These are the Italian destinations that you should definitely not miss

When traveling, it is really easy for us to choose a destination since every place in the world has at least one glorious location to make us feel in heaven. Commonly, the destinations we choose are those that we have already researched through the internet or that we met through the experience of a friend or relative.

But there is a possibility that after arriving from your trip you find out that you forgot to visit one amazing destination, so it’s really important to make a good research before traveling. This way your trip will be the most epic adventure you’ll ever had. Today is Italy’s turn, so we’ll show you the best places this country has to offer you.

That beautiful and ancient country of Europe is well known for its beautiful cities and the talented artistic people who have lived there. Haute cuisine, football and industry are just the main topics we can count. Italy is undoubtedly a unique country, which has truly deserved the fame it has for being a warm place to live.

It has known how to combine the talent of its people with the rich history that characterizes it. So it has become one of the main touristic places of the world; annually it receives millions of tourists from around the world, since this country offers beautiful views, old structures and modern cities (Which we know that create the perfect mix of ingredients to amaze anyone who visits it)

According to, Italy created a new record in 2017. The country received more than 123 million tourists from all around the world, and Rome was the most visited city; almost  27 million people visited it that year. You’ll be able to see all the data here (

Knowing the Tower of Pisa, the Roman Coliseums, Venice and the beautiful city of Milan are some of the most common itineraries that people include in their trip to Italy. And those places will totally amaze you! However today we want to tell you about other tourist destinations that you should consider when you visit this beautiful country, which can make your travel experience more complete. So you can get to know Italy better. Below you will find a list of these destinations within Italy that you should not miss:


North of the boot, you will find this iconic city which is the capital of Piedmont and home of many football fans. Torino is, without a doubt, a city that has much to offer. In this beautiful city you can enjoy  the amazing experience of the landscapes, its museums, old cafes, beautiful squares, the Juventus Stadium, among many other things that will make your visit to Torino be wonderful.

Torino is a city that lives in close relationship with interesting places such as the  Egyptian museum, the automobile museum, the national museum of cinema and its ancient structures that can connect you with history. Do not forget to take a walk by them during your visit to the Piedmontese capital, as well as their restaurants, since the Italian kitchen is one of the strengths of this beautiful capital.

If you are a football lover then Torino is an ideal place for you, because here you will find one of the best soccer venues in Italy; the Juventus Stadium. Where you can not only watch the famous Juventus soccer team, but you can also do a tour to learn more about the stadium, which also has a museum.

Island of Capri

Near the coast of the city of Naples we can find our second tourist recommendation; the island of Capri, which has become one of the main destinations in our list for touristic destinations. There are many coasts and caves that you should definitely not miss, specially if you’re a photographer.

With the combination of the beauty of the coast and a great service for tourists in hotels, this small island offers a good experience for your trip. You can either swim in the beautiful blue water of the beach, or just go to one of the many nightclubs of the island.

The stunning island of Capri is probably one of the most beautiful places on this list. So for every tourist who decides to go sightseeing in the south of the boot this should definitely be on their travel list.


In the northwest of Italy, in the region of Liguria we will find the beautiful city of Genoa. It is famous for its beautiful coasts and for hosting one of the country’s main ports. This city should also be on our list of places you should visit at night.

In the center of this city you will find ancient buildings and iconic places such as the Ferrari square or the Lantern lighthouse. Genoa is a city full of interesting places that preserve part of the history of this country. In addition, as one of its main attractions it has one of the best aquariums in all of Europe. The port activities and the beautiful nearby beaches such as Camogli  will make you feel closely connected to the Mediterranean Sea.

Football is also one important topic in Genova, since this city is the home of two historic Italian football clubs. In one of the suburbs of Genoa called Marassi, there is the Luigi Ferraris which is one of the oldest in Italy. It is also where the Derby Della Lanterna match took place. The name of this match refers to the lighthouse of the port of this city. It is a famous football event because it represents the rivalry between the two main clubs in the city.


In southern Italy, near the city of Naples, the small town of Amalfi is located. This beautiful town is well known for its beauty, as well as its magical Amalfi Coast. Its deep blue waters and beautiful structures make it an incredible place to visit.

Covered with beautiful landscapes and a stunning nature space, Amalfi is an ideal place for tourists who love to take pictures. Places like its Amalfi Coast, the Cathedral of San Andrés and the Villa Rufolo make this beautiful city an ideal location for photographers.

Another thing to highlight from this interesting destination, are the glorious old structures, especially those that draw the view of its coast. There are even amazing buildings painted in pastel colors which make a perfect match with its blue waters. These are just a couple of things that coule make you create amazing memories in Amalfi.

