The references Canada is always reminiscent of are maple syrup, maple leaves and snow-covered land, and Canada and the United States because they have friendly pro-country relations, so often travelers think that they are actually really similar, but the fact is there are a lot of differences. So before you travel to Canada, I write an article on Best 18 Travel Tips for Canada That Might Save Your Trip.

In this article to help you get to know Canada a step closer. Know the hazardous areas that need to be avoided, the emergency numbers, and the preparation for dressing according to weather conditions are all very important. Here are the travel tips for visiting Canada:

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1. Show your Visa upon arrival to Canada

When you start planning a trip to Canada, you need to first confirm whether Canada has a visa requirement. Many countries require ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) to enter Canada. In fact, it is not difficult to handle online, fill out the form with a credit card attachment, the cost is not high, nearly 7 yuan, about 3 days the ETA is achieved. You need to pay special attention to the arrival to Canada before the completion of the bid. You can visit Canada Embassy website here.

Travel to Canada, arrival

2. Basic clothes for winter

Temperatures and climates are not quite the same in all provinces of Canada. It’s important to conduct weather studies before traveling. In winter, no matter which city you plan to travel to, bring snow boots, sheep sweaters and waterproof jackets are certainly essential equipment. Many travelers like to travel to Canada in the winter, but winter is not the best season for Canadian skiing. In winter the temperature is very low and cold, and the best ski season is between autumn and September to November. You can enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery while enjoying the fun of skiing. Do not forget this best tip for Canada traveler.

Canada, Winter

3. Keep an eye on the weather conditions in Canada

Canada’s winter conditions are grim. It’s important to keep an eye on the change of climate in the country. In winter, avalanches and snowstorms are common in Canada. Winter’s natural disasters can cause road closures, so winter is intended to be self-driving in Canada. Make sure to rent a vehicle equipped with snow tires and snow chains.

Canada winter, road snow

4. Protect your finances and avoid theft

Small sins are present and ubiquitous in every country, especially in big cities. Many thieves sneak in tourist attractions and hotels, so tourists can easily become targets. You can put your passport in the hotel safe and carry a copy of your passport with you. Do not keep credit cards and pocket money in the same place.

Travel, protect your money

5. Purchase a travel insurance

Travel insurance is always an essential preparation project, no matter which country you are traveling to. If there are dangerous outdoor activities during the journey, such as skiing, sledding, and motorcycles, it is necessary to ensure the insurance company against a special accident.

travel insurance required

6. Remember emergency numbers

It is important to know the emergency phone numbers of your country of visit, and Canada’s call is the same in the United States, 911. For non-emergency situations, some areas can be dialed to 311 You can also see more emergency numbers here.

travel to Canada,, rescue

7. Canada’s currency and consumption habits

There is a gap between the exchange rate and the dollar, which is about 0.77 cents equivalent per coin. It looks like Canada is small in costs. So many people will speculate that the big consumption should not be higher than that of the United States. On the contrary, all of Canadian food and clothing spending is more expensive than in the United States. Most stores can use credit cards to spend, and of course, it is recommended to redeem some Canadian coins. If you take dollars to Canada to spend, you may need to spend a little more handling fees. In addition to the price of goods in stores, it is necessary to add a 5% GST. That is, if you need a tip to enjoy the service in a restaurant or other place, the tipping ratio is generally between 15~20%.

Currency in Canada


 8. Using metric units

Unlike the United States, Canada uses metric units. In fact, the metric and imperial units are mixed, and you can see that distance and speed are in metric units, but if you talk about height weight or object weight, it is often in British units. In addition, for the use of weather temperature units, Canadians will be measured in Celsius, but when baking, they tend to use Fahrenheit. If the car is refueling, it is priced per litre, not per gallon.

Travel, car kpmh


9. Legal drinking at 18 or 19 years old

The alcohol restriction in the United States is 21 years old, but alcohol is available in Canada at the age of 18 or 19, depending on the province. The drinking age is also included in the ability to buy spirits and beer.

Travel, bar, drinking

10. Avoid the gray zone

There are unsafe areas in every city in the world, such as in the Eastern District of Vancouver, which is often a problematic area where travelers and drug dealers meet. Also, Toronto locals suggest not to approach Schoberny and Capitol Street as much as possible after dark.

Canada, police car

11. Learn some French!

Canada’s Quebec, Prov. belongs to the French Community. There the people speak English as well as any other Canadian region but can be helpful to know some of French. When talking to locals it could help to understand better the culture and people’s feelings,

Canada, street in Quebec

12. Tim Hortons is your best choice to save money

Canada, Tim Hortons restaurant

When traveling to Canada, you should soon notice that almost every town, no matter how small it is, has a shop called Tim Hortons. It’s a chain of coffee, sandwiches and donuts, and its name comes from a hockey player. Tim Hortons is ubiquitous, and coffee desserts are relatively cheap and are one of the best stores to save money.

13. Transportation in Canada

All major cities in Canada have public transport to ride. In Vancouver, you will take the SkyTrain, while Toronto will take the subway, bus and tram. For travel in rural areas, hiring a car is the safest and most convenient option.

Canada, Toronto transport

14. Don’t underestimate the distance between the two places in Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world, covering multiple time zone differences within its territory. So it’s really hard to get a panoramic view of everything on a trip. The best way to travel is to choose only one major area at a time, giving you plenty of time to experience Canada, rather than spending a lot of time moving between cities.

Travel, distances in Canada

15. Visit the national park and pay attention to safety issues

Canada has many amazing national parks, and brown bears and black bears can often be found  in the summer. In this country wildlife itself is potentially dangerous, so be careffuly. When visiting national parks, be sure to make sure bears don’t see food and avoid food aromas that attract them. Also be careful of polar bears, which are more aggressive to people than other bears.

Canada national park

16. Don’t go in water in unfamiliar water domains

Canada has the longest coastline in the world and will be open to swimming in many parts of the summer. Do not visit the waters unless there are lifeguards present.

Canada, beach in Toronto

17. Comity to wild animals while driving

In Canada, you should often see a warning sign of wildlife infestation. That order to remind drivers to be careful about wildlife infestation while driving. This is to avoid injuries to people or animals as a result of a car accident. In the vicinity of the Lothian Mountains, there is also the construction of a unique animal flyover to avoid such accidents.

Canada, animals


18. The home of the Manitoba snake

Manitoba has the largest number of snakes in the world. With up to 70,000 snakes waking up from hibernation every May. Travelers can stand on the observation deck and watch the snakes that appear in the spring. Of course, if you don’t like snakes, this activity may not be for you.

Manitoba Snakes


The above is a Best 18 Travel Tips for Canada. Hopefully, this article will help you prepare well before you travel and have a rudimentary understanding of Canada. for more articles, you may visit our website at Trip University.