When you plan your holiday, you may think that buying travel insurance is not so necessary. However, given the possibility of a lot of sudden circumstances, it is always a good idea to buy a travel guarantee.

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Nothing is worse than losing your luggage and getting sick when you travel. When you come across a situation where you don’t have to worry about any loss of your finances, travel insurance can be used to pay out for a number of purposes.

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However, you must ensure that you have purchased a legal travel insurance contract, so here are some questions you should ask before you buy travel insurance.


1. Is the insurance company subject to government supervision? Who is responsible for handling the travel list?

Travel insurance blackmail lied, so it is important to investigate the basic resources of the insurance company, to confirm the legality of the company and to be subject to government supervision, such as the insurance company may prove that it will be more secure.

Being sure whether the insurance company is legal is the first step in buying travel insurance. In addition, there are times when you buy travel adventures that are not purchased directly with the insured insurance company, but through the insurance dealer or the people of the century to buy. In order to prevent you from buying insurance, but in the end, there is no actual coverage of the situation, for the safety of the best also to be responsible for the dealer of the people who sell the insurance, to ensure that they really like to help you to insure the safe and dangerous travel.

A number of companies will comment on insurance companies or distributors to check enquiries their reviews as one of the dependencies on the purchase of travel insurance.

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2. What’s so good about buying insurance early?

Usually in the purchase of travel agencies to launch the tour itinerary at the same time to buy a tourist insurance will have a more cost-effective price, of course, to find the insurance company alone underwriting is also no problem, if to the airport to think of a travel risk, usually the airport will also have inconceivable some insurance company to accept Pau. However, it is important to note that you should avoid buying directly from an insurance company belonging to an airline or an email company. The use of these two is often the most expensive and easy to lack some of the protection, in addition, airlines or mail companies may be due to the crash, coupled with the company’s poor failure to produce payout money, in the final you have a problem when the insurance contract can not provide any patches amends,

Therefore, the safe and dangerous amount of insurance travel should not be purchased with an insurance company with a direct travel business.

3. What if there is a known disease before it happens?

If you are suffering from a disease, you may still be in danger and prone to sudden health, and some items may not be paid for. For example, if you have heart disease and are treated with medication a few weeks before your trip, you may not receive any patches as a result of the development of the disease at the center of the journey. At this time, you should be able to cancel your travel service (“Cancel for any Reason”), which will allow you to cancel your originally scheduled trip for any reason.

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4. What help will be available if you choose to “Cancel your travel itinerary under any circumstances” in the travel list?

There are often many loopholes in travel insurance, and most of the pros are biased towards insurance companies,so that in some circumstances they may not admit payout amends. At this time, the purchase of “any situation” or”cause of work” can cancel the travel itinerary (“Cancel for any/work reason”) can solve any pre-travel sudden incident to the cause of the impenetrable embarrassment. Doing so may improve a lot of expenses, but it is still a good choice if the condition requires it.

5. Does the travel insurance contract require payment of the fee before the request is made?

Most travel insurance appointments require you to pay the money first, and then ask for a fee.
In this case, you may want to know how long the time is under nuclear sales, especially if the person’s money is tighter.

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6. Does it include all connected travel companies?

When you go on a trip, you may be dealing with different businesses. It could be the airline, the mail company, the rental car, the hotel, and the travel company.
You need to know which of the travel Pao you purchased and whether any of the companies you have paid for will also be payout if they are shut down.


7. When does the contract begin?

When does it end? Not all travel insurance is the same, and some may only provide you with a guarantee of actual development and return to and from the destination period, while others will fully cover the entire travel time.
This will be the most secure travel safety risk if you can take care of the effective time to choose the cover from a step home to the end of the entire period of the family.

8. Does the insurance company offer 24 hours of service?

Obvious and easy to see is a very important consideration, because the situation of travel may happen at any time, no matter when and how quickly to get the insurance company to help the importance.When you absolutely don’t want to happen, the guest persuades people is still sleeping.


9. Is there an extrabudgetary or extreme movement on a trip that is also included in the activity?

Usually, any activity that is considered to be adventurous will not be covered in the contract, you need to contact the insurance company to purchase an extra insurance project.
Of course, normal movement, such as tennis or football, does not have such a problem, but such as jumping, jumping parachute, skiing or scuba latent water usually requires additional insurance items.

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10. Legal fees for the case of an accident

If you are told from an external cause in an accident or accidentally damaged article, do you want to be sure that the insurance company will protect you from the responsibility of the person? This is an aspect that is very easy to ignore when buying travel insurance, because this service may make the fee expensive. However, if there is no such insurance, you will face the risk of being told, and must pay the full cost of the payout and the hiring of the lawyer.
In the same way, if you are a victim, you have the privilege of asking the defendant for amends, and these will require this service to provide you with the payment of the fee.

11. Is it enough for a heavy item to be payout by a pirate burglary?

For example, professional photography or skiing may be carrying with expensive gear, if you feel that the payout is not enough to increase the degree at any time, but you need to add the service before the loss of the item.

Anything can happen during the journey, so you should not travel in a situation where you may be in danger or inconvenience and be forced out of the country, and buy travel insurance that meets your actual needs, so that you can get the quality of protection, and have peace on mind while traveling.

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