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Singapore is a fabulous country having a city with the same name that is an island too. It is the only one of its kind. It is located in South East Asia with very friendly terms all around the world. Singapore is a home for around 60 islands and islets. It keeps forming more every year due to that it is hard to give a specific number.

Singapore is one of the world’s strongest economies and high development in every field. With the prosperity and wealth divide, the nation is highly educated and is successful in the field of technology, health care and quality of life. The crime ratio is low but the taxes are high. This beautiful place is not for everyone because homosexuality is illegal and there is a death sentence penalty for drugs. I also write a seprate post on the best travel guide for Cambodia.

Singapore travel is an amazing experience but it is not affordable from people belonging to many parts of the world. It stands first in Asia for its healthcare, crime control, and education. There are no specific religious reforms happening like many other parts of the world despite having three religions Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.

Location and neighborhood

South East Asian coast accommodates this beautiful country. Its neighborhood is the south of Malaysian peninsula and east of Sumatra Indonesia. It is a cluster of Islands and the east of Singapore has Big Island of Borneo. It has most of the world’s millionaire population keeping millions as disposable wealth.

Singapore, neighborhoods

How to Get into Singapore


The Changi Airport Singapore is a worth visiting place that wins awards every year. Tourists who visit it make their flights delayed to enjoy the experience one more time. Singapore airlines are also considered among the best airlines in the world. There are serious criminal penalties for drugs in Singapore. The airport has an outdoor butterfly garden, swimming pool, nature trail and a huge shopping mall with hawker-style food stalls everywhere around. It receives flights from all over the world. The unexpected layover at Changi Airport can make it the best experience for life

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Changi Airport Asia


Singapore can be reached by bus from Malaysia. There are many companies providing luxury bus services from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Singapore. Estimated time is between five to six hours depending upon the immigration waiting time and traffic. Buses have work desks, free Wi-FI and entertainment systems. Singapore does not have a duty free allowance and there are very high duty and rules on Imports.

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Visa of Singapore

Most of the nationalities from the world can receive a 90 days free visa. You will get stamped for free on arrival if you belong to the United States and European Union. However, a few nationalities get exemption of 30 days to visit visa. Singapore has a mandatory death penalty on drugs so it is better to keep the prescription of medicines and pills you are carrying and medical report if you have any. Never keep any type of drug along. The Singapore customs website has all the restricted items list.

Asia. airport checks


Singapore has its own dollar (SGD) that is represented by S$. S$1 is divided into 100 cents. The basic unit 1 is used in the form of a coin whereas for the other currency there are notes of S$2, S$5, S$10, S$50 and S$100. There are 20 and 25 as well but very rarely seen. ATM machines are located all around the country whereas the restaurants, shopping malls, and other public places accept credit cards, Visa and Master cards as well.

Currency at Singapore


Singapore welcomes tourists from all around the world due to that there is a rare language barrier. The national language of Singapore is Bahasa Malaysia that only 12% population understands. The spoken languages are Chinese, Bahasa Malay, and Tamil (South Indian) 85% population speaks fluent English. Even the Constitution is in the English language. In addition, heavy version of English spoken in Singapore is known as Singlish that is the amalgamation of Chinese, English, Tamil, and Malay. This is not easily understandable by the tourists because of a lot of “Lah’s” in it.

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Average Expense on Singapore

There are a lot of activities this country offers. The food is very affordable but the accommodation is very expensive. It is more than any other part of South East Asia. Expense increases due to small infractions of fines. There are fines on chewing gum, riding the bike on a sidewalk, walking outside of street crossing, bringing foods and drinks on local transport, smoking in non-smoking areas and not flushing a toilet. There are also serious charges on pirated DVD’s, illegally downloading a movie or electronic cigarette.

Budget travelers never keep Singapore on their list because it becomes very expensive due to small things such as fine, nightlife and socializing. However, the food expense is as low as $5 for a meal. Tobacco products and Alcohol are heavily expensive due to extraordinary taxes. The best idea to stay in Singapore with a local is to make local connections on couch surfing.

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The best time to visit Singapore

Climate is basically warm with heavy rainfall throughout the year. The fires burning in Sumatra become a reason for reducing the air quality from May to August. February is the driest month of the year. Generally, there is a tropical rain forest climate with the consistency of 31C. Plenty of places are designed according to the thunderstorms and the green spaces also need watering so there is always something entertaining for visitors. During November, December and January there are the heaviest rain falls.

Rain in Singapore Zoo

Festivals in Singapore

Singapore is home to mix ethnic groups and cultures that make it a festivity place. There are multiple festivals of Buddhist, Islam, Hindu, Taoist and Christians celebrated with complete fun. The National day on August 9 is celebrated with all the ethnic groups with a huge parade and patriotic festivities. There are many other films, music, art and theatre festivals and carnivals attended by people from all over the world. Singapore also welcomes the tops celebrities of the world for vacation.

