Mexico is a great travel destination on the American continent. They have delicious food, low levels of consumption, friendly and enthusiastic people, and many beautiful landscapes. But in addition to a happy tour of Mexico, don’t forget to know the local cultural differences in advance, so that you can travel to enjoy. In this article, we will tell you 16 Tips For Traveling To Mexico City. So you can have prepared for the problems and troubles you may encounter.

1. Take good care of your travel card

When you enter Mexico, you will fill out a form and let the customs officers confirm the seal. After they cover the Tour card and rip it off and attach it to your passport to give you back, please remember to put it away and do not lose it! With a passport and this, you can travel within Mexico for 180 days without leaving the country. And when you are ready to leave, customs officers will ask to show a passport and the travel card. If the travel card is lost, you will be fined 525 pesos, equivalent to 30 of dollars in fees! So don’t lose your travel card, this is the first thing to pay attention to traveling to Mexico.

Trravel, waiting with suitcase

2. Departure from the airport to the city

When you leave the airport, the easiest but most expensive way to get to the city is by the airport taxi. According to the destination after payment with the receipt to the driver set off, the charge is not based on the head, so play with friends and take a taxi to save money. One thing to note is that it is not safe to take a roadside taxi from the airport if you’re traveling to Mexico on your own. To save on transportation, it’s a good idea to check out the local bus schedule for the city, which has bus stops at most airports in Mexico.

Bus, great option for travelers in Mexico

3. Choose a region to play and enjoy

Mexico’s land area is actually quite large, so it is recommended to concentrate the travel itinerary in the same area, otherwise the traffic may take up most of your time. Unless you have more than two weeks of vacation, then a multi-point city move itinerary can be considered.

If you like historical culture and vibrant attractions, then Mexico City and its surrounding areas are ideal places; if you like nature, then both Chiapas and Huasteca Potosina are good choices; or you like the beach, several coastal cities in Mexico are very nice places to surf, dive and party.

Museum at Mexico City

4. Harnessing the Mexican bus network

Mexico is vast, so moving requires a car rental or transportation, and while domestic flights are a great way to save time in urban mobility, it’s cheaper to travel by bus in many places. Not only is it a very affordable way to travel, but you can also get a deep understanding of Mexico’s beautiful countryside. Mexico’s bus system is actually quite good, with comfortable seats and toilets on board, so don’t feel uncomfortable when you are on a long-haul bus.


Bus network on Mexico

5. Avoiding the tourist season in Mexico

To avoid too many people reducing the travel experience and save on airfare and hotel costs, please try not to travel during the tourist season in Mexico.The tourist season period is as follows:


  • It lasted one month between mid-December and January, during which time there was the largest influx of Christmas and cross-years.
  • A week before Easter, called Semana Santa in Mexico. Is an important local national holiday. a huge tourist crowd will be present.
  • In late July and early August, this was also a time when many Mexicans would take a vacation. Of course, in addition to the above three longest-affecting holidays, the usual Mexican weekend and even the number of fake crowds will be more, the highway is easy to traffic jams, especially during the first and last days of the holiday, so when arranging the itinerary, these factors need to take into account.

Amazing beach in Mexico

6. Toilet labeled M is actually for ladies in Mexico

Many foreigners, especially from the English department, are really embarrassed when they first go to Mexico. That is because they enter the wrong toilet, especially male tourists. A careless will go into the ladies ‘ room, and the reason is that the Mexican toilet mark M does not mean for “MEN”. In the Spanish language “Mujeres”, Represent women. So, if you see a toilet labeled “M”, don’t mistakenly think it’s for men, instead you should look for toilets labeled “H” (Hombres) or “C” (Caballeros).

This is a common thing in the local area, but for the English Department of Travelers to see the M’s toilet, it is easy to reflect the habit of going in, but now you know that you should avoid such a misconception, next time you go to Mexico you will not feel embarrassed by avoiding this problem.

