Are you paying through the nose for hotels and travel? Your next trip is going to save you a lot!

Hotelling requires a little foresight and a great deal of research. And, if you are not prepared properly, it can easily blow your entire travel budget just on hotel bookings.

Although the internet is teeming with piles of competitive best hotel booking sites, accommodation hunt becomes tiresome when you have to put it all in your bill. Many of the most popular websites usually offer similar package deals with a different price range. So, in order to save your bucks, you have to make wiser decisions that fit your budget and needs.

What a majority of people do is, they choose any package without digging into its details and as an outcome, they run out of balance beforehand. When you make a search over the internet, there come a plethora of options, you can check out to choose the best deal. This “check-out” demands actual scrutinizing – you have to compare all available options and filter them out for a careful selection.

Our experienced travel experts have evaluated hundreds of reviews to understand the issues of on-site & off-site hotel accommodations. Thus, before you plunk down your hundreds of thousands of dollars over a drivel package, you must check into this guide we’ve prepared to overcome all the pitfalls.

We will be providing all the essential details you need to make your hotel accommodation flawless and cost-savvy. So let’s begin!


Whenever you plan to travel, take some time to organize your trip and choose the perfect accommodation on priority. There will be several elements that you have to take into deliberation when choosing so.

It is suggested first to ask your friends and family circle who already had experienced the same place you are heading off. They can give you a piece of trustworthy advice that will protect you from any annoyances.

As someone said:

“Almost all the times, advice from your loved ones is for your safety, not for your success.”

It is briefly described below how many ways you can choose your right accommodations online through websites or on arrival in the place. To better understand, let’s dive into the details.

Looking For Online Hotel Accommodation

Looking For Online Hotel Accommodation

Today the Internet is quickly becoming a powerful user decision-making tool in all types of booking processes as well as for the hotel accommodation method.

According to Sep 2019 survey, we found that 75% of people now book hotels online. 15% book hotels directly via phone or email and 10% still book via a travel agency. Many travelers initially search for online bookings while using embedded maps and packages on various platforms.

Different web tools allow you to browse hotels by name or city, check prices, and availability. If you are an independent traveler or crew, you can search for the best accommodation packages online in a reasonable trip budget. Booking your accommodation online and getting booking confirmation is just a matter of a few clicks now!

Here are some popular and trustworthy travel search engines that are chosen world widely for hotel bookings. Let’s get the basic how-know of these top websites:

HotelsCombined (awarded world’s best hotel price comparison site) have created the world’s leading travel search engine, a smart comparison tool that does the detailed research for you.

They analyze online data to provide you with unbiased information beforehand and compare all the top travel sites in just one search to find the best hotel deals at

HOTELS.COM helps you find the most suitable deals. Its primary results show a good scale of hotels around the city centers. It offers a robust, easy, and secure hotel search filtered list of well-located selections.

It also deals with several non-hotel properties, condo-hotels, guesthouses, and bed and breakfasts.

One of the best hotel booking sites that return universal search results. It displays a nearby hotel search engine with the total cost, which is essential when comparing cheap hotel rates; it helps you instantly determine which hotels fit into your budget. is a best hotel hunt site for a wide variety of budgets.

TripAdvisor helps nearly a half a billion travelers each month make every trip their best trip. It allows browsing hundreds of millions of reviews and opinions of accommodations, restaurants, experiences, airlines, and cruises.

Whether planning or on a trip, travelers turn to TripAdvisor to compare low prices on hotels, flights, and cruises, book popular tours and attractions, as well as reserve tables at great restaurants. TripAdvisor can be your ultimate travel companion and it is available in 49 markets and 28 languages.

Trivago is another meta-search hotel booking site. It’s a mix of hotel sites, which could result in finding some of the best hotel deals out there. 

The good thing about conducting a hotel search on Trivago is that Trivago searches various unexplored hotel accommodation sites, including Agoda, in addition to the usual suspects like Expedia, Priceline, and

But tourists should take a dense look at Trivago’s hotel hunting results to confirm that Trivago isn’t covering a better deal farther down the list.

