If you ask a few friends or strangers inquiries what are they interested in? I’m sure most people will answer traveling out of the country. And a step forward to ask is if they are traveling alone or in a group of friends, most people will answer that they prefer to travel in a group than traveling alone. But for other people who love solo traveling, it’s a great pleasure to travel on their own. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a solo trip.

Solo Traveling Advantages:

1. Decide by yourself on the itineraries of your trip

There is nothing more exciting than building a holiday of your dreams, and when you travel alone, you can do whatever you want to do, and avoid any itinerary that you are not interested in at all.

When your vacation and calculation are limited, you can use your time and money most efficiently for your trip. We all have the experience of a holiday with a friend inside the country, going out with friends may require a lot of compromise on the itinerary. Because you are two separate bodies, and there may be a lot of differences between people who have their interests. So the waste of time and money may make you feel bad about things you are not interested in at all.

And by traveling alone, you will be taught only by your adventures, and by the time when you enjoy your independence and thinking about your own time. In addition, it is easy to develop a fight to break the friendship in a situation. The most common reason is that only a few people are serious about the plan and the discussion itinerary, others are holding the heart of the team, the responsibility is from the friends who are responsible for the plan, and then the trip is not interesting at all. So that from the beginning there are complains about the itinerary. In the end, there will be a big fight, and the friendship has throughout decided to crack.

2. Freedom from our everyday life

Travelling alone means getting rid of everything in everyday life, and when you travel with friends, it’s hard to completely remember all about good travel, especially if your friends talk about a topic you don’t want to bring up at all, or stick to a photo and keep sending personal dynamics to social platforms every day,

A lot of times you really want to travel without any distractions, without any outside information to interfere with you, and be quiet and attentive to everything you’ve come across from your current trip.

3. Know yourself better to a larger extent

When we are in a familiar place or business in our daily lives, we often ignore many opportunities for self-growth. And traveling alone will force you to get to know yourself again, you will encounter a lot of difficulties and troubles on the journey, and you can not rely on your friends and family to ask them what to do next? You have to learn to think about things independently and try things you’ve never done before, even try something that used to be completely crazy for you, and everything about it will help you become a more complete person.

4. Meeting new friends on the trip

This is actually a neutral topic, but not everyone likes it, so this is a shortcoming. Traveling with friends means you have a very familiar person who can talk with you, while traveling alone means that if you want to talk to someone, you have to take the initiative to make friends with strangers. For introverted people, this is a big challenge, forcing them out of their comfort zone, to increase the challenge to their character, of course, there is nothing bad with it, it is a kind of growth. It depends on how you look at this matter, but if you like to meet new people, traveling alone is definitely perfect for you.

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Disadvantages of Solo Traveling:

1. Travel Securities Risk

When a person travels, the first thing people often think about is the safety of travel.

If you encounter some problems by traveling in a group, someone can help you out of your current predicament. If you are robbed or stolen, a friend can report to the local police station with you as a witness, and this is something that most solo travelers encounter with, and there is no way to solve them as easily as traveling with friends.

2. Nobody is there to give an opinion

Traveling alone requires independent thinking about pre-trip planning and situations, so it takes a lot of time for one person to travel to collect data, there is no way to use the brain as completely as a regiment and push everything to the leader’s guide.

3. No cost sharing

Multi-person accommodation bookings and group trips can reduce overall travel costs, but if you’re traveling alone, in some cases it may cost you more, and when you decide whether to travel alone or with others, you also need to consider questions about the extra costs.

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Talked so much about the benefits and disadvantages of solo travel, which are often one-sided; it is still looking at how individuals make decisions.

But whether you’re traveling alone or on a group trip, hope you’ll get an idea of the details of your trip and participate in the discussion, believing that it will make you more enjoyable and gain better memories and gains from it.