Toilet signs, Travel tips

7. Do not throw toilet paper in the toilet in Mexico

Many people may be very unaccustomed to one thing when they visit Mexico. Especially those in developed countries who basically do not have the habit of dropping toilet paper and not throwing it directly into the toilet and rushing into the sewer. The main reason is that Mexico’s sewer system does not have the capacity to handle toilet paper. So travelers must throw toilet paper into the bin. Of course, resorts and luxury hotels directly wash off the toilet paper without a problem, but in most cases, it can only be thrown directly into the bin.

Bathroom, travel, Mexico

8. Pay with pesos

Many Mexican tourist attractions will accept the use of dollars to spend, so the common visitor will think that changing it to pesos is not necessary, but it’s definitely one of the worst decisions. The exchange rate used by businesses can lower your confidence, and the dollar has become so worthless. So the best way is to use credit cards and redeem local Pisolai for consumption.

Currency, Mexico, pesos

9. Security concerns

Mexico has always had misgivings about tourism security, and some of the negative news reports have given us a stereotype that is not so safe for Mexico. Of course, there are unsafe places in Mexico, but it is very safe to travel in most parts of the country. Mexicans are warm and friendly and will definitely make you disappear from this bad impression!

Street in Mexico

10. Travel insurances

While it has been stressed at one point that much of Mexico is safe, there is inevitably a chance of an accident on the trip, so be prepared for any risk.

Travel insurance sign

11. Experience the different sights of Mexico

Mexico is a great tourist country, with more than 128 million people and nearly 2 million square kilometers of land.  The area of light is half that of Europe. Mexico has rich terrain such as mountains, deserts, cities, beaches, jungles, canyons, plains and so on, and it will never make you feel bored.

Amazing view in Mexico

12. Visit Cenotes

In the Yucatan Pen De of Mexico, the landscape of the cavern is often seen. This is because of the limestone topography of the geological genus.These cenotes will be like a bowl of inverted cover and then a hole in the bottom. It is a very beautiful unique landscape, in some caves you can even swim and snorkel. As one of Mexico’s important features that can’t be missed!

Cenotes, beutiful waters,Tips For Traveling To Mexico City
Tips For Traveling To Mexico City

13. Ride Colectivos in the trip

What is Colectivos? It is a shared minibus, which is very easy to see in many parts of Mexico, and some areas will be renamed (Peseros). What are the benefits of taking such a vehicle? It’s very cheap and time-saving transportation, and to friends who wants to save money, give it a try!

Colectivos in Mexico

14. It’s difficult to buy bus and domestic tickets online

If you would like to buy a Mexican bus or domestic ticket online, it will not be possible. Fortunately, there is an alternative solution to the problem of ticket purchase, you can go directly to the station to buy or book online and then go to the convenience store to pick up tickets to pay.

Men frustrated online,  Tips For Traveling To Mexico City
Tips For Traveling To Mexico City

15. VivaAerobus and Volaris are scary airlines

Did you take the American Union air? Mexican Cheap airlines VivaAerobus and Volaris could be worse than it. Have you ever experienced paying a ticket with a credit card and charging an extra 25 dollars for a fee? If luggage is overweight, it will be used for a fee, that is actually normal and you won’t care that much. What if they do something to the weight while checking your luggage? Don’t be deceived by the price of the seductive people in Mexico, the choice of a more expensive airline will definitely keep you happy on the road.

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16. Watch out for car hire traps in Mexico

In Mexico, you often get the chance to see stores that claim to be 1 of dollar for car hire, and these stores are unquestionably fake, and if you can’t help but rent the price, the agent will insist that you have to buy the outrageous insurance, which has a high price. You must be careful in this part, do not easily be fooled. 

Car Retal, Travel
Tips For Traveling To Mexico City

These travel notes of Mexico will improve traveling experience, preventing all trouble on the way, letting travelers have fun and feel safe as they go home.


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