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Madrid is full of energy and packed with cultural attractions, Madrid all the time most visiting place in Spain.

It explores the beauty and real taste of Spain. It is the most crowded place in Spain. In this city many of the attractive museums and rich buildings, and the uncountable tourist destinations. 

Visitors come here to visit the most attractive city with antique culture and the monument things. The most rest-able place the delightful parks full of lush greenery with natural beauty.

Madrid does not look like traditional charm Andalusia or the beauty of Barcelona but there are many of the things that attract the tourist and it also offers an exciting atmosphere and many more affectionate things.

The world-class Prado museum is located there and many more museum with antique art and beautiful paintings. The Royal Palace is one of the most visiting spots that is situated in the eighteen century.

When you start visiting and explore the beautiful city, save your energy for the evening when the city really comes to life.

Madrilène love going out on the town, and the evening stroll is a most peaceful. If you are planning to visit Madrid try to avoid summer season because when the heat is oppressive.

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Spring or fall are the best times for the vacations and explore the beauty of Madrid. Here also easy to find a place to stay, because there are many resorts and restaurants.

Madrid City is the top-rated tourist attraction place all the time. If you are planning to visit Madrid, I ensure you this trip is most beautiful and unforgettable for you.

Buen Retiro Park and the Crystal Palace

Buen Retiro Park and the Crystal Palace Best Places for Vacations in Madrid
Best Places for Vacations in Madrid

The Buen Retiro Park is the most visiting tourist spot and also called the heart of Madrid without seen this place your trip is incomplete. This place is always crowded with native people and overseas visitors.

The Park is fully lush and stretches 120-hectare offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the natural beauty of the park and rich architecture make it more beautiful.

A beautiful park is created in 17 century with its picturesque landscaping and tree-lined paths. In the main entrance the beautiful plaza with the huge pool that extends the beauty of the park.

The plaza is made with crystal and its name Crystal Palace, with its graceful fountain and reflecting pool. Also offers there the houses exhibitions. The fountain with the turtles and the fallen angel make the trip more interesting. The park was built in 1790 and that time it is the most pleasant place, the open air cafes with the natural atmosphere. And the most relax-able place under the sun shades. The Park is the best place for the nature lover and the art lover.

Many of the visitors come here to explore the history of the historical destination. Madrid is also the dreamland for the history lovers and the Madrid life is most adventurous and joyful with the precious destinations.

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu: Real Madrid’s Stadium

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu: Real Madrid's Stadium Best Places for Vacations in Madrid
Best Places for Vacations in Madrid

Real Madrid’s Stadium is the best tourist attraction all around the stunning art. This is one of the most visiting museums draws football and the football fan come here to see this beautiful stadium of the Home team. Real Madrid all around the globe.

There is displaying the trophies, team artifacts, and the dazzling screen of the museum, this is the massive stadium itself. The Stadium is an extremely fine art and the top view of the pitch very large, the structure of the stadium is fully equipped with lockers rooms and the tour includes access to the Presidential Box.

There is allow the picture with your favorite player, many of the visitors visit to take a picture with his favorite player. The Real Madrid Soccer team is one of the best teams. If you are a soccer fan and see the stadium where legends play, must visit this iconic place.

Basilica de San Francisco el Grande

Basilica de San Francisco el Grande Best Places for Vacations in Madrid
Best Places for Vacations in Madrid

San Francisco is the most famous church in Madrid that was built in 1761 and designed by the Fray Francisco Cabezas, who has Also modeled the architectural plan on the Church of Santa Maria in Capitally in Rome. 

This is the most iconic Interior with the circular plan with an inspiring dome and six chapels that make it finer. The chapels are displaying the old paintings by Maella, Velázquez, and Goya.

The church museum displays a different kind of variety of religious art and artifacts that are highly attracting visitors all around the world. This is one of the biggest worship places in Madrid. The historical fine architecture, the painting art, and religious art are the most affectionate the tourist.

National Archaeological Museum

National Archaeological Museum Best Places for Vacations in Madrid
Best Places for Vacations in Madrid

National Archaeological Museum is one of the historical museums that was found by Queen Isabella II in 1867 and has a rich collection of artifacts artworks from prehistoric times to the 19th century.

In this museum have any kind of exhibitions events held that represents the beautiful art feature archaeological finds, decorative arts from antiquity, ethnography and ancient coins that is extremely attracting the art lover all around the globe.

There are the many Highlights of the permanent collection include old Egyptian mummies, Hispano-Roman and Islamic archaeological antique things, and Mudéjar ceramics. One of the most precious collection is the best of the Lady of Elche. This museum is full of the historical things that showed off the history of thousand years back.

