This is the best Game of Thrones filming locations

Game of Thrones is a show that has changed every fan’s life since the premiere in 2011. People have been amazed by a great story and all the beautiful landscapes and buildings from the environment of the series. The creators have the ability to recreate exciting stories in visually appealing places. We can assure you that the fame that this show has captured is totally deserved. It has even attracted the attention of those who love to travel the world in search of great destinations to explore, so this is why we’ll show you the coolest places to visit referring to Game of Thrones.

In the middle of wars and disputes between different reigns, Game Of Thrones makes great use of many destinations of our world to represent each. This makes Westeros a continent full of beautiful places, among them there are many touristic destinations that every traveler or fan of this successful series would not hesitate to visit.

Currently, Game Of Thrones is only hours away from the beginning of its last season, which promises a lot. And we’ll get to see these amazing destinations full of beauty, specially from Iceland, Croatia, Spain, Northern Ireland and many other countries in the world have contributed to the development of the show. Next, we will show you the best touristic destinations that you can visit, where the 8 seasons of Game Of Thrones were filmed. You would probably like to visit these places if you get to be in any of those countries.

The Cave of Grjótagjá, Iceland

Iceland is one of the countries that has contributed the most beautiful views in the development of Game of Thrones. Despite being a small country, inside it abound many beautiful places that have been used by the producers of the series. In addition, the low temperatures in this small island are great for shooting the scenes “beyond the wall”. There is a place called The Cave of Grjótagjá where they even created there the romantic scene between Jon and Ygritte.

Grjótagjá cave is undoubtedly a unique place in the world. But, in addition to the beautiful landscapes, it has a very unusual place; the hot springs spot. It is a place that used to receive many tourists some years ago. People used to take a relaxing bath there. However, due to its temperature increase is no longer allowed to take a bath in the hot springs. People currently enjoy the beauty of this cave and its transparent waters, which makes it a great tourist destination among many others that this beautiful island offers.

Azure Window, Malta

The wedding between Daenerys and Khal Drogo was celebrated here, although in Game Of Thrones it seems that they changed their appearance to make it look a little more rustic. It is inevitable to appreciate the great beauty that the country of Malta has to show. It has a beautiful coast that’s quite famous around the world; Azure Window. It is one of the most photographed places in entire Malta and a great tourist destination for scuba divers and travelers from all over the world.

Currently, the Azure Window arch has collapsed and it sunk. However, this place that once hosted one of the most memorable weddings at Game Of Thrones remains a major touristic destination for snorkelers in Malta, due to its crystal clear waters and the remains of “the blue window “present in these waters.

Vatnajökull, Iceland

Vatnajökull, Islandia Game of Thrones filming locations

Another great contribution that Iceland has made to Game Of Thrones is Vatnajökull. Many of the scenes “beyond the wall” have been filmed there. The beautiful glaciers have represented part of the wonderful winter that is approaching from beyond the colossal wall located north of Westeros.

This great national park is the most extensive glacier in Europe, its glaciers combined with daylight can create a magical visual effect inside its caves and outside them. Vatnajökull is also surrounded by volcanoes and other areas where you will find waterfalls and vegetation. So if you decide to visit Iceland, do not forget to take a walk through this colossal park, where you can meet in person what’s “beyond the wall”.

Castle of Almodóvar del Río, Spain

It is impossible to talk about the best places that hosted this series without mentioning Spain, because this beautiful country still preserves many structures of the great cities of the medieval era. In addition, you will find several of the castles that are used in the series. This beautiful castle also takes center stage within Game Of Thrones, being the house of the determined Tyrell family and with the name of High Garden. It is recognized within the same series as one of the most beautiful places in all of Westeros. His dungeons, on the other hand, represent part of Casterly Rock.

Located in Cordoba, the Almodovar del Rio Castle is a well-known tourist destination in Spain, its beauty and large size makes tourists relive the past. And for Game Of Thrones fans, they will be delighted to experience the feeling of being inside High Garden. Here in this castle, you will even have a tour where the guides talk about the participation of all the tv shows that have been filmed there. You will also have the opportunity to know a couple of articles that were used for filming the series.

The next time you visit the province of Córdoba, do not forget to visit this impressive castle, and if you are a fan of the series, do not forget to do the Game Of Thrones tour to learn more about the link of this castle with your favorite TV show.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The abundant beauty that exists in Croatia makes this country take a lot of participation in this show. Dubrovnik represents the capital of the seven kingdoms of Game Of Thrones. It is called Desembarco Del Rey or King’s Landing. As the capital of the seven kingdoms, is the main stage of the most ambitious characters in this series, Dubrovnik hosts a large percentage of the scenes in this series, where you can see the beautiful walls that surround it and its sunny city.

