are coming out. So I decided to write a post on Top 10 Best Hotel Booking Sites for 2019. Let’s Check this.

As long as you search a booking site in Google, you will have a lot of options to choose from, such as Agoda,, and so on, and each booking site has its characteristics, so you would prefer a booking site that is handy but also cost-effective, this is one of the things that all travelers are concerned about.

Booking site marketing is highly competitive. There is also a booking price comparison site to help users solve the problem. We use booking price comparison sites to find booking sites with the most preferential prices, as long as you have a location, number and price range, it will immediately tell you from hundreds of booking sites to search a list of hotels with the best price. For example, hotelscombined, TripAdvisor and so on belong to this type of website.

This article is from hundreds of booking and price comparison sites, singled out by the most used website platform. The article is based according to the use of experience to give more objective evaluation and advice. The final choice is according to personal preferences.

The advantages and disadvantages of each booking site are introduced:

The advantages and disadvantages of each booking site are introduced:

The following booking sites are among the world’s fastest, with thousands of hotels in different cities around the world, all types of hotels are covered: youth hostels, capsule hotels, homestays or star hotels, offering a wide range of room types for users to choose from. Most booking sites do not require you to be a registered member, choose the room to fill in the necessary data, and then enter your credit card password, the mailbox will receive the booking information letter and then complete the entire booking process.

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With the progress of science and technology, when you search the booking site for a location you want to go, the platform system will be based on your search records and send a letter to your preferential hotel. Sometimes these types of news will surprise you, so when you plan to travel abroad, pay attention from time to time the story, it can help you save money. Besides, the use of price comparison sites is more favorable to find better prices than using a direct booking site.

1. is the most satisfied so far when it comes to booking reservations. The search results contain a complete variety of hotels and different types of room selection, the interface operation is very smooth, each step is obvious, new booking site users will not find it difficult to use.

In addition, provides the total amount of prepayment (including taxes) when displaying the price of a reservation, as with hotelscombined, comparing the overall cost with total cost will determine more quickly which hotels are in line with your budget range.

Stars review: ★★★★★ characteristics: Mixes various types of searches with room types; it is an excellent website that takes into account your budget.

2. is for the user who needs to reduce the hunting zone and provides the multitudinous filtration option, and from the floor price youth hotel to the top gear hotel quantity distribution unusual average, the search result lodgings’ majority all distributes in the town center or periphery of the area. This is without a doubt the search result which the majority travelers want, a function that is complete and also easy to search, especially for tabulation. About the price aspect, comparing the room website with others it will have huge superiority, but sometimes it can be quite expensive.

Stars review: ★★★★ characteristics: More complete than most booking sites, the filter function is more comfortable to search for hotels that meet the actual needs.

3. Agoda


Agoda started as a booking site with Asia as its main area of operation, which can still be clearly felt on the front page of its website, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and other regions can get complete hotel information. But with Agoda operating for years, it is now possible to get a booking experience that is very much in line with your needs, even if you are searching for us booking information. Agoda’s search results have some chance of finding lower prices than those of other peers, and of course not every time such a conclusion can be found, but Agoda is indeed one of the booking sites worth using.

Stars review: ★★★★

Agoda characteristics: Featured hotels can often find amazing deals!

4. Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz:


You should see it hard to spot the difference between the three booking sites, as Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz are all Expedia’s websites, and all three sites use almost identical site designs with only minor tweaks. Interestingly, however, the search results for these three sites are slightly different, and the best results for each search are the same in three web sites, but also the order of the following list will vary. Of course, no matter how the rule changes three prices are the same, after all, they are all provided by the Expedia server.

They are about the same as, have very easy to use filters. There are many hotel options to choose from, reasonable price but not always the lowest price in the industry. You can always check their limited-time offers, which are competitive compared to other booking sites.

Stars review: ★★★★

Expedia characteristics: A stable and reliable booking website, as for the price proposal also to compare the price of non-Expedia’s booking site.

5. Google

google search booking

Google’s accommodation search feature is only done by searching for “hotel place Names” on Google, a feature that is perfectly combined with Google Maps and is very different from other booking sites. The price of the hotel is presented directly on the map with the location, using a very intuitive use. Google’s accommodation search is quite a price advantage; offering users a great and fairly concise choice.

Stars review: ★★★★

Google characteristics: When choosing a hotel, you can combine it with Google Maps to make it easy to search for all the restaurants in the range.

The advantages and disadvantages of each price comparison website:

1. Hotelscombined:

Hotels combined: Hotels Combined can search each booking site to provide the option that best fits the needs of your accommodation hotel. It can compare different room types. Show prices can also switch whether to include tax prices, is currently the most recommended booking price comparison site.

Recommended star review: ★★★★★

Best features: Start searching for booking information The ideal site, simple interface is straightforward to use.

2. TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor clearly shows the prices of each booking site, but the more appealing part of this site is that it lets you browse its full sights and reviews for free, and then book a hotel through selected attractions.

The list of search results shows the lowest price and its source, so you can easily find the right hotel. TripAdvisor searches from most booking sites, and you can also book hotels through TripAdvisor, but rates are based on the prices offered by the source website.

Recommended star review: ★★★★★

Tripadvisor features: The ability to study shopping, attractions, hotel reviews at the same time, and compare the prices of multiple booking sites.

3. Trivago


Trivago often did not put the cheapest price options first, such as Trivago found the lowest price room on Agoda, but the search results put from the higher price of put first, but Agoda price in the second place. The advantage of Trivago is that in addition to searching for Agoda, Expedia, and other well-known booking sites, will also search for some relatively small booking sites, so the search breadth is quite good.

Therefore, the only thing to be aware of when using this website is to make sure that Trivago has put the best price in the search results first place. But make sure you need a Bank account for this and sometimes I feel that people don’t know about their routing number so you can check TD Bank Routing Number here.

Recommended star review: ★★★★

Best features: Search sites are wide-ranging, including some little-known booking sites.

Reservation precautions

  1. A closer look at the hotel introduction and evaluation, you can know the hotel transportation convenience, the surrounding life function if the interior hotel environments clean, whether to provide WiFi internet access and toiletries. In addition, the hotel compartment soundproofing effect is good is also the focus of consideration, especially for people sleeping shallow sleep, for poor soundproofing of the hotel at night will be like torture, of course, if you fall asleep you can sleep like a piglet, even a big earthquake  can’t shake you awake, that soundproofing should not be too big a problem.
  2. Confirm whether the hotel requires a prepayment amount and whether to provide a service that is canceled free of charge before the check-in period.
  3. After the completion of the trip, it is recommended that the reservation site to the hotel to evaluate, no matter whether the experience is good or bad, or there is a lot of beauty, I hope to write it down for the future expected to stay in the Netizen reference, at the same time. If the store also immensely cherish feathers and hope to put the long-term hotel operation, Usually go to watch reviews and make internal improvements, so every message is a force.

Wrap up:

So Finally I hope that now after reading this article Top 10 Best Hotel Booking Sites for 2019 you can make a good decision but still if you are confused regarding anything to make sure you comment below also don’t forget to share this article with your fellows.