Southeast Asia is famous for various monuments and cultural practices that attracts people from all walks of life. It has for some time now become the destination for tourists during the holiday season and offseason. There is so much you can do in this enchanting place with so many exciting activities to undertake so I decided to give Best Travel Guide for Cambodia.

The popular Asian has gained popularity through its stunning temples and the numerous coconut fish delicacy as a delicacy that you cannot find anywhere else!

This has to be your next getaway to travel to, be it during the vacay or just bonding time with family and friends. Now let us take a look at some of the charming places you can come across in Southeast Asia, Cambodia. Also, check Best Waterfalls in Ireland

1. Visit first Phnom Penh

Cambodia, capital Phnom Penh

This is not only the capital city of Cambodia but also the most popular city in Cambodia.

This charming place offers you the most exhilarating experience you could ever ask for.

Attributed to the slow and more human scale, the city depicts a different side of the southeast Asia urban experience that you will never forget I try my best to give Best Travel Guide for Cambodia in this article.

Tradition Market in Cambodia

The presence of a traditional market is a must-visit destination for both local and international tourists. This being despite the fact that there are other growing shopping malls that are taking over Phnom Penh. It forms a distinct and unique site to find the most revered artifacts and souvenirs tourist can take back home to remember their encounter at the southeast Asia region.

From the jewelry shopping at the central market, you can face an educative history of genocide a Tuol Sleng, then visit the exquisite Royal Palace, get a great deal on items and goods at the Russian market, get a picturesque view site by the river on a sunset, not to forget the oldest area in Cambodia (Wat Phnom) which dates way back to the 14th century, and last but not least, enjoy your drinks along Bassac Lane before calling it a night.

After a tour to these sites in the Cambodian capital, you would have made the journey worth your while, and an unforgettable experience to tell your family and friends.

2. Angkor Wat (Best Travel Guide for Cambodia)

Cambodia, Angkor Wat


A huge fact about this place that you should know is that it is the largest religious monument in the world! The disappointing thing is that it failed to make the new list of the seven wonders of the world. Let us take a look at the history of this monumental place;

History of Angkor Wat

The Angkor Wat was constructed in the early 12th century and is considered the largest religious monument worldwide. The sandstone that was used to construct this Cambodia’s national monument is at least five million tons worth and was transported from a quarry located twenty-five miles away.

The Angkor Wat was shifted from the original Hindu to Buddhist use, this was done around the late 13th century, and till date, the temple is used by Buddhists as a worship place today.

In addition, the first western foreigner was Antonio Da Maddalena who was a Portuguese monk paid a visit to this temple in the late 15th century. And before this, a Chinese emissary lived in Angkor named Zhou Daquan in the late 12th century.

The emissary created a written account of his experience there. And today it is the only account of 13th century Angkor, it was later translated to English by Peter Harris in ‘A Record of Cambodia’.

Another foreigner helped to bring Angkor Wat to fame is Henri Mouhot, a French explorer. He published an account of his visit in the mid-19th century in the book, ‘Travels in Siam, Cambodia Laos, and Annam’. Of course, traveling to a conserved and religious place like Cambodia, there are some ethical etiquettes that should be observed during the visit.

Showing respect whilst in Cambodia

Cambodia, how to respect to the locals

There is no reason to fret as the do’s and don’ts here are quite straight forward and easy to remember and follow. This should not worry you about your thinking that you can cause accidental offense in a place you are not familiar with the local customs. The respect you show towards the religion and the local places is what makes the tour enjoyable as the locals will get along quite well with you all the way to your last day.

The tour in Cambodia is definitely bound to change you in one way or the other. The residents of Cambodia have endured a lot; colonization, brutal wars, hardships in the landmines, yet they still happily welcome you as a visitor to their land. so that I write this article Best Travel Guide for Cambodia. You as a tourist in this special place, you are encouraged to bring on board a good representation such that you could invite your family and friends to come with on the next visit, create spectacular moments for them that they would forever recall.

Even though a situation might seem uncomfortable and inconvenient, you should not make it worse by losing your temper, calmness and a good smile through adversities are good to show respect and appreciation. It will also make the issues get resolved faster by remaining calm. There are other instances you can maintain a face of calmness and friendliness;

  • When negotiating the price of artifacts, items or goods for your souvenir, the art of negotiation is expected as part of the business
  • Give a genuine compliment and gratitude to the people when it is merited.
  • When you are offered a gift, you can politely refuse it at first, but in the end, always accept the gift graciously with both hands.
  • Humility is a very important attribute in this place, you can politely credit someone or deflect comments that are sent your way.

Your show of respect in Cambodia is considered the highest and most spiritual part of a person’s attribute. It is the pinnacle of your personal space that should be respected by all.

Greetings in Cambodia

Cambodia, how should tourist dress

The common traditional Cambodian greeting is known as ‘Som Pas’ which is demonstrated by placing both your hands together in a prayer-like the gesture in front of the chest with the fingertips pointing upwards. The hands are held higher up to show respect to elders, officials or teachers. You have to admit this is a fun thing! Isn’t it?

Dressing – modest dress is the norm in Cambodia, and this is particularly for women. If you are a tourist with your usual shorts, the locals tend to cover as much skin as possible. Shorts are considered the default attire for a male school child! You are encouraged to adopt some of their attires to blend in and avoid causing the locals to feel embarrassed by your attire. Just avoid clothes that are too revealing in a nutshell.

Important also to note!

Cambodia, respect older people

The Cambodians are conservative people when it comes to sexuality and generally frown upon public display of affection. Again, here the most important thing is not to cause someone to feel embarrassed.

The elders are given the highest ranks in the communities in Cambodia. They are given the highest level of respect. You should always acknowledge an elder’s status by allowing them to take charge of the conversation, and taking the lead wherever they lead you.

When it comes to the Buddhist monks that are found almost everywhere, they are easily noticed by their dressing of colored robes. The monks are highly respected within society, you cannot miss a chance to have a friendly interaction with some of them! But there are things to look at when interacting with them;

  • A woman should never touch a monk or hand them anything, even their mothers never hug them while they are monks,
  • If a monk sits, you should follow suit by sitting before starting a conversation, and try to sit at a lower side,
  • Be mindful by not eating or snack around them at noon this is because most of them are not allowed to eat at this time,

Then there is the temple etiquette you should observe during your visit;

Cambodia. respectable places

  • Always remove your shoes and hats before entering the worship area, there are no exemptions,
  • Turn off all the electronic device to avoid disruption and causing a commotion in the worship area,
  • Restrain from loud and disrespectful convos inside the temple,
  • As highlighted earlier, dress modestly by wearing long pants and covering your shoulders,
  • Do not touch a Buddha statue, and always ask for permission before you take photos of the place,
  • And ensure you drop a small donation in the box, and most of all, no selfies with the Buddha statue

You will find that the place you visit, practiced these exercises is a serene and tranquil place. As should be a Buddhist worshipping temple. Your mind will be blown away by the amount of discipline practiced by the locals, and of course, a sense of peace of mind would be instilled in you during the tour. And you will definitely be changed in this way, you will at times long for this silence a tranquil environment to rest and reflect.


So this is a time to wrap up this article in this post I write Best Travel Guide for Cambodia so that tourist will find the best ways for Cambodia and they will enjoy as much as they do but still if there is any confusion let me I am here to help you and share this article with your friends who want to travel in Cambodia also check Trip University for more amazing articles.