Everything you need to know to have a wonderful time in the Magic Kingdom

For anyone who’s planning on to Florida, visiting the spectacular Magic Kingdom theme park is probably one of the main activities that you’d want to do. Probably you’re thinking about going to Florida just to visit this great theme park. If you want to live this incredible experience, or if you just want to know more about the Magic Kingdom, then don’t stop reading. Here we show you everything you need to know to make your visit to the Magic Kingdom the best experience ever.

The Magic Kingdom is undoubtedly a beautiful place, and it’s also the most visited thematic park in the world. It has a large area with many attractions to offer, which can vary from exciting roller coasters to large shows where you will meet your favorite Disney characters. This park is the opposite of what anyone could consider a boring place.

Getting to know this place entirety will take more than a day, since this gigantic park has more 43 hectares full of attractions and charming places. But with the proper guidance, you enjoy everything that this wonderful place can offer. Here we will show you the attractions and other places within the Magic Kingdom that you should not miss from the most visited theme park in the world.

Get the access

The Magic Kingdom is located very far from the parking lot, which may seem strange, but when you get to the parking lot you will find the Transportation and Ticket Center to buy your ticket and go to the Magic Kingdom by train, ferry or bus. In addition, you will also find a center for lost objects, which can be very useful if you miss an important object during your visit.

If you decide to stay at one of the available resorts around the entire Walt Disney World Resort, you will also have access to the transportation methods available to take you all over the Magic Kingdom.

The main attractions

The Magic Kingdom is really a magical park, inspired by the great stories produced by the Disney world. This park is divided into different zones which each represent a different theme, with attractions for all ages.

Attractions are the main reason why people decide to go to a theme park, Magic Kingdom. If you’re a fan of adventures and speed you can find several roller coasters. In addition, most of the park is related to the Disney world, which is a plus if you are a Disney fan. These are the best attractions that you shouldn’t miss if you go to the Magic Kingdom:

The Space Mountain

This incredible roller coaster is one of the most outstanding things you can find in the Magic Kingdom. You will last a little more than 2 minutes in the roller coaster and the speed is 43 km / h, so it is neither the fastest nor the most durable, but it’s an excellent experience that will make you go crazy.

The Space Mountain is really a perfect demonstration of how fun a roller coaster can be. It is a combination of good lighting effects and an exotic environment. Your tour is based on setting in a dark space trip that will make you feel that you really are out of this planet.

To be able to enter the roller coaster your height must be at least 112 cm. Due to the strong emotions that are experienced in it is not recommended if for those who suffer heart problems.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

It is inspired by the Snow White the film. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is an excellent option to ride in the Magic Kingdom; It has a maximum speed of 55 km / h so it’s faster than the Space Mountain. However, it has a totally different environment, since it’s all Snow White inspired, the lighting effects and atmosphere makes you feel that you’re inside the film.

You will find a tunnel with colorful lights where you will see the dwarves sing and work hard on the mine. The exterior of the mine is as well attractive, since it has a combination of rocks and vegetation.

 You need to have at least 97Cm of height to get in the car. Also, you will not experience large dizziness or accelerations of your pulse.

Big Thunder Mountain Coaster:

This is quite famous because it is found in all Disney parks, so it shouldn’t be missing in our list. The decoration of the route is colorful and you will see different scenarios of the mine that are very well made.

With a maximum speed of 58 km / h emotions are not absent in this long journey, so you’ll never regret going to this amazing attraction.

You must be at least 102 cm of height to enter the Big Thunder Mountain Coaster. Your journey is fast and a little wild, however, you should not feel dizzy or suffer a health problem after going through this entertaining tour.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

The great speeds and agitated pirouettes are not the only ways you can have fun in the Magic Kingdom park. In fact, this park has great graphics shows that can be even more exciting than roller coasters for some people. The case of Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is a clear example that emotion doesn’t always come with speed.

It is an attraction where you will help the legendary hero of the famous movie Toys Story to beat his enemies. The decoration is very colorful and entertaining. You will have a scorer and a laser weapon in your ship to shoot Buzz’s enemies, you can even compete with your shipmate to see who adds more points along the route.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is an attraction that accepts people of all ages, which makes it one of the best options for anyone who wants to have fun in this park.

Pirates of the Caribbean

As the name tells it, this spectacular attraction is based on the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, and is undoubtedly one of the best you’ll find in the entire park. It is covered with incredible scenes from the movie, full of special effects that makes them look very real, the experience of Pirates of the Caribbean is a very fun attraction of this great park.

It doesn’t need fast cars or exciting roller coasters to make you feel entertained. With this park, the Magic Kingdom demonstrates how to make you feel that you are in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean. When riding in the small boat where you will do the tour, the environments vary a lot, making each of them an amazing experience.

Haunted Mansion:

One of the greatest virtues of Magic Kingdom is that it has a wide variety of attractions. It has proven that magic could be everywhere in the park, but we all know that sometimes magic can be scary, in this case, the Haunted Mansion is the place that will make us all scream.

As in the previous attraction, this one is slow as well, you can last a little more than 7 minutes, and here you will go through different environments and scenarios where you will see how the ghosts and skulls scare you to death.

Despite it is a horror attraction, this place was created for the whole family, since it doesn’t have characters that will make anyone have a heart attack. However, it could scare younger children, but at a low level.

If we were making an article of every single attraction of the Magic Kingdom then it would be very long. The park has an enormous amount of fun places to go. However, if you go you wouldn’t want to miss Splash Mountain or the barnstormer.

Let’s talk about food

It is almost certain that in the middle of all your adventures when traveling to the Magic Kingdom you will feel hungry. Like every thematic park, Magic Kingdom has its own group of excellent restaurants.

 The service level of the establishments in this park is very good, so you will probably not have any problem when deciding which restaurant to try. You can find from fast food restaurants to haute cuisine restaurants such as Cinderella’s Royal Table. The choice will be in your hands since around the park you will find many of them and none will disappoint you.


Besides the excellent food and the most extraordinary attractions, Magic Kingdom can offer you the best hotels and resorts. It even has its own Walt Disney World Monorail System and ferry station.

Just one day won’t be enough to get to know the whole park. You’ll probably need a week (or even more) to enjoy all the attractions it has, so staying in one of these resorts wouldn’t be a bad idea.

This park offers you several options, such as the Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and many others to enjoy your visit to the Magic Kingdom because they are located less than a mile from the park.

Finally, Happily Ever After…

After we’ve said it is clear that the Magic Kingdom is a place that guarantees an incredible experience that you will enjoy from the moment you arrive, until the moment you leave.

Reading this won’t probably be the same as living them in your own flesh, however, you can get to know the park a little bit more, so that when you visit the park you’ll know which are the best attractions to go. However, it is worth mentioning one more to finish, one last big surprise that you will not want to miss during your visit, Happily Ever After.

After a day in which you will meet your favorite Disney characters, you will experience great emotions in the great shows and attractions that the Magic Kingdom has to offer, and after all the delicious food, you will want to know this next attraction.

At 21:10 pm in Cinderella Castle, Happily Ever After starts its show, a magical spectacle of lights and fireworks that adorn the castle. Filled with the magic that exists throughout the Magic Kingdom, all the fireworks that abound in the sky and the effects of lights reflected on the structure of the castle is an experience that you can only experience in the Disney world.

With this latest information about this incredible tourist destination, we make the closure leaving in your hands the information of everything you must not forget so that your visit to the Magic Kingdom will be amazing.