There is no doubt that the coasts of Italy are gorgeous. In this list we have seen how the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the boot can be true paradises, and Amalfi is definitely one of them. So we think that visiting Amalfi is something that every tourist should consider when traveling to Italy.


Another beauty that we can find on the coasts of this country, is the Portofino village. It has a very similar style to the Amalfi coast, but this port is located further north in Italy, near the city of Genoa. There are some very stunning structures in the port painted with bright colors that make this a great destination if you want to take colorful pictures.

Its main attraction is probably the peaceful port, from which you can take boat rides and know the statue of the Christ in the abyss. This is a bronze statue of 17 meters located at the bottom of the Portofino coast. However, there are other places commonly visited by tourists such as Mount Portofino and its Baia di Paraggi are also very good options to consider when traveling to this city.

Besides, Portofino also has historic places such as Castello Brown, which will allow you to do tourism beyond the coasts and get to know a little more the history of this country.

Cortina d’Ampezzo

After talking about the beautiful coasts of this country, we will make a bit of contrast when mentioning this town located in northern Italy, in the Alps near the border with Austria, called La Cortina d’Ampezzo.

This is the capital of the Belluno province. The low temperatures make the mountains ideal places to ski during snow time. The Cortina d’Ampezzo receives annually many tourists who are passionate about skiing. In addition to that their structures are different from those usually known in Italy, so they are striking for tourists.

The Cortina d’Ampezzo can offer tourists who travel through Italy the possibility of experiencing a mountain climate within their travel itinerary. So this place should definitely be in the out list was, people could now see that Italy has a lot more than coasts to offer!


In the province of La Spezia, near the city of Genoa, we can find this small but interesting town. Famous for its vineyards and for being part of the Cinque Terre, it is another tourist attraction that receives many tourists throughout the year.

Activities such as hiking and visiting beautiful vineyards represent one of the main activities to do in Corniglia. Since this small town is located on the coast within the Mediterranean Sea it is clear that we’ll find amazing landscapes from the sea. It is also known for its beautiful vineyards, which can also be another touristic activity that might interest you.

Taking the tour of the Cinque Terre is a great option that can include every tourist should include in their travel itinerary. You can access there from different cities in Italy and it will allow you to know not only Corniglia, but also the other four villages that are in this beautiful national park.

San Gimignano

It is a small town located near the city of Florence. Famous for its structures, since it has preserved buildings and streets from ancient times. It is another great tourist destination that we can find within this beautiful country.

If you are a fan of medieval structures and you are visiting Italy then this town should be present on your trip. The houses and towers that you can find inside San Gimignano will make you travel in time to the medieval epochs. In addition to history, the wine also characterizes the travel experience of everyone who visits it.

Exotic places like the Rognosa tower or the Museum of Torture, where you will find an exhibition of medieval torture devices can teach you about the history of this small town, so a visit to its streets could not be more intriguing.

The Country of San Marino.

To finish with our list we will mention another country that although it does not belong to Italy if it is inside it. This small country located near Emilia-Romagna, is a tourist destination more than interesting. Also full of old structures and beautiful castles, tourism is common in this ancient country as it represents the main income of money, which makes it an excellent recommendation for tourists who want to visit it, since the treatment of tourists It must be one of the best you’ll find inside Italy.

San Marino is an old country, in fact, this is the main reason why it attracts tourists, its castles and ancient structures talk about the oldest sovereign state in the world. In addition, also the trip by cableway to Mount Titano can call your attention when you visit this country, so you can also know some of its beautiful buildings the three towers of San Marino.

San Marino is certainly an interesting and ancient country that you should not hesitate to visit if you want to go sightseeing in Italy, so including two countries in one trip does not sound so crazy when you decide to visit the boot, however it means our last tourist destination for This article, but we can not finish without first recognizing that there are still many more tourist destinations within this beautiful country that could motivate us to do a second part.

Touring Italy

After reading about these beautiful alternative tourist destinations it is clear to us that Italy is much more than commonly known by people from all over the world, and we must mention that Italy still has many other beautiful places that could even allow us to make another article with destinations different from those just mentioned here, in addition to those already known as Rome, Milan, Venice, and Naples.

However we hope that from this article you will find good options to visit on your next trip to Italy, and so apart from visiting the Roman Coliseums, the Tower of Pisa or the Neapolitan coasts you can also include a visit to the beautiful island of Capri, the prominent city of Torino or even visit another country as your main objectives to know inside Italy, so that your next trip will be unforgettable.