Asia is the perfect place for a fantastic limited budget holiday. If there are no budget boundaries, then Asia can provide an amazing luxurious experience. Weather is mostly warm, and there are no signs of freezing arctic winters.

Although the entire year offers various activities to the people visiting Asia, it is better to visit from October to May. December and January are cold in many parts; June to September is the hottest and humid time. All the other months are enjoyable. There is an amalgamation of cultures and traditions which are famous all around the world. We have listed 15 places to visit in Asia especially.

1. Enjoy a spa service at Phuket, Thailand

There are many luxury hotels, a 12 lane-Highway and an upgraded new Airport to welcome the tourists to Phuket. Party Island is the best part of the vacation. It offers 71 eco-villas, Emerald Bay, beach club, a boutique restaurant and many more. It keeps the famous Thai Spa and massage trend carefully for visitors from all around the world. It is the best beach destination that offers a completely natural and organic holiday.


2. The thing to do in Bangkok, Thailand

The amazing modern city serves its fun to around twenty-one million international visitors. They stay at luxury hotels and experience art spaces, luxury entertainments, shopping, and mouthwatering street food. Weather and surroundings are extremely pleasant to make the bustling city joyful for visitors. There are many temples, royal forts, and museums which are well preserved, keeping the ancient heritage alive from so many years. Khaosan Road offers the ultimate shopping along with the rooms to stay in the bustling street of the city.

3. Charming Iya Valley, Japan

Nothing can beat the beautiful cherry blossom of Japan. The month of April offers a beautiful tourist attraction that remains in the hearts of the visitors forever. The Island of Shikoku, Iva Valley is the house of dramatic mountain landscapes, having vine covered bridges and thatched roof farmhouses which looks like dots on the mountains. The hiking trails are still unspoiled despite welcoming a crowd of tourists around the year.

Iya Valley

4. Singapore city Party mode, Singapore

The lion city is popular and visited by tourists all around the year due to its colorful festivals and attractions. Singapore city always remains in the party mode. The airport is still considered as the best one in the world. If the flight is delayed, then there is an outdoor garden, swimming pool, massage chairs, sleeping area, and kids playing area, hawker-style food stalls and many more.


5. Come closer to the wildlife of Tangalle, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the home for impressive heritage, conservatories, beaches, and incredible wildlife. The southern coast of Tangalle has a beautiful Anantara Tangalle peace haven that added a whole luxurious stay to the tourism. Bars are offering amazing nightlife and morning giving a refreshing spa experience. There are multiple sanctuaries built for the care of wildlife in the country among which the most famous is the elephant sanctuary.


6. The 28 secret islands of Phu Quoc, Vietnam

The calm island is located near the coast of Cambodia. It has just opened direct flights from Bangkok and London. The district of Phu Quoc has 28 island that has their specialties, but some of them are kept secret and are very less crowded with tourists. Many islands have almost no inhabitants and accommodation. They are perfect for camping. Almost 20 unspoiled beaches have the most crystal clear water with powdery white sand. Sao beach is known as the crown jewel and is well known for its snow-white beach. Due to lesser crowds, it has an amazing aquatic life, and there are more luxury resorts.

Phu Quoc

7. A food vacation at Manila, Philippines

The islands of Manila, Philippines are becoming expert of new recipes with a delicacy of local spices and flavors. The new generation is making it more outstanding and attractive to tourists. Hence, the bustling metropolis is winning the hearts of the foodies from everywhere. The restaurant offers food tasting and an extensive menu with a verity of choices in ingredients. Many old and new restaurants have specialties from different parts of the world.

8. Home for Olympics Pyeongchang, South Korea

The exciting destination used to get a crowd of tourists in the 70 Minutes train from Incheon International Airport even before the commencing of the Olympic Games. The mountains and luxurious resorts are always ready to welcome tourists. Odaesan National park is located as the criss-cross on the mountain ranges that are famous all around the world. It is filled with a lot of Buddhist temples. The ski resorts and many other sports are the best way to enjoy an active stay at Pyeongchang.


9. Visit forts of Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan is famous for its ancient royal culture that is still practiced in many parts of the district. There are many temples and castles still kept in shape for the visitors. The Jaipur literature festival is famous among the authors and readers all around the world. Architecture and lifestyle take the tourists back to the ancient royal roots of the city. Bishangarh fort on the hilltop is famous that belongs to the 18th century.


10. Stay close to nature at Langkawi, Malaysia

Malaysia is known as the heart of Asia because it has something related to every place of the continent. Langkawi is an archipelago having almost 99 islands. The beautiful turquoise sea waters, jungle-clad hills, and beautiful resorts make it luxury and natural with a lot of activities and charms. There are many holiday activities like diving, hiking and exploring are offered. Even the normal staying places are very beautiful with greenery and closer to nature.


11. The cultural heritage of Tainan, Taiwan

This is the oldest city and the cultural club of the country. The destination is getting more travelers with the passage to time and increasing the attractions to entertain them more. Old streets and places arrange night markets offering many traditional cuisines and delicacies. In January the Yanshui Beehive Firecracker festival is attended by people from all over the world. The participants wear helmets and cover their body properly because of the fireworks. They are shot to the tower to resemble the swarm of bees.