This hotel booking site is mainly created for Asia. But now Agoda has also expanded to the U.S. Like all the rest of the hotel booking sites, Agoda is well worth checking for the best hotel deals.

It has a large selection of well-located places to stay, with some of the most suitable hotel prices around.

Looking for On-Site Accommodation

When traveling without any plan and no internet connection accessible to browse accommodation.

You can make a reservation through travel agencies, their email, and contact number. Below is the fleet discussion of these ways for hotel accommodation.

Booking via Travel Agencies

Among the bunch of hotel accommodation search engines, this is also an excellent option to contact travel agencies via email or phone for hotel bookings. You can pay your bills with online money transfer options.

Otherwise, you can pay in cash when you reach there. As this way of booking seems easy, but it may take more time sending an email back and forth for confirmation. They would also charge you a commission to hotels’ net price. Also, there may be a possibility of not booking your room until you pay in cash.

But you can book with reputable travel agencies having excellent online reviews. If you want to book via agencies, find a reliable agency with good client reviews that can manage everything for you.

Reservation Through Email

If you are reserving through email, find the agency’s email address on their website or travel forums, compose them with complete information about the number of people, report your arrival and check-out, room type, and any other thing which means to you.

You can also accommodate for discounts if you are traveling in a group. It usually takes some days for hotels to respond. Verify your booking a long time ago before your arrival. Make sure to reconfirm your reservation for a few days.

Reservation Through Phone

You can also contact the hotel directly using their phone number for booking by getting a local sim card for your phone, ask them to book a room for the time you want and pay in cash when you arrive at the hotel. Just check the time zone difference.

Book Hotels On Arrival in Person

More travelers today book a hotel on the day of their arrival in person. It is an excellent choice for travelers who prefer to plan their trip in the off-season. However, finding suitable accommodation during peak-season is troublesome not only for foreign travelers but for natives as well.

This method of booking can be a pay-off, but there’s a severe risk of being shut out or paying way too much. On the spot, bookings cause high price rates, time wastage, inconvenience, and any event that may cause hotel bookings closed.

So, rather than throwing yourself into trouble, it is more careful to plan early. And arrive at a new destination without worrying about where to stay.



People who are frequent travelers can understand the hardship of having a hotel booking. Sometimes if you don’t have luck around, all the rooms of your favorite hotel get equipped. This situation is not very rare as the flow of tourists and visitors increases with at the time of the season. Your best bet is to make an online booking before leaving for the tour.

You can make an online hotel booking anytime from your desk. It’s convenient and gives you the freedom to apply for value-added services, including cabs, drivers, pick-ups, etc. Once you are done with the booking, you get free from the stress of losing your place to stay at the spot.

We have set-up a guide on how to book a hotel online or offline. You can learn a lot through this guide if you are new to the trend. Just follow the lead and avail the benefit.

Contact a Travel Agency

The simple way to get the best deal done for the hotel booking is to visit a travel agency, and they can assist you further.

Travel agencies are convenient, but there are some disadvantages attached to them. Speaking of which, people have forgotten the names of physical travel agencies since digital technology has taken over the world.

But it still is convenient for many people who either have trust built on the office works, or they don’t know how to use the internet facility. As far as the concern of the new age, people only go to the agencies when they are low on budget or live in a remote area.

Online Research is Vital

Well, don’t underestimate the time and strength you use to search for the hotels or comparison websites. As we have mentioned above, some of the great sites where you can compare the prices and facilities for hotels, flights, and airport parking.

Yet, online research on the direct company website helps a lot. Many times ago, people used to wander the cities or ask for friend’s suggestions by which a couple of business owners get benefited and earned the full economy. Today, we have everything on our fingertips. A tiny screen has the capability of showing us thousands of results from around the globe.

All you have to do is to find a suitable package and book it for you online. We are talking about hotels and accommodation here. So, if you are not concerned about the price and need excellent service, then you have the advantage of looking through the least options, which make your research easy and quick. So, search online, and it pays you off in a very effective way.

Contact the Companies Directly

Don’t miss out on the look at the official hotel booking sites. It gets messy sometimes when you use comparison websites like TripAdvisor. So, you should always check the official website of the companies you are following. It can save you time, and you can find attractive offers and discounts as well. These discounts are not merely available online on the go.

