For people who love traveling far away, buying travel insurance is not necessary, and they must do a thing as they get ready for travel. Most of the travelers don’t know the risk that could happen on vacation, mainly causing serious property damage. Therefore before traveling abroad, please buy travel insurance, below are six important reasons why you should purchase travel insurance:

1. Personal injuries:

When deciding to travel to foreign countries, you must have thought about what would happen if you get injured during the trip and how to deal with it. Depending on the severity of the actual injury, medical expenses can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Therefore buying travel insurance will ensure that if you have an accident, there is a quick treatment for it, also saving your financial burden. The personal accident insurance can also guarantee to help your family survive the financial crisis if you are unfortunately dead or disabled. If you need to sue and claim a third party for a personal injury or death, some insurance terms may even help you pay for the legal fees.

2. An accidental cancelation:

After booking and paying for travel expenses, if you need to cancel the trip suddenly due to unchangeable factors, many expenses might not be returned. I believe you don’t want to waste the money you earned with hard work! There may be many factors such as how your journey may be delayed because you are sick, a fire or tsunami, landslides, riots or typhoon. At this time, travel insurance will function to take on the unexpected situation you may encounter and the extra money you may have to pay.

3. Missing the departure time:

On the way to the airport, most people will think that nothing bad will happen, but the weather may cause the vehicle to malfunction, making them miss the flight they booked. Travel insurance can be used as protection when you miss a flight, so you don’t need to bother to repurchase your ticket in special circumstances.

Missing the departure time

4. Losing the baggage:

When traveling by plane, it is possible that you’ll lose your baggage, buying new clothes and supplies can be a bothering situation and a big burden. Travel insurance will compensate for the loss of baggage. If the baggage is finally retrieved and the loss was not caused by oneself, the travel insurance will still pay for the necessary expenses for the livelihood of the waiting baggage.

5. Injuring others:

If you rent a car while driving in another country, and you decide that you need to pay the medical expense of another person, the travel insurance will cover the cost of another’s an injury. If you are sued by the other party, a lawyer can be hired by using insurance.

6. Lost items and financial theft:

While traveling abroad, you have at least some experience with losing items. What will you do in this situation? Losing your cash and credit card will cause you a lot of problems. If you are traveling and you have expensive items with you, like jewelry and digital cameras, you have the risk of being robbed. Travel insurances will cover your financial losses.

Traveling abroad is always exciting, but don’t forget to buy travel insurance while deciding traveling, because you need to be sure that your unexpected trip needs to be perfect. Travel. Go home safety.