Today I am sharing my Marina Bay Sands Experience Hope guys you will like our review.
Have you been thinking about your next big vacations and you’re not sure about the best option?

Well, you should definitely be taking a closer look at Singapore.

This city could be your next ideal vacation because it has so much to offer, not the least of which is Marina Bay. This beautiful location is right on the coastline and features amazing views as well as plenty to do.

No matter what type of vacation you like the best, you’re going to find a little of everything here. You’ll be recommending this city to all of your friends when you get back. But, what are the best of the best features in Marina Bay? Let’s take a closer look at each of them so you can get started on enjoying your trip.

  1. Top Down Views Experience of Marina Bay Sands

If you’re really looking for the best possible view of Marina Bay and even some of the outer area the first place to check out is the Singapore Flyer. It’s actually a huge wheel, similar to a Ferris wheel, but the ‘carriages’ are actually fully enclosed pods. These pods are much larger than any common Ferris wheel carriage. They hold nearly 30 people each and they rotate even more slowly, making sure you can get the best possible view of everything on this island from a grand total of 540 feet up. Of course, you’re also going to have the climb and the drop to get close up views of some of the amazing sites but if you want to really experience the entirety of the island and the water this is the place to be. Also this one of my best Marina Bay Sands Experience

For those who want a great view but maybe not quite so high up, you’re going to want to go to the Marina Bay Sands Skypark. It’s actually a hotel but all the way up on the 57th floor you’re going to find three acres of amazing experiences, like a restaurant and a nightclub. Not only that but you’re going to have an infinity-edge pool, which means you’ll feel like you’re right at the edge with nothing between you and the amazing views all those floors below. Add on the spectacular viewing deck and you’re going to have something you don’t want to miss.

Singapore Flyer, amazing views

  1. Immersion in the Arts

Anyone who loves art is going to be happy to be here, no matter what your preference may be. If you’re the type who loves the theater then Esplanade is going to be the perfect place. They have over 3,000 performances and workshops and exhibitions. So you can really enjoy a little bit of everything. Not only that but it’s a really amazing location and it gives you international professionals, local upstarts and a whole lot more. There’s definitely no shortage of shows to check out.

The best artwork is going to be available at some of the hotels throughout the area. It may seem strange to walk through the halls of some of the highest end hotels in the country to see the art, but you’re definitely going to love what you see. In fact, the Ritz Carlton has a collection that’s worth over 4 million dollars. The Marina Bay Sands has a special artwork that’s designed to let you experience modern art. And other hotels have a range of different pieces to look at. No matter what kind of art you like best you’ll find it.

Artwalk at Marina Bay Sands

  1. Fun with Shopping

Going shopping can be a whole lot of fun on its own, and you’ll find a number of great places to check out in this area. There are shopping centers and malls throughout, with shops and products from all price points. That way, you’re really going to have a little bit of everything that you need for your trip and plenty of souvenirs and more to send back to your friends. But if you’re looking for something truly amazing you’re going to want to visit the Suntec City Mall.

This mall has not only some great shopping and some of the best modern stores. Also, it has an amazing fountain. The 85-ton fountain, known as the Fountain of Wealth, is actually made of a cast-bronze ring and it’s a full 46 feet tall. The design is actually based on old Feng Shui principles. That said water flowing will bring wealth into the mall, which is good for them. This is definitely going to be something you want to see. After all, watching the water flow into a fountain is definitely a unique experience.

Marina Bay Sands Experience
Marina Bay Sands Experience
  1. Sights from the Garden of Marina Bay

A garden can be a great place to rest and relax. It can be a beautiful place to just wander and enjoy reading, listening to music or anything else. At this garden, you’re going to have a whole lot of things to look at because it’s actually 101 hectares. Not only that but there are climate-controlled locations that will let you experience different climate zones and the flowers and plants that grow in them. You can experience the Mediterranean or the tropics and you can even check out the supertrees that help form a spectacular walkway above the ground.

The supertrees are actually 16 stories high, while the walkway that connects them is a total of 7 stories up. You’ll be able to get a better look at the flowers, the plants and the vines that swarm over these structures and you can experience how they really work. They’re actually manmade structures that provide solar power as well as rainwater that’s used throughout the gardens. No matter which sections you’re exploring or what you’re planning to do while you’re there, this garden is going to create a great place for you to end your day.