12. The ancient architecture Samarkand, Uzbekistan

The culturally rich destination is very affordable and safe to travel. The Silk Road cities are an entirely new experience to the explorers coming for the first time. The new president has the main focus on tourism due to that tourists are enjoying the attractions more freely. The brimming and interesting architecture of the ancient cities is well preserved, and it is the main reason for increasing popularity.


13. Thatched roofs wild city of Bali, Indonesia

The 30 luxury thatched-roof villas are ready to welcome their visitors to provide the ultimate experience of staying in Bali. During the Easter and Christmas holidays, this place is over-crowded, and the accommodation and exploration become a little tough. April, May, June, September is the best months to visit and enjoy the destination. Bali is also known as the land of Gods. It offers every kind of entertainment from wildlife to the adventures there is fun everywhere. There are plentiful options for visitors to enjoy as much as they want.


14. The art Centre Kampot, Cambodia

Cambodian art is the most famous thing in the world. There are abundant photographers, traditional and contemporary dancers, local authors and artists. Phnom Penh provides a four-hour direct train to reach Kampot. It is the best option for exploration with delicious foods and beverages. Artists from all over the world attend the Kampot Art festival.

The art Centre Kampot

15. Experience great wall in Beijing, China

The great wall is the biggest and most famous heritage of China in the world. It is not only a wall. It is a series of bridges, watchtowers and defense system created by multiple dynasties of the Chinese kingdom, and they were continuously connected. Beijing is the capital city and has a portion of Great wall near it. This is one of the best and most popular sides to see the wall.

great wall

Precautions of visiting Asia

South East Asia mostly stays in the headlines while making the news. The natural disasters, political turn oil, and general crisis stay on the high lights. On the other hand, it is the happiest part that is rich in culture and traditions, get crowds of tourists every year, enjoy foods and festival entire year. The general image of Asia appears to be very dangerous, but by keeping some safety tips, it can be the best tour for the lifetime.

1. Scams and Ripoffs

The major poverty issues make the travelers appear as the money-making machine for the locals. Visitors do not often realize the actual prices of things especially the local products, so they pay a huge amount for this purpose.

To save money, learn to negotiate prices before visiting. Before heading toward the local heritage sites and markets, learn online about the general fares and fees. You can also get a little idea by asking prices in local groups on social media to stay protected from being scammed.

2. Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and Drugs are banned in most parts of Asia and keeping them along is considered as a crime. There is even the death penalty for this in some parts, so it is better to avoid carrying without knowing the local rules. Carrying drugs can create some serious problems and get caught is seriously punishable. However, alcohol is allowed in major parts of Asia. Although it is not served openly in average restaurants and hotels, they are allowed at luxury hotels and resorts.

3. Female travelers

Due to the cultural differences, females get awkward attention from the local men in many places. It is advice for female travelers to avoid talking to local men without need. Never become friendly if they interact first. Forward attitude is interpreted in the worst way by the East Asian men. The women should not wear exposed shoulders, shorts and carry a scarf while visiting the religious sites. Never take anything to eat offered by the stranger and also watch your drink to avoid being drugged at the beaches by strangers.

4. Political situation

Politics is the major issue in almost entire Asia. Although the locals do not try to grab foreigners in matters, but it is better to avoid intervening in any situation. Leave the place immediately if you find any protest going on because sometimes protests become violent suddenly without warning.

Register your visit to the embassy to avoid any hassle and keep the emergency contact number along. Carrying the emergency numbers is generally important where ever you are going. Never involve yourself into the religious or political discussion going on even if you think you should.

5. Staying Healthy

Usually, the water does not suit foreigners. The harsh summers often cause bad sunburns. The exotic and mouth-watering foods grab all the attention but are mostly spicy and oily. They become a reason for a bad stomach and fever. Avoid eating excessive spices.

The wildlife, tropical weather and beautiful scenery have some biting bugs and animals. Stay protected by applying mosquito repellent spray and keeping hand sanitizer. Bed bugs are found even in luxury hotels so check carefully before putting your luggage.

Things to carry while visiting Asia

  1. Masks to wear in the pollutant areas to avoid inhaling a lot of smoke.
  2. Dengue and Malaria are common, and there are no vaccines, so it is better to keep a mosquito repellent lotion to apply on the exposed body parts.
  3. Sun is very harsh on the equator region and can cause serious sunburns. Apply sunblock before getting exposed directly to the sun.
  4. Dress code is not specific, but it is important to cover the body before visiting any religious place. Keep a scarf in the bag so in case you need it.
  5. Sometimes the local police and people disturb tourists, so it is better to carry a copy of your passport along. Never hand over the original documents. Do not share your personal information unnecessarily.
  6. Carry two wallets one in the pocket having a limited amount of cash and another one in the bag pack with the remaining amount. Do not open your money-filled wallet in public.
  7. Most of the drug stores do not have the imported medicines so carry your general medicines for headache, vomiting, bad stomach, fever, flu and pain killers.