Today I am going to share Best Place To Visit In India so make sure you read the full article if you are planning to visit Asian Countries.

India is one of the enormous countries all over the world. The population of the country is very wide as wide to its structure.  India Border is connected many countries are Bordered by Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, means that there are many different sides to the country that represents any kind of culture and also speak many languages. 

Multiple religions and a variety of people living there. The Culture of India is ancient and express the unique historical arts. The culture of India and history is the key that is attracting the tourist all around the globe.

India is one of the best destinations of the travelers that is really want to see the infinite place. India covered the huge area that is why there are more than 100 places to visit. Also India has the gift by nature, the beauty of nature and the lush greenery is totally amazing scenic view, lots of high hills, adventurous places, hiking mountains that is so high, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, canals, historical places, museums, some of the place a showing the marvelous landscape, any kind of culture and people, one of the most festival celebrating country, beautiful beaches, boating experience, fishing and many more things.

There is some of the great architecture art that is attracting more of the travelers. Most of the people come here in winter because in the winter season is climate very charming and peaceful.

There is the Indian culture and food is one of the famous in tourists. The fashion style is very unique in some cities in India. Some of the cities follow the eastern and western culture. India is having lots of heavenly places that attract visitors all over the world.


 There are some of the marvelous tourist spots is.


Amritsar Best Place To Visit In India
Best Place To Visit In India

Amritsar is one of the historical places of India it is a northern province of Punjab is Amritsar. Amritsar is the holy and very peaceful place of the Sikh Religion. It’s a great history exploring the place and the attraction of Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum, Partition Museum, Durgiana Temple, Akal Takht, and Central Sikh Museum attract the tourist and The Golden Temple is one of the most affectionate places all around the world. The Golden Temple built 400 years ago and this temple truly is golden, it is the most respectable place for the Sikh, the Sikh nation come here all around the world. Tourist comes here and showing the respect by covering their head and removing the shoe, praying and after this take a bath in a pool. The history is very heart touching and exploring the strength & bravery of the Sikh nation. Sikh is proud of his great history. If you are planning to visit India, Amritsar is one of the highly recommended visiting sites of the tourist.


Jaipur Best Place To Visit In India
Best Place To Visit In India

If you are wanting some adventure outing and experience the most historical place of India and having a more energizing trip than must visit the Jaipur. This is most warmly city of India with the amazing art.  Jaipur is full of adventurous place for the adventure lover and the great art Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, City royal residence, Albert Hall Museum, Birla Mandir, Jantar Mantar, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal, and many of the visiting spot that is attracting the tourists.

GOA Beaches

GOA Beaches Best Place To Visit In India
Best Place To Visit In India

Goa is one of the most famous places in India. Goa is famous for the beaches and the party city. It is the most energetic city of India that is never sleeping. Goa has the most beautiful beaches and that is the most enjoyable place for visitors with beaches party, huge crowd. If you are planning for some thrilling activities or some romantic getaways Goa is the best visiting spot for this. Goa is popular largely because of its amazing beaches. Anjuna Beach is one of the famous beaches of Goa there is a tourist to come worldwide. Palolem is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Goa that is fully natural beauty that expresses the nature and the most delightful beach of visitors. Goa is one of the highly recommended places for the tourist never miss to visit there.


Mysore Best Place To Visit In India
Best Place To Visit In India

In the southern side of India, Mysore city located. Mysore is best known for housing the magnificent Mysore Palace and the architecture art of Mysore is very unique and beautiful. The structure will reveal upscale touches like carved rosewood doors, great architecture, ceilings decorated in ivory, exploring the beauty, countless paintings on the walls and the beauty of the Mysore Place attract the tourist all around the globe. Mysore city has its own domestic airport. It is connected to the metropolitan cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. Mysore city has very interesting and beautiful places are Mysore Palace, Somnathpur, Brindavan Gardens, Mysore Zoo, Chamundeshwari Temple, Karanji Lake, St. Philomena’s Church, and GRS Fantasy Park all around the visitors come here to express the beautiful palaces of Mysore city, never miss the chance to visit there.


Shimla Best Place To Visit In India
Best Place To Visit In India

Shimla is truly beauty, snowy land, high hills and this place just don’t need a description at all. The spectacular mountain, hills, ice skating and many more adventurous spot for the adventure lovers. There is a stunning mountain and the lake welcome you in Shimla. Most of the attractive places that attract tourist are Kufri, Mall Road, Chadwick Falls, Jakhu Temple, Annandale, Christ Church, Scandal Point, and more.  You can reach there by road, by air, by train, Shimla Connected with the many cities, Delhi, Chandigarh, Manali, and Kullu. Shimla is one of the best destinations for tourist and adventure lovers and also one of the most romantic places.

Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley Best Place To Visit In India
Best Place To Visit In India

Tirthan valley is the valley of lush greenery, natural beauty and the perfect balance between peace and adventure. It is one tourist place in India that has the most popular nowadays and the people come here all around the world. Best time to visit Tirthan Valley March to June and October to November, when you explore the beauty of nature with lush greenery. Many of the roads are connected with Tirthan valley are Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana. The valley is famous for his most attractive places are Great Himalayan National Park, Jalori Pass, Raghupur Fort, Saryolsar, Gushaini, Sojha, and more, that has expressed the true beauty of nature and peace. If you are planning to visit India never forget the Tirthan Valley on of the beautiful destination for tourist.


Manali  Best Place To Visit In India
Best Place To Visit In India

Minali is the most beautiful snowy paradise on earth and this is one of the most popular visiting spots all around the world. Manali is a fully snowy capped mountain and the popular gem in the heart of Himachal Pradesh. It is a great combination of nature, peace, and adventure, Manali is one of the best tourist spots in India for all travelers.  Some of the most famous cities New Delhi, Chandigarh, Pathankot, Ambala, are connecting with the Minali. Minali is the most attractive places Bhrigu Lake, Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Hidimba Devi Temple, Manu Temple, Great Himalayan National Park, Jogini Falls, and Tibetan Monastery there is visitors come all over the world. Never miss the chance to visit there and exploring snowy paradise.


Lonavala is the best hill station for the visiting and Get away from the hustle and bustle of daily, and feel free in peace. This hill station situated in Mumbai. There is many adventurous spots but one of the best spot in the middle of the hill station floating water the mountain kiss the clouds and touching the sky. The hill station attracts the visitors and the best adventurous spot for the adventure lovers. Here you feel you are living in paradise. This is one of the unforgettable places in India. All of the year lots of visitors come here.


Udaipur is one of the most beautiful section of the East and kingly place in India. The City of Lakes has to be in the best places to travel in India. Udaipur is well known as the most gracious luxury heritage hotels. The best time to visit there and express the beauty of the delightful and kingly city from September to March. Boating, trekking, sightseeing, Lake Pichola, Jagdish Temple, City Palace, Jag Mandir, Gangaur Ghat, and Bagore ki Haweli has attracted the visitors most and this is one of the most adventurous places in India. Most of the famous cities are Jaisalmer, Jaipur and Delhi are connecting with the Udaipur and you easily access Udaipur with these cities.


Auli is the skiing capital of India, Auli is one of the most delightful places for an adventurous lover. This is the land of beautiful landscape sunsets, Snowy Mountain, beautiful picturesque view, and captivating views of the Himalayas. There is the best time for a visit there is winter with snowfall and highly capped mountain and skiing if you are not into skiing that is also the adventurous place for you. You’ll witness the charm of every season but the best season is winter to explore the beauty and feel the paradise in front of your eyes. Best access way to Auli is Haridwar railway station which is the nearest railway head from Auli, to take buses heading towards Joshimath, and also connected many cities of Uttarakhand. From here, you can easily get a taxi or bus for Auli, and make your trip perfect. In Auli lots of places very attractive and these are one of them Kuari Pass Trek, Vishnuprayag, Pangarchulla Peak, Kalpeshwar, Sri Hemkunt Sahib, Gorson Bugyal, and more. If you are planning to visit India do not miss the chance to visit skiing capital Auli.

Valley of Flowers

The Valley of Flower is full nature, it is located in Uttarakhand is carpeted with different kind of flower, almost more than 3000 flower species in the Valley of Flowers. This the most famous visiting spot all over the world. The Valley of flowers is the heavenly place on earth. You can visit there all over the year at any time.  The flowers always grooming there and express the beauty of nature and lush greenery. But the most charming time to visit there is between summer seasons July to September. You can easily access the valley of flowers with Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun This airport is connected to major cities like Delhi. If you want to go there on the train you can reach Haridwar Junction Railway Station is the nearest railway station in the Valley of Flowers. Their valley attracts lots of visitors all around the globe.

Prashar Lake

Prashar Lake is one of the famous lakes in India that is located at a distance of about almost 49 kilometers towards the north of Mandi district, Prashar Lake is called the heart of Himachal Pradesh. Prashar Lake is full of lush greenery inside the lakes. The lake is one of the beautiful visiting spots for the visitors. Best time to visit Prashar Lake April to July and September to November. In Prashar Lake are the marvelous place and the best hiking spot for the hiking lovers and the best adventurous spot for the adventure lovers. Prashar Lake is also the most romantic place for visitors. There is some easy way to access Kullu Manali airport is the nearest closest city to Prashar Lake. Joginder Nagar is also nearest railway station to Mandi. Prashar Lake is the most attractive places are Mandi, Prashar Lake Trek, Three-tiered temple, Bhutnath Temple, and Barot there is a lot of visitors come here and explore the beautiful nature.


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