If you’re looking for somewhere with a whole lot of green then you’re not going to want to miss Ireland, I will discuss Best waterfalls in Ireland
This beautiful country has up to 225 days of rain in a single year, which means there’s definitely going to
be green just about anywhere that you look. But of course, it’s not just about the greenery. If you’re a waterfall lover you also want to take a look at some of the Best waterfalls in Ireland.

Those two are going to be super easy to find and they’re going to be all different shapes and sizes. So
let’s take a look at some of the best of the best.

Torc Waterfall in Ireland

This waterfall is located near Killarney, which is an area that you might have heard of, but it’s definitely
going to be more beautiful than you may have thought. This is one of the Best waterfalls in Ireland, The town is going to be a great stop, but it’s the
waterfall you’ll want to spend most of your time at. In fact, it’s right near the road, so you’re not going
to have any problem finding it, and you’ll see signs to direct you all the way around. Not to mention you
can just follow Torc Mountain and the waterfall is right there at the base.

You may find that’s it’s a little bit overcrowded for you, but that’s not going to be a problem when it
comes to the beauty of the area. It’s gorgeous from the greenery surrounding the waterfall to the fall
itself. Plus, you can take some scenic trails to get there by hiking or by bike. That way, you’re not going
to miss out on anything at all and you’re going to have the added aspect of an adventure and a little bit
of exercise along the way.

Best waterfall in Ireland
Best waterfall in Ireland

Glencar waterfall in Ireland

Another one of the Best waterfalls in Ireland, This picturesque location is actually a 50-foot tall waterfall that travels down the Dartry Mountains.
You’ll find the base of them in Glencar Lough. That means you’re going to have a beautiful view all the
way from the top of the waterfall to the bottom. Considered an extremely romantic location, and in fact,
directly out of a poem by W.B. Yeats, these falls can be slow moving and tranquil or more vibrant and
quicker. It all depends on just how long after a rainstorm you decide to travel there.

For families this is a perfect place to go because you won’t just have the beautiful sites, you’re also going
to have a great place to have some lunch and even a playground for the little ones to play. You’ll be able
to relax and enjoy the entire day here because there’s definitely not going to be an end to the beauty all
around you and when dusk falls it just brings about a new form of beauty. This place definitely looks like
it came out of a storybook and you’ll be amazed it exists in real life.

Fun fact: according to Ireland Before you Die, the popular Irish website, W.B. Yeats got some inspiration from this waterfall to create some of his masterpieces! Here we’ll leave a link where you can see some other cool pictures of Glencar in this website 

Glencar waterfall in Ireland
Glencar waterfall in Ireland

Powerscourt waterfall in Ireland

This is what you’re looking for if you’ve been thinking about mountains and adventure. That’s because
this waterfall is actually 398 feet tall and falls, unobstructed, down the side of a mountain. It’s actually
considered a horsetail waterfall because it travels straight down over the side. and this is also a Best waterfalls in Ireland.

No matter what time of
year it is, you’re going to find this set of falls flowing freely and boldly. Unlike most of the other falls

you’re going to have to pay to get in and see this one because it’s located on an estate, but while you’re
there you’ll have plenty more to do as well.
There is a valley right around it and woodlands as well. Plus, you’re right at the base of Wicklow
Mountains. Not to mention you’re going to have picnic areas and a playground. That means everyone
from old to young is going to have something to do and something to look at. This estate is going to be a
great way for you to spend an entire day or to close out your long day of looking at all of the most
beautiful places in Ireland (though you’re never going to have the time to see all of them).

Powerscourt waterfall Ireland
Powerscourt waterfall Ireland

Glenoe waterfall in Ireland

You might be surprised about this waterfall because it’s actually only a short walk from a very main
street. Yet it looks like something that shouldn’t even be real. Beautifully hidden in a glen, this waterfall
is 30 feet high and gives you the perfect view, no matter where you are. You’ll be able to explore that
glen, and maybe take some time to rest and relax there, though the village is going to be a great place to
do that as well. Then, once you get up close you’re going to have a path that takes you right where you
can have the best views.

You’re also going to have some of the most beautiful greenery around the area and even a bubbling
brook. If that doesn’t sound like your favorite fairy tale then we definitely don’t know what does. Moss-
covered rocks will complete the image and before you know it you’re going to feel those creative juices
flowing while you’re here. It’s definitely something that’s going to immerse you in nature and true
beauty. Wander across the footbridge, watch the water flow past and sit and meditate in the glen,
you’re going to have some of everything available here.

Glenoe waterfall
Glenoe waterfall

Glenevin Waterfall in Ireland

Travel toward the waterfall and you’re going to know that you’re getting closer because the greenery
continues to grow and bloom into something truly magical. You’ll find footbridges that call to mind your
favorite stories and a valley that gives you the perfect area to run, play or have a picnic. You’ll need to
hike a little to get all the way back to the waterfall, but the trail is definitely easy to traverse and just
about anyone will be able to get there with no problem.

Once you do arrive you’ll see a 40-foot tall waterfall and a natural basin that creates a beautiful pool
(though not for swimming). It’s also located near a small town that gives you plenty to look at and plenty
to explore when you’re done with the waterfall (or before if you prefer). You’re not going to have a
problem finding something truly spectacular here, and you’re going to want to spend all of your time
traveling through the path, exploring the wilderness. There’s wildlife and a whole lot more, plus the
streams that flow out from the waterfall itself.

Glenevin Waterfall Ireland
Glenevin Waterfall Ireland

Tourmakeady Waterfall in Ireland

If you’re looking for the perfect hike you’ll want to check out Tourmakeady Forest Park and the walk
located there. It’s approximately 2 miles and it’s an easy walk, which makes it great for families as well.

Plus, it’s going to be a beautiful trip and take you through some of the most scenic woodlands. You’ll be
able to see the Glensaul River and then you’re going to break out above the forest and in the midst of
the most beautiful

 views you’ll find anywhere. It’s a romantic area and one that is going to immerse you
in the natural beauty of nature.
The waterfall itself is gorgeous as well, of course, with trees and plenty of woodland experiences all
around. You’ll get some amazing pictures here and you’re going to have the trip of a lifetime on your
way there too. Young ones are going to love that it feels just like entering the woods of their favorite
stories, and they’re definitely going to enjoy looking at the waterfall itself. All you’re going to need is
your own camera and maybe a little snack to enjoy when you’re done. Of course, you can pick one up
nearby at the pub or at one of the little villages that are not too far away.

Tourmakeady Waterfall
Tourmakeady Waterfall

Assaranca Best Waterfall in Ireland

This waterfall is definitely unique but in a truly magical and beautiful way. and this is also in the list of Best waterfalls in Ireland

It’s not a straight shot down
the mountain for this one, because the mountainside is actually a little less than smooth. Instead, this
set of falls actually travels down in several different areas and smaller streams, which makes it look
really amazing from the bottom. If you venture here during the winter you’re going to see a true
torrential fall of water down the side, but even in the less rainy season, you’re going to get to experience

What’s really great about this waterfall is all the amazing things you’ll find around it. You’ll be able to
experience the direct areas right around it, but you’ll also be able to venture a little further away to see
the grottos, a white sand beach and even some amazing caves. All of these things are going to make it
an even better experience for your entire family. And you’ll be able to walk around to get a little bit of
exercise and really throw yourself headlong into the nature and the fun of it all. What could be better
than that?

Tourmakeady Waterfall
Tourmakeady Waterfall

Gleninchaquin Falls in Ireland

Heading to the park to keep the young ones occupied is definitely never going to be more fun than when
you take a look at these falls. They’re a bit of a hike, but that’s going to be no problem when you see just
how great the view is when you get there. Free-flowing, these falls travel all the way down the side of a
cliff and create a range of different streams that you can have fun wandering along. When there’s a lot
of rain you’ll see even more volume to the falls, and a spectacular experience.

What’s really going to be fun is that there is plenty of space for a picnic and there’s wildlife and livestock
around the area. Sheep and more roam throughout and children especially are going to have a whole lot
of fun wandering around with them. Just make sure that you’re not planning to check it out in the
winter because these falls are located in a private park and they close for the season. For those who
aren’t traveling during the winter, however, these falls are going to be a great experience for a day.

Tourmakeady Waterfall
Tourmakeady Waterfall

Aasleagh Falls in Ireland

Located on the River Erriff, these falls aren’t actually far away from the road. You can drive most of the
way and then take the short little hike from a parking lot to get you there. What’s really fun is you can
enjoy some fishing while you’re in the area because there’s a whole lot of salmon fishing. Many people
know about the area so you might find that it’s full of people fishing and exploring the falls, but that’s
going to add to a bit of the fun. All you need to do is bring your own fishing gear to join right in.

The falls themselves are short but beautiful and you can get really close to them because they’re located
right on a short cliff. You’ll also be able to enjoy the water that they flow into and the surrounding plains
and more. There’s not a whole lot you’re going to be missing from this area and anything that you are
can easily be found further down the road in Killary Fjord or the nearby national park. Plus there are a
whole lot more amazing sites that aren’t too far away either.

Aasleagh Falls
Aasleagh Falls Ireland

Glenariff Waterfalls in Ireland

Our final location is actually a series of different falls and that’s going to make it even more fun to
explore. This area, in Glenariff Forest Park, is practically full of waterfalls along what’s come to be known
as Waterfall Walk. You can travel right down through the glen and the signs and markers will direct you
along the way. If you want to keep it short you can turn back early, but if you want to explore everything
you’ll find a 5-mile trail that has a little bit of everything. There are plants and animals throughout, and
there are definitely plenty of waterfalls that you’ll be able to see, both small and slightly larger.

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Glenariff Waterfalls
Glenariff Waterfalls Ireland


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