What is an aviation alliance? Introduction and advantages of aviation Alliance composition

Aviation Alliance History:

Aviation Alliance History

The earliest form of the Aviation Alliance was probably in the 30s of the last century, when Pan American Airlines and its subsidiaries reached an exchange agreement on South American routes. However, the current industry-accepted that the prototype of the Aviation Alliance should be a letter of intent signed by Southwest Airlines and Royal Dutch Airlines in 1989, and a joint venture was established in 1997, and the Aviation Alliance has been developing for at least 20 years now. In 1993, the United States and the Netherlands signed the first Civil Aviation route Open Agreement, the agreement is that both countries allow the two sides to freely travel to and from the major cities of the two countries airport, the elimination of passenger traffic, cargo volume, the number of flights and the lowest price of air tickets and other restrictions. Since then, this model of cooperation has begun to unfold among countries around the world, a cooperative mechanism that allows companies on both sides to benefit from each other, but does not belong to a typical enterprise merger.

Three major aviation alliances:

Three major aviation alliances

Introducing the three most common aviation alliances,
the first to be established is the Star Alliance, founded in 1997 by United Airlines, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Nordic Airlines and Thai Airways, headquartered in Frankfurt, France, The Alliance logo is a star pattern made up of five triangles, representing the creation of the first five companies, respectively.

A year after the Star Alliance was formed, American Airlines, British Airways, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, and Qantas five airlines decided to form a oneworld World to paralysis Shanli with the Star Alliance. The constituent members are first-degree bullies on various regional routes and are headquartered in New York, United States. Three years after the founding of the Star Alliance, Air France, Delta Air Lines, Mexico Airlines and Korean Air announced the establishment of SkyTeam, the fastest-expanding group of the three aviation alliances, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. So far, the global airline from the Hundred schools evolved to the three major aviation groups between the competition pattern.

Since its inception, the membership of the various aviation alliances has continued to increase, allowing the main purpose of the expansion of the membership is to make the alliance’s routes as wide as possible, and only to keep the routes in all corners of the globe, in order to ensure the dominance of the Aviation Alliance.

As of today, the three major aviation unions have a very staggering number of passengers on all routes, representing 61.2% of the airlines, and the following are the operating data of the three major aviation leagues:


Star AllianceSky TeamOneworld
Airlines27 companies19 companies13 companies
Departure point1,3301,0621,016
Fleet size4,6573,9373,560
Market share23%20.4%17.8%

Benefits of creating an aviation alliance:

Benefits of creating an aviation alliance

  1. Reduce operating costs for each airline such as shares the advantages of the airport terminal, shared aircraft maintenance, VIP room sharing and so on.
  2. More passenger route options: Airlines within the alliance share all routes and can make up for flights with each other, allowing passengers to travel to the connecting airport on company A aircraft and arrive at their destination on company B flights to reduce the number of connecting journeys.
  3. Better Airport Services: The same airline alliance check-in counters, usually located at the same terminal, are designed to support each other while enhancing the convenience of passengers when connecting.
  4. Flying miles accumulate with each other: When traveling on a flight from the same airline alliance, the accumulated mileage can be calculated together and there will be no trouble for different companies to calculate separately.
  5. Global Tickets: All three aviation leagues have tickets to sell around the world, and they can all use miles to redeem their global tickets, and they can consider their specific options to travel the world.


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