One of the buildings present in the city of Dubrovnik is the Fortress of Lovrijenac, located on the outskirts of this city, this castle represents the most important place of the entire Game Of Thrones show, The Red Keep. The castle where the King of the Seven Kingdoms of Games of Thrones resides as well as the most important objective of the entire series, The Iron Throne.

In addition to the important Fortress of Lovrijenac, it should be mentioned that the city of Dubrovnik also contains the Minčeta Tower, a small tower that through special effects represents a gigantic tower inside Game Of Thrones, called House of the Undying.

Another important tourist destination that we can find in this city is the small island of Lokrum, located a few minutes from Dubrovnik. This island has been chosen by the producers to represent the island of Quarth. Lokrum is also a pleasant destination for tourists, its coasts are really beautiful and have been very popular for tourists visiting Dubrovnik.

On the coast of the Adriatic Sea, we can find a  beautiful city that is already a well-known tourist center. But it is probably the most important of our list considering everything it represents, including, besides beautiful streets and old structures, buildings such as La Torre Minčeta, La Island of Lokrum and the Fortress of Lovrijenac.

Tollymore National Park, Northern Ireland

Something quite nice about the episodes of this series is the landscapes that can be seen in all the forests of Westeros countries. Northern Ireland and Croatia have been the most visited places in the creation of the show. Several of those scenes were made in the Tollymore National Park, like that special scene where Ned Stark finds the wolf cubs.

This beautiful national park is an ideal place for those who want to get in touch with nature and the outdoors, camping and other activities can also be excellent ideas to visit, as well as fans of the series who want to know these beautiful forests.

Krka National Park, Croatia

Krka, Croacia Game of Thrones filming location

Croatia offers another amazing destination that you definitely must know. Besides Dubrovnik and its beautiful landscapes, Croatia has this natural park called Krka National Park which is the epicenter of very important scenes in Game Of Thrones. It has also shown the beauty of its forests in many scenes of the show.

This park is full of vegetation and beautiful rivers and waterfalls. It is another pleasant destination for those who love nature. Many tourists visit it to enjoy its crystalline waters and beauty, worthy of the beauty that makes this country famous.

Castillo de Zafra, Spain

In the Guadalajara municipality of Spain, there is this beautiful castle called Castillo de Zafra that could not be missing from our list. In Westeros this castle is called The Tower Of Joy, it was inevitable to mention it because it represents the environment of a crucial scene in GOT. And this happens because the main drama of the series gets developed here.

This majestic castle with rocky and arid aspect, has an imposing but at the same time beautiful structure. Because of an official designation, it is not possible to visit its interior, nevertheless, it is worth visiting this imposing castle just to admire its majesty and the history that accompanies it.

The castle of Zafra is an excellent tourist destination for lovers of incredible buildings, as well as its history. This is specially interesting for those who enjoy knowing history. For Game Of Thrones fans, it means a little more, since it will allow them to meet in person the place where the rebellion of Robert Baratheon began.

The Alcazar of Seville, Spain

Castillo de Alcazar Sevilla España Game of Thrones filming location

Spain is undoubtedly one of the most common countries on our list. In this case, we have to give space to the Alcazar of Seville, which represents the beautiful gardens of Dorne. Famous for their beauty in both; inside and outside the series, the gardens of this castle give a home to one of the most controversial houses of the entire series, the Martell house.

This set of palaces is visited daily by tourists present in the capital of Andalusia, because its beautiful structure is just as impressive as its gardens and it’s one of the most beautiful tourist places in the city.

Like the other tourist destinations on this list, visiting it is just as pleasure for the tourist and as well for the fan of the show.

Castle Ward, Northern Ireland

Castle Ward

This beautiful property is famous in Northern Ireland, in Game of Thrones it has been used for a scene of the show in Winterfell. This is one of the most important reigns of the series, and the place where the Stark family comes from, being probably the most loved by all the fans of the series for its charismatic characters.

The different sectors of this castle have managed to give a name to the cold region of Westeros. In addition, it has imprisoned King’s Landing and The Tower Of Joy scenes of vital importance in the development of the show.

The popularity of this castle has increased as the series progresses, there are currently tours for passionate fans who want to know more about the castle where the exciting Winterfell scenes were filmed.

Our recommendation

It should be mentioned that Game Of Thrones has been filmed in many countries, and there are still many important scenes that have been filmed in beautiful places around the world, as the producers of this series have taken great care to find and create the best possible environments for the development of the history. Which entertains us at the same time it teaches us how beautiful the planet we live in can be.

The next time you decide to travel or you’re on vacation in one of the countries where this great series has been filmed, maybe you should take a look at this list so you don’t have to overlook these beautiful tourist destinations. You can make your travel experience be much more complete and you can include Westeros in your travel itinerary.