Travelling has become very popular after the social media and internet connectivity. People are more interested to travel to other countries to get first –hand knowledge, which certainly one cannot get through books. The books provide us second-hand knowledge at the best but traveling abroad gives us high experiences as we come to know the customs, traditions, and culture of the foreign country we visit. Moreover, hardships during traveling give us excellent training for patients and flexibility which build our character. Travelling makes us self-independent and increase the level of confidence at large. Traveling is the best way to develop mutual understanding between nations and establishes close culture relationship between people of two different nations. New means of traveling has shrunk the world into a small village where people love to travel to other countries particularly for business and social purposes. Behind it, fast ways of communication have developed an urge in people to visit wonderful sceneries, found all over the world. The trend of traveling is increasing day by day and more people are interested to visit friends or family in other countries the speedy means of transportation has almost finished the fear of long voyages. Nay people are interested in traveling for their conventional work or better future prospects. Traveling for the pleasure of no work also adds charm to one’s life. Professionals also update their knowledge to get ideas and information for their work. Some people believe traveling changes one’s life as changing environment stimulates, refreshes and brings endless opportunities for learning new things that one never imagines in his or her rut.

Snow Condition in Vancouver

Snow Condition in Vancouver
Snow Condition in Vancouver

If we talk about traveling to Canada, however, there is a significant difference in the climate across the country. The condition in Vancouver is totally different as compare to Montreal in winter. February brings snow to the nearby North Shore Mountains and travelers and visitors make the most of ski slopes that are in full swing. Rainy days stimulates visitors to visit museums and galleries in the city, or couples enjoy romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day.

Canada it is famous for its cold, Canadians are used to bearing cold snowy winters. They have developed an attitude to face cold temperatures and high snowfalls. But in Vancouver, BC. Vancouver and Victoria, BC (on Vancouver Island) are the two cities where residents do not bear the severity of cold temperature as in these two cities in Canada the least amount of snowfall is reported. Here the average snowfall usually does not scale up more than one centimeter of snow above the ground. Even it snowfalls exceed more than one or two centimeters it becomes a major news story and certainty major city event. In Vancouver, more than two centimeters of snow on the ground creates a lot of problems for the city as they are not properly equipped with the machinery that is used to remove from the roads and sidewalks.

Weather Condition in Vancouver

The weather of Vancouver in February is friendly and mild compared to the rest of Canada. Snow in Vancouver is rare but the surrounding region is overflowing with snow.  Vancouver gets less snow so they cannot deal with snow as compared to others.

As in Vancouver snow is rare so the city is not equipped with proper arrangements to deal with sow as in other Canadian cities. All the machinery and equipment to deal with heavy snow are ready to face all critical situation which occurs after heavy snow falling. In the winter season snow removal, street cleaning, and sidewalk clearing always ready routinely throughout the winter season.

Use Public transport in Vancouver

Use Public transport in Vancouver
Use Public transport in Vancouver

The natural beauty of Vancouver but the rarity of snow makes Vancouver too expensive as the maintenance of a fleet of snow removal and street cleaning vehicles for the city which takes extra expenditures in case of snow in Vancouver. If the temperatures are freezing or below freezing, snow or ice creates problems for the vehicles and the traffic is jammed and delayed. Even the parking place is not sufficient enough to park vehicles due to heavy traffic delays and sticking snowy ground. Public transport may also be delayed due to unexpected snow and bad weathering conditions.

If there is snow or the weather forecast predict snow, the best safety measure is to avoid driving. Not prediction in Vancouver or a forecast.

The problems that traveler may face include traffic snarls and difficulty parking, if one has to travel due to some emergency of work, the easiest and safest way is to travel through public transport.

The travelers can use Translink website to plan their trip via public transit. By using public transport to reach to and depart from Vancouver Airport to Downtown Vancouver. The Canada Line public transit carries a number of buses and rapid transit to reach most of Vancouver’s top lures.

Just to avoid any uncertainty the traveler must know winter tire checkpoints –conducted by the police to make sure the travelers have winter tires if they are going North of Vancouver towards Whistler, BC, if they do not contain, they are forced to turn back.

You can travel around Vancouver form the Downtown core by using public transit even if there is snow in Vancouver. Snow in Vancouver may cause shut down even business and schools. In this condition staying Downtown is always better as a Canadian Line/SkyTrain station is at a stone throw distance, even you are able to access to grocery stores, pharmacies, and shops.

Due to snow if the road conditions are grim you can get around everywhere to find whatever you need. Staying near Robson Street or the Downtown Waterfront to avoid cutting yourself off from life if there is snow. You would be completely stuck if you stay in the West End near Stanley Park, as it is more

When you visit Vancouver BC?

Residential and you cannot access to Canada Line station. The West End’s Denman Street and it’s LGBT+ nightlife are preferably good if your intention is to spend good time with the neighborhood. Traveling to Vancouver, BC in the winter particularly from December to February calls for a winter coat, hat and handles and mentally prepare yourself to be exposed to temperatures around 6ºC / 42ºF to 8ºC / 46ºF. Even waterproof shoes are required in these months due to winter rain.


1. Use WaterProof Shoes

Use WaterProof Shoes
Use WaterProof Shoes

Even the temperature can reach freezing and ice can hamper your way on the sidewalks and streets. To avoid such problems snow boots or waterproof shoes with good traction are suggested. Just to save yourselves form snowstorm, you must buy footwear traction devices from Mountain Equipment Co-op or anther clothing as a storm can catch you in it goes severe.

2. Use Winter Clothes

Use Winter Clothes in vancouver
Use Winter Clothes in Vancouver

Winter clothing supplies can be bought form Vancouver Discount Stores. If you are staying in  Downtown Vancouver, you can get winter clothes on Robson Street Hudson Bay Company. Snow in Vancouver brings a lot of fun things to do when snow falls, particularly for Vancouverites and other people from the Pacific Northwest, as it is rare and they make the most of it as for as their fun activities are concerned. Snow in Vancouver brings fun due to sports resorts and fresh snow add extra flavor into it. Mt. Seymour or Grouse Mountain where you can find skiing and snowboarding and you need not to Whistler for quenching this thirst. Driving to the mountains can be dangerous if you don’t have winter tires on your car, as it has been vividly mentioned in a snowstorm or its aftermath. The police checkpoints may be set up for your safety and just to avoid any possible accident or uncertainty everything is told to the drivers and they are asked to fulfill the safety measures. If you are staying in Vancouver and there is a bad snow storm though that is rare you need to know emergency assistance that is provided by calling 9-1-1. Use this number in case of any emergencies which include car accidents, a car collision, or car collision with snow, and in case of any medical conditions such as, slips or falls.

3.Emergencies Product that you must have

The supplies that you may need during traveling, make sure you have emergencies provisions which include water bottles, warm clothes, cables, flashlights, jumpers, cell phone, charger, batteries. Fill your gas tank and don’t forget to fill your gas tank, as in case of bad weathering conditions you must have such supplies to prevent yourselves from any possible loss or damage. Being a member of CAA (the Canadian version of the USA’s AAA car and travel service). Roadside assistance and towing are provided as a reward of being a member of CAA. Such assistance is mostly required in traveling in winter. You have to be well aware of ‘’black ice’’ this means the snow that is not visible on roads, this ice could be dangerous as the ice looks as black as the color of the road. Due to this fact, you cannot see that the road is ice. Black ice, in Vancouver, is one of the biggest peril since it may cause an accident or slip and fall. Black ice is so risky even with winter tires. Driving on black ice should be slow with proper space within cars.

Skating in  Downtown Vancouver.

Skate lovers have good opportunities to enjoy skating for free at the Robson Street Ice Rink in Downtown Vancouver. A Vancouver public indoor ice rink offers indoors skating if you feel the temperature is too cold. Visitors who are interested in Vancouver Aquarium may visit any day through the year as it is open 365 days irrespective of the weathering conditions. If you want to go shopping you can enjoy Downtown Vancouver shopping, and the indoor shopping Pacific Centre Mall and for more luxury shopping you may visit Alberni Street. Indoor Winter Activities such as indoor rock climbing and trampolines can be enjoyed, no matter how old or how young you are.

In outdoors activities on the West Promenade of Canada Place, GIANT gingerbread men thirty-five feet high Christmas tree beside it for the special entertainment for young kids an animated Woodward’s window characters, a visit from Santa Claus. Kids are engaged in art dexterities, and letter-writing to Santa or enter to win a luxurious trip for two. Bright Nights Christmas Train in Stanley Park gives an awesome experience of illuminated woods and past. Santa’s workshop. Stanley Park is worth watching as it is illuminated and decorated with three million Christmas lights and all train ride proceeds benefit the B.C. Professional Fire Fighters’, Burn Fund.

Winter Solstice Lantern Festival is celebrated and with huge lights, all the area is illuminated and makes the darkest night of the year by participating in Vancouver’s traditional lantern festival. This festival is not only held in one location but it is celebrated at various locations throughout the city (Yaletown, Granville Island, and Chinatown). This cultural event has its own value and people love to take part in this festival.  Winter Solstice Lantern Festival highlights the return of the sun with well-lit lanterns, drumming, music, and dancing.