Singapore, Festivals

Best things to do in Singapore

Night Safari at Singapore Zoo

Interacting with wildlife at night is a totally unique experience. This wildlife park is open only in the evenings to provide an ultimate experience from 7:30 pm till midnight. There are around 120 species, electric trams, bridges, and footpaths. There are tigers, fishing cats, alligators and many other creature enclosures that are visited with a tour guide. Flashlights and Photography are not allowed.

Singapore, photo of the night safari zoo

A day at the Singapore Zoo

It stands among the world’s best zoos and is amazingly designed in the globe-spanning natural enclosures for the inhabitants. This is spread on 28 hectares on the peninsula in the form of a reservoir. There is a beautiful waterfall being home for baboons and mongoose. The Frozen Tundra has polar bears and wolverines. A hundred of other species also live here which can be witnessed more interestingly at the feeding time that is from 11 am to 3:30 pm. There are pony rides, wet play zone, water slides, and a tram.

Singapore Zoo, entry

Gardens by the Bay

The enormous biodomes rising from the greenery makes the attraction worth visiting due to its uniqueness. There are over 800 species of unique plants belonging from different time zones. This is one of the most remarkable green spaces of Singapore with the beautiful sidewalk and spreads over 101 hectares. There are multiple sculptures like a giant sleeping baby, Planet by Mark Quinn and many domes. The skywalk of the garden is almost 22m above it showing the amazing species and supertrees.

Amazing nature park in Singapore

Botanic Gardens

It is one of the world’s most extensive green spaces. These are the vast botanic gardens with a lot of lush malls and vegetation, Lawns, Themes gardens, and beautiful lakes. A walk takes to the ancient rain forest that is the home of hundreds of unique plant species among half is the rare and cannot be found anywhere else. The most amazing part is the orchid garden in which there are 1000 species of tropical orchids, 2000 hybrids which are named after different personalities, places, and attractions. On the other side, there is the ginger garden that is the home to 250 types of ginger family. There two delicious restaurants offering traditional and continental foods and an opera mostly arranged on Saturdays.

Beautiful gardens at Singapore

Shopping on Orchard road

There is not actually orchards grown on the way but this street is a very popular attraction of Singapore. It is the home of notable fashion stores, departmental stores and designer shops. This street has many shoes and accessories designers as well. The malls present in this street have delicious food courts. The luxury brands also have many top class food chains beside them. This is an amazing experience for the people who have some extra to spend.

Asoa. amazing road

Tour at universal studios

The Hollywood super popular theme park has a branch at Singapore. That is divided into seven worlds according to themes. Activities are related to famous movies and seasons, Dancing, Singing, roller coaster ride, Sci-fi City, transformers and many more. There is also the ancient Egypt where the roller coaster can take you. The attractions are designed for the entire family in which kids, adults, and teenagers all can enjoy together. The exploration of Sentosa Island and plenty of explosives makes it more adventurous and fantasy.

Universal Studios at Asia

Aquarium at Sentosa Island

This is the world’s largest aquarium that is a part of Sentosa island attractions. There are 49 Marine life and more than 100,000 sea creatures. The entrance is through the shark tunnel where there are a number of sharks and whales types keep floating on above your head. There are a number of other beautiful sea creatures playing around in the water brought from different parts of the world. At the second tunnel, there is Asia’s biggest marine Heritage keeping the unique sea life in the Maritime Museum.

Aquarium Entru, Asia

The Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay

The 165m tall Ferris wheel is another unique attraction. It is the second largest observation wheel of the world to observe the water of Marina Bay. The amazing part of Singapore skyline becomes more breathtakingly beautiful when lit up in the evenings. Marina Bay has hotels, shopping, restaurants or just a relaxing sidewalk experience. There are a lot of activities to do like events at the performing art center with the architecture of Golf balls like structure. The best open-air food courts.

Near the Esplanade Bridge, there is the most famous Merlion statue. This sculpture represents Singapore in most parts of the world. It is the half lion and half fish fountain spewing the water in the bay. There are also many other sculpture roots back to the 19th century belonging to Salvator Dali and Botero.

Singapore Marina Bay, Flyer

China town in Singapore

The heart of Singapore has this amazing Chinese heritage. The china town metro stop can provide the vehicle. Main attractions are Pagoda street walk, souvenir shops, massage parlors, and restaurants. They encircle the china town heritage circle. The quarter has the other street opening to Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple Sri Mariamman Temple. There are many other temples, hawker-style food stalls, bridge, and station. In the north block, there is the five-story Buddha Relic Temple having the canine of Buddha kept into solid gold. There are art deco buildings, clubs, dragon wishing well and the 19th-century AL-Abrar Mosque and Thian Hock Keng temple.

Chinatown, street

Haji Lane shopping

The narrow street has many local designers and a few international designers in the house. The streets are colorful and make the lane very attractive. There are funky vintage lamps, local crafts, heritage, clothing, accessories, and shoes. There are colorful ladies bags, hats and apparel. Many gift shops have a lot of interesting products to buy. There are many designers of Hong Kong and Korea keeping their franchises in Singapore.