Gardes by the Bay, Singapore

  1. Dive into the Sports


If you’re really into sports you’re going to have the opportunity to check out the Formula One Grand Prix. It’s actually a great experience, whether you’re the type who loves the races or you’re just looking for the fun of the crowds. This night race is over 192 miles all told and it’s going to pass right by all of the top tourist areas. That means you can get a great view no matter where you happen to be or what you want to look at while you’re waiting for the cars to come around for the next lap (though you won’t be waiting long).

Formula 1 track at Marina Bay

  1. Enjoy the Museums

If you’re looking for museums that are going to immerse you in science and culture you’re going to want to check out two separate establishments, The ArtScience Museum, and the Asian Civilisations Museum. Both of these are a high class with a whole lot for you to look at. Plus, you’re going to learn a whole lot while you’re at it. If you’re interested in over 64,000 square feet of art and science you’re going to ant to see the ArtScience Museum. If you’re interested in learning about the culture of China, West, South and Southeast Asia and a whole lot more, you’re not going to want to miss the Asian Civilisations Museum.

These museums are definitely something special and with the ArtScience Museum, you’re going to be right on the beach. That means you’ll have amazing things to look at both inside and outside the museum. Plus, if you need to take a break along the way you’re going to have the perfect place to do it. In the Asian Civilisations Museum, you’re going to see things like sword collections, pottery, and even ancient statues. There’s a little something for everyone.

ArtScience Museum view, Marina Bay, Singapore

  1. Hit the Marina Bay’s Water

Want to really explore the area? You’re going to want to check out the amphibious DUCKtours. These boats are going to actually take you right out on the water so you can see the harbor and check out the amazing buildings. What’s even better if you’re going to have no problem seeing all those buildings up close and personal too. That’s because these tour buses are actually boats as well as being buses. That means you can check out both the land and the sea of Marina Bay.

If you want a more relaxing and upscale boat trip you’re going to want the Singapore River Cruises. You’ll be able to check out plenty of great sights from here and you can enjoy a river taxi, a special tour or a charter. No matter what you’re really looking for, you’re going to have a great trip just sitting back and enjoying your time on a boat, under the sun. Plus, you’ll be looking out at the beautiful water while you’re at it. There’s no reason not to take a little time out of your trip to relax and enjoy the day.

Asia, Singapore, DuckTours

  1. Take Time to Party

Looking to really burn through the night? Partying is definitely going to be a great way to spend your evening and the night as well. In fact, you’ll find some of the best nightclubs and party spots when you’re at Marina Bay. You’ll find plenty of people that are looking to have a great time. Whether you just want to listen to the music, grab a couple of drinks or really get into the dancing and partying scene. Not to mention you’re going to find plenty of variety to the type of bars and clubs you want to go to.

No matter what type of music and what type of party you’re looking for, there’s a little of everything here. There are high-end establishments for the more refined crowd. There are also plenty of wild and crazy nightclubs for those who just want to spend some time on the dance floor. Plus, you can enjoy the great views while you’re at it because there’s a club up on the 57th floor of one of the best buildings in the area, which provides you with a great view. That view is only going to get better when it gets dark and you can see all the lights too.

Marina Bay Party
Marina Bay Sands Experience
  1. Head Out for a Bite in Marina Bay Experience

If you’re a foodie you’re definitely going to have no problem in Marina Bay. There are plenty of amazing places to get a bite. If you’re looking for the upscale food establishments you’ll find some. Even you can find some places that are hosted by chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Mario Batali. Each of these restaurants is going to give you some amazing dining and some high-end food that you’re not going to find just about anywhere else. That means here you’re not just limited to only one type of cuisine.

On the other hand, you can enjoy some of the more moderate food options. Even you can go all the way to the basics by choosing a food stall to stop it. Each of these places is going to give you options for cultural cuisine and international cuisine. Even the small shops and restaurants are going to give you variety. Definitely, you’ll be amazed at what you can get here. That makes it a whole lot easier to stop in for food with a whole group as well.

Restaurants, Asia, Singapore

Singapore, and specifically Marina Bay, is going to become one of your top travel destinations. You just need to take a little time to see what they have to offer. In fact, with so many amazing sites and exotic experiences, you’ll wonder why you never visit before. Whether you’re looking for a cultural experience of food and art or an adventurous one of heights and views. Even if you want some time on the water, there’s going to be something for every type of traveler. Plus, even though this vacation may seem a little more geared towards adults, you’re going to have plenty for the entire family to enjoy. All you have to do is take a little bit of time to look around you and you’ll see what we mean.


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