10 things to do when you travel Vancouver, British Columbia

The North American continent hosts one of the most modern and most visited cities by international tourists: Vancouver. This beautiful site in Canada is a seaport that welcomes hundreds of travelers and offers many incredible adventures to enjoy with friends, with your family or for individual tourists.

If you do not know enough about Vancouver Canada and you are planning your vacation, then keep calm that our TOP 10 will make you consider this Canadian city on your next travel list.

1.  Take a walk in Gastown

One of the most beautiful things in the city of Vancouver is the traditional Victorian British architecture found in most of the towns. Gastown is an emblematic place of the city; this neighborhood is the perfect combination of modern and classic buildings, soft colors and pleasant climate. For gastronomy lovers, Gastown has many cozy restaurants where travelers and locals can enjoy the most exquisite dishes of all Vancouver, besides; it is a place full of culture due to the exhibitions of art and music in its main streets.

Gastown is the perfect place for those tourists who love souvenirs, as there are many gift shops and objects referring to this neighborhood and the history of the city. But if anything we should highlight Gastown is the Steam Clock. This monument is historical and is also an emblem of the whole Vancouver. The Steam Clock is a whistling system that emits sounds like that of the old trains. Its design is very elegant and is in the middle of a busy sidewalk; the perfect place for a photo shoot. If you come from another continent, remember to check the time in Vancouver to avoid suffering from Jet Lag.


2. Visit the Vancouver Aquarium

In the attractions of British Columbia Canada we can find incredible natural parks to huge thematic parks, but in this case, we will talk about the perfect combination between both options: the Vancouver aquarium.

This fantastic place located in the Stanley Park is a huge aquarium open to all kind of public that offers unparalleled experiences with the kingdom of the sea. Its extension is huge and its options seem endless; The Vancouver Aquarium offers guided tours, in which there are more than 6000 marine species, from small multicolored fish to sharks, dolphins and even whales.

This aquarium, inaugurated in 1956, not only offers the possibility of contemplating the animals of the maritime kingdom at its maximum splendor, but also, it is an animal rehabilitation center equipped with the best scientists and doctors in these areas, so the safety of the visitors and the animals are always guaranteed. The Vancouver Aquarium is the right place to share with the family.

3. Meet the Science World

In Vancouver, at the end of False Creek, you will find a special place for those travelers who love direct experiences with technology. We are talking about Science World at TELUS World of Science; a scientific park that offers direct interaction with the latest advances in science.

Its architecture is shaped like a large geodesic dome, so it is easy to identify if you are walking around the city. Science World is a meeting place for new scientists and lovers of new technologies. It is a special site for teenagers and young adults who want to have direct interaction with the most sophisticated inventions. They also give interactive shows and movies where the users participate and develop the story. This scientific theater can not be missing from your list of things to do if you travel to Vancouver; In Science World you will live a unique experience.

Science World

4. Walk through the Capilano Suspension Bridge

The roads in Vancouver are exciting, especially for those tourists who love go sightseeing the cities on foot. In the north of the city, there is a very popular and cool spot for visitors: The Hanging Bridge of Capilano.

Elevated to a height of 70 meters, this suspension bridge is one of the main attractions of the beautiful city of Vancouver. Its length is 140 meters and it crosses the Capilano River. Why is this attraction so popular? We must know that this bridge is open to the public since 1889 and for that reason it is valued by the citizens of Vancouver. This bridge receives around 800,000 visitors per year, being one of the most assisted tourist spots in British Columbia.

This is a good option if you want to explore the forests in Canada. The adventure and excitement to walk at a height of 70 meters high is something that motivates many explorers and nature lovers to visit the Hanging Bridge of Capilano. On this site you can also find gift shops and many points for photographs and outdoor activities. This attraction is located within a park called Treetops Adventures, where many collections of totems and references to the native communities of America are found. For landscapes like these, many people want to live in Canada.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

5. Know the Canada Place

The Canadian city not only offers sites for tourism within the enormous nature of the country, but also modern buildings with all kinds of functions. It’s time to talk about a true masterpiece of architecture in Vancouver: The Canada Place.

Canada Place is an event hall located on a seafront called Burrard Inlet, in this place people do the most important activities of the city. It is normal to see presentations, conventions, international forums and musical acts, since Canada Place is owned by 3 major companies in the city: The Vancouver Convention Center, the World Trade Center, the virtual flight center FlyOver and, the best of all, the Pan Pacific Vancouver hotel, a perfect choice for accommodation thanks to the fact that it is located in this magnificent entertainment center.