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Fort Canning Park

A beautiful hilly park and a historical museum is a very relaxing green space to visit. It is located on the fort canning hill that is known as the Bukit Larangan means Forbidden Hill. Locals avoid going there because of the Shrine of the last Malay ruler of Singapore Sultan Iskandar Shah. There are creepy subterranean room’s life-size models to reenacts the scenes of World War 2. Although there are a lot of events and musical concerts organized at the park now normally it describes the story of the worst disaster of the largest Capitulation in British history. It also reminds the event of the surrender of Singapore to Japanese.

Road Fort Canning Park. Asia

National Museum of Singapore

This is the most amazing museum of Singapore and a worth visiting place even for the “less fond of museum” type tourists. There are beautifully designed themed galleries having different eras of Singapore history. The Multimedia installation makes the historical characters speak their history on their own. There are living galleries taking the visitor back to the eras they are exploring in the themes of fashion, photography, Art, cultures, food, film and many others. It has many contemporary installations and the time of Initial Singapore time, when it got held by Japanese and then the era of independence from Britain.

The ten crucial years of Singapore after independence from Britain is shown until the modern time of prosperous Singapore. It also organizes temporary exhibitions of Artists from all around the world which is attended by many well-known names of the field.

Amazing Museum at Singapore

How to have a budget trip to Singapore

It is said that Singapore is not a place for budget travelers and the condition gets worse when they are fined for some small mistake. There are different ways to travel to Singapore on budget and avoid getting ripped off. These tips will make your plan for an exploration trip of this beautiful city-island-country.

Train, Singapore

Get EZ-Link Card

Most visitors are not aware of this card. This is the very budget friendly travel card that can be swiped on frequent traveling. It becomes reasonable as compared to the payments on every single trip. This costs S$12 and has the credit of about S$7. At 7eleven marts this card is for S$10 and has extra credit of S$5. Never tap the card while exiting the train or you will pay an extra trip.

Link Card in Singapore

Singapore tourist pass

This tourist pass is only be attained when you really want to spend extra on trains exploration. So, if you can walk and explore on your own then this will be a very expensive deal. Singapore tourist pass costs S$20 for a single day on which S$10 is refunded when you return the card.

Singapore travel card

Drink tap water

Tap water in Singapore is safe for drinking. Do not spend money on buying bottles of water. Buy one and refill it from the hotel.

Travel, save money with tap water

Eating in food halls

There are many food halls that offer plenty of choices as low as S$4 to S$6. The restaurants and hotels are very expensive. They have food stalls or hawker styled food shops. You should be aware that food halls at the luxurious malls and attractions are more expensive than the general food courts.

Food Hall in Asia

Do not drink or smoke

There is a huge tax on tobacco products and alcohol that make it very expensive even as compared to the US and Europe. The cheapest cigarette box costs around S$13 and the watery alcohol costs around S$30 each drink. In Singapore the electronic cigarette is illegal and there is an extreme punishment or death penalty for doing that. Never keep any in your bag.

Travel, avoid high costs

Enjoy the parks

Singapore is filled with greenery having the matrix of amazing parks and sea neighborhoods. You can enjoy this for free. Explore the city and find a new place every time to enjoy. They have amazing skyline and offers a lot of attractions for free. Many parks are interconnected with each other and have different things to see.

Travel, enjoying parks

Take advantages of freebies

Many places have people performing a different type of things that you can enjoy on the go. The museums and other places arrange exhibitions where the entrance is free sometimes. During different parts of the month, the entrance becomes free for some time due to special performances or displays. You only have to be updated. Keep checking at the counter and attractions magazines. Sometimes tourists also are seen selling the discounted tickets that can become a small bargain for the original cost.

Exhibition in Singapore

Shop in the right places

Singapore has more shopping malls than imagination. Even a month is not enough to explore them all. The Changi Airport seems like a huge luxurious shopping mall giving space to the flights. Almost all the malls are terribly expensive and specialty shops are beyond affordability. You can buy cheap products from the shops near china town and mini India. However always buy toiletries, snacks, and drinks from the stores of the huge malls because there are always special offers going on.

Chinatown, shopping

Search Couch Surfing

Couch surfing is a great platform to provide accommodation all around the world. Make a good connection in Singapore to find a host. Sometimes people are not willing to be a host for the strangers or the visitors hesitate in being with someone they do not know. In this case, it is better to look for a hotel or living space near mini India. The rentals are slightly lower than other parts of Singapore or you can even find shared accommodation.

Travel, finding a cheap place

Avoid any kind of fines!

Locals and frequent travelers of Singapore sarcastically call it a “fine city”. There can be an unexpected find for anything you have done. In this city is rarely see the police around but you should still avoid breaking the law. The fine can disturb your entire budget and you can end up spending your saving. Not using Crosswalk markers, mobile phone use while driving, riding a bike near the river, chewing gum, eating or drinking in public transport or MRT trains, Vaping (totally illegal), not flushing the public toilet, spitting and feeding pigeons in the park can get u paying a huge fine.

Gum, Singapore, Illegal


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