If you are the history lover must visit the National Archaeological Museum and make your trip memorable. National Archaeological Museum is never let you bore because to taking every step you see the new kind of historical art that makes your trip more perfect and joyful.

Prado Museum

Prado Museum Best Places for Vacations in Madrid
Best Places for Vacations in Madrid

Prado museum is the world-class museum in the world that represents the best collections of Prado all the time with the huge painting collection that is more than 5,000, that rivals the Louvre collection in Paris.

In the museum a majority of the collection of 12-century painting to 19-century painting and many of the masterpiece that is famous worldwide. A big number of paintings by Francisco de Goya includes a remarkable 140 artworks. 

The collection also covers the world best paintings are Italian, British, Flemish, French, and German paintings as well as Neoclassical Italian sculptures. The Prado museum having more than 100 room on three floors and displayers the almost 2300 pieces of the collection. This is very difficult to see all the collection in one visit but it is possible to see and explore the beauty of the most famous masterpieces. There is the most famous Prado painting Las Meninas.

This painting belongs to the Spanish royal family of Felipe IV was created by Velázquez in 1656. If you are in the Museum must see the masterpieces. Most of the visitors used the audio guide with the little fee that guides you about the top 50 masterpieces in a museum. Most of the craziest die heart fan of art buy the full audio guide of the most famous 2050 artworks and make his trip more perfect.

Tourists will also appreciate the museum’s gift shop and the café with a pleasant outdoor terrace. Tourists were also appreciated the museum’s shop and the cafés with an amazing outdoor terrace. Try to save your time during visiting the museum and see the world class master pieces. Or you also can hire some guide if you have a very short time, the guide helps you to explore the best masterpieces in less time. If you are planning to visit Madrid must visit the world-class Prado Museum and make your trip memorable.

Fuente de Cybele’s and Gran Via

The Cybele’s fountain is the most famous fountain standing in the traffic and makes this city more beautiful and the fine art of the structure of the fountain attracts the visitors all the time. It was created in 1782 by Roberto Michel and Francisco Gutiérrez. The mid in the Palacio de Cibeles cultural center and represent the rich architecture, which hosts the art of stunning exhibitions and workshops.

The center of this fountain the most famous restaurants are the Cibeles Palace restaurant and the. Colección Cibeles cafeteria. The nearby of the fountain is the most famous shopping street that is known as Gran Vía.

There are many restaurants, hotels, and theaters on this bustling street that is highly attracting the tourist. If you are planning to visit Madrid must visit the iconic tourist destination. Gran Via is the best spot for shopping lovers. If you are a shopping lover and want to see some historical art it mean you are in the right place.

Plaza Mayor

Mayor Plaza is the most stunning building in Madrid that has a great history.

The Building was built in 17 century during the reign of Philip III. In the Plaza of the mayor, many events celebrated and many of the visitors come here to see the events and explore the beauty of the plaza. There is also the most famous Bullfight event organize every year and the people come here to see the all around the globe with the many dramatic performances, and knightly tournaments also attract the visitors. This plaza is the most entertaining place in Madrid and most adventurous spot.

The plaza is showing its importance in 1790, when the corners were enclosed and the nine entrance arches were constructed, linking it to Calle Mayor, Calle Postas, Calle de Toledo, and others. In nowadays the Plaza Mayor is the most crowded place in Madrid, if you visit there you never want to leave this life and the movement is unforgettable for you.

This is very expensive to stay in this plaza. Surrounded the cafes and restaurants is very famous and there you easily stay and many of the shopping places, Strolling here or sitting in its cafes is the most popular in Madrid and the atmosphere. Mayor Plaza is one of the highly visiting places in Madrid if you are planning a trip must visit the mayor Plaza.

Temple of Debod: An Ancient Egyptian Temple

Madrid is full of the temple and the Temple of Debod is one of them. It is located in La Montaña Park and it is one of the most ancient temples of Egypt. This is a gift from Egypt. The Debod Temple was brought to Madrid in 1968. The temple is giving to Spain when Spain help in saving the Abu Simbel temples during the building of the Aswan Dam and showing humanity.

The temple was built for the King in the 2nd century BC and the temple has very monument history includes several shrines, a terrace on the upper level and a spacious hall that is most affectionate.

The Temple attracts the history lover all around the globe and attracts visitors all the time. It is the very well decorated and Spain take this Gift in very peaceful gardens surrounding the historical feature reflective pools and an amazing fountain, creating a marvelous effect.

If you are seeing the mixture of history and the natural beauty must visit the Madrid most iconic place. Visitors come here all around the globe to see the ancient history of Madrid. It is very important and most visited tourist spot all the time.


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