Once you see the facade of this building, you will feel that you’re traveling by sea, and that the design of its roof resembles of the ships sails. In addition, this is the main seaport for the national and international cruisers In Vancouver; you will find that Canada Place is the ideal place to stay and experience the magic of Vancouver.

Canada Place

6. Travel to Granville Island

One of the main economic points of the city of Vancouver is Granville Island. This island is not only one of the largest business centers in Canada, in fact, the enormous commercial activity has made the area of British Columbia the home of many tourists to spend the best holidays of all.

Granville Island has a huge trading space where visitors can do their shopping or simply enjoy all the experiences of this comfortable island. Here we can find shopping centers with all kinds of stores, from clothes to travel gifts. Granville Island has numerous sports and outdoor recreation sites, as well as luxury hotels, restaurants, boutiques and theaters to enjoy the scenic displays of artists from the city and the rest of the country.

For those tourists who like to get to know the cities deeply, Granville Island has hundreds of street vendors that offer the authentic products of the island, especially vegetables. For this reason, it is advisable to go to the Granville public market to try the traditional dishes and the traditional beer of the “Granville Island Brewing Co.” brand (one of the most delicious in Canada).

Granville Island

7. Take a walk down the English Bay

All citizens of Vancouver know that there is a place that they wouldn’t change for anything in the world because of its tradition and the beauty it offers to the city, we are talking about the English Bay: a marine site located in downtown Vancouver and that welcomes many locals and foreigners every year.

The English Bay is located in the Strait of Georgia, near Burrard Inlet. Because it is in the center of the city, the inhabitants constantly move their spaces and enjoy the excellent views of the coastal area of Vancouver; the main buildings, the huge avenues and the unbeatable sunsets make this place a magical environment. For those who love music, the English Bay has a special meaning since the Celebration of Light festival is held every year on the shore of the beach.

Staying in a hotel near the English Bay might be your best decision. In addition to this beautiful meeting point, you can also visit the beaches and shores:  Sunset, Second and Third, as well as the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.

English Bay

8. A tour of West End

Perhaps you think that Vancouver, with all its attractions, can be a very wild city, however, this site reserves one of the most comfortable and pleasant places to relax after an exhausting day and it’s known as the West End neighborhood.

At West End you can feel the calm, because it is a purely residential place, however, it has one of the best lines of seafood restaurants in all of Vancouver. The restaurants in this neighborhood are specialists in exotic foods from Canada and the rest of the world, as well as the most sophisticated elegant clothing stores in British Columbia.

As in every sector of Vancouver, this neighborhood has a great love for art and alternative cultures, being home to several art galleries and gay bars open to all types of customers without any exception. Walking in the West End could be an ideal activity for couples on a warm weekend in the eastern part of the city.

9. Walk around Coal Harbor

Continuing with the neighborhoods of Vancouver, we went from the tranquility of West End to now enter the true exoticism of the city: Coal Harbor, one of the most glamorous neighborhoods and with more meeting points in downtown Vancouver.

When we speak of Coal Harbor, we must mention its huge path of Seawall, a route that borders the sea and offers exceptional panoramic views of nature and modern architecture at the same time. The landscapes of Coal Harbor are the dream of any photographer; you can see the Canadian mountains, Stanley’s wooded park and the large buildings in the center of the city. While in western Vancouver we come across quiet restaurants, at the other end we find all sorts of casual places and luxurious shops. The tradition of this neighborhood is closely linked to commercial growth and tourism, so the variety of hotels and boutiques is very wide, especially for those travelers who like to go into many shops and take long walks to take pictures and get up close to the people.

The best part of staying in or near Coal Harbor is that all the main attractions and tourist spots of the city are one step away from you; therefore, most of the hotel buildings are in this area of Vancouver.

Coal Harbor

10. Discover the Museum of Anthropology

After walking through the most attractive points for tourists in Vancouver and discover the most emblematic natural sites, we can end our trip with a visit to the great Anthropology Museum, an interactive scientific center for the whole family.

The Vancouver Museum of Anthropology is famous for possessing famous pieces of art from around the world and for having huge galleries open to the public. This building located on the campus of the University of British Columbia is the perfect choice to enjoy the history of a country as beautiful as Canada. This place receives thousands of tourists and art fans every year, not only to appreciate the art which counts more than 500 thousand pieces, but also to attend music events and to participate in painting and anthropology classes. This building is a treasure for the citizens of Vancouver and therefore, you can not miss the opportunity to discover everything it has to show you.

Museum of Anthropology