Sometimes travel agencies have contracts with the companies. They can offer you hotel rooms at highly competitive prices, but don’t get yourself confused and focus on the research of the moment.

Check the Gallery on the Website

Don’t think you have the right choice of website, and you don’t want to look into further images and everything. Scammers are everywhere. You have to be careful while booking your international or national hotel. Every good company shares a gallery of pictures on their website in which they have all the pics of the rooms available. Make sure you see the images of the place you are about to book.

You can reach out to online travel agencies as well for the purpose. The problem to go to a travel agency is that they always charge their commission, which you pay other than the actual room rent.

The Hotel Address Matters

Many hotels located at prime locations charge more than you can imagine. One way to get rid of their heft charges is to book a lot before or wait for the best deal to come.

Some hotels are simply located in the areas where you may not find peace but just a place to stay. The most important thing to consider as an address is to check if the hotel has access to local transport or it should be near to the place you work.

For vacations, you need to have a local transport transit nearby; otherwise, you may have to pay extra to reach the terminals. You should always keep the neighborhood in mind at the time of the hotel booking.

You can always Call the Hotel for Rates

Don’t hesitate to call the hotel directly for better rates. This is also a very efficient way to compare the prices you get from different companies. Calling the hotel directly won’t assure you to have the cheapest rates. Sometimes, the hotel charge more than the companies offering you. So, don’t make this your final option for booking your room at the hotel.

You can check the hotel’s websites as well for the information, but they don’t usually mention the prices on the page. They tell you to contact them or just book the rooms without knowing the charges before.

Confirm Your Booking

You don’t want to face miscommunication issues at the time of arrival. It often happens that people perceive they have booked the room, but the place is vacant from the hotel’s side, and they give it to someone else.

Wait for the confirmation email or message from the company after online booking for a hotel. If you don’t receive the confirmation, then contact the company again and ask them to confirm it for you.

Don’t Forget to Ask for Discounts on Longer stays

Booking your rooms directly can benefit you with additional discounts. If you are staying for a week or more, then claim the discounts. The hotels are happy to give discounts to visitors who avail of their services for a long time.



Whether you are going on a vacation, a business seminar, or a study tour, staying in the hotel for the time is required. With some tips collected through surveys, you can get benefits, including cheap rates and best offers.

Try Out New Hotels

Many people show their concern while making a hotel booking. Always try out newly opened hotels while you have the chance. You can avail reasonable prices and spotless & tidy rooms.

Hunt Down Attractive Deals

From your seat in the plane to the residence of your choice, many companies offer deals that have the cheapest hotel booking and marvelous amenities inside.

Sign up for Newsletter and Memberships

Companies defuse a lot more benefits to their persistent clients and the people who follow their updates. Memberships are often seemed very expensive for many people. However, this option is still better than reaching out to the travel agencies.

Scope Out of Coupon Codes

Looking for and earning coupon codes is a unique way people now use. If you don’t have any idea about where to find coupons, just Google the name for your tour and follow the information.

Try Bidding Options or Opt-out last minute Bookings

With the growing knowledge and trends, bidding is becoming a prominent way to get the best offers and cheapest hotel and accommodation. Bid till the last minute so that you can avail the most affordable stay while you enjoy your vacation.

Check for the Amenities within the Price

Once you have decided on the choice of your hotel, you must check for the facilities included in the price. If you are not sure what you should check, then you have the option to look inside the package online, or you can call the company directly. You don’t want to leave out your money for no buffet breakfast and other little facilities.

Maybe You Credit Card is Offering Discounts

If you own a credit card and you use it often, then there is a big chance that you get offers from your bank. Redeem your rewards at the right time, and if your discounts are expiring, then you can always check for new and upcoming offers.


Whenever you are traveling outside either to another city or country, you must acknowledge the crucial information about the hotel booking, rooms, and neighborhood.

If you are having difficulty acquiring information, then our detailed guide can help you learn vital things efficiently. From selecting an online company to visiting travel agencies, we have all covered